The jury form from the Samsung v Apple case made public


For several reasons, the verdict from the Samsung v Apple case bummed me out yesterday. Firstly, the fact that they actually received a verdict itself so soon raised a red flag for me. A couple of verdicts here and there made me wonder if the jury was being excessively harsh on Samsung, possibly due to their attorney’s behavior over the course of the trial. And then the fact that they made errors in awarding damages to Apple in cases where the decision didn’t even go their way seemed like a surprising oversight.

Going through each verdict online can be difficult through a 3rd person’s narrative, especially considering there are so many devices at play. So it’s good to see that the entire juror form itself has been made available online, and I’m definitely going to be having a detailed look at it.

[via Electronista]

Update: The jury form has been removed from the post since it was breaking the Phandroid News app. It can still be viewed by visiting the source link.

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Can’t see the article!?!?

  2. always an issue when you get to a jury of our “peers”
    think about it, do you or I become jurors? No, because we find a way out.
    You can be 100% assured the jurors are about the lowest IQ’d people out there.

    It also depends on how the judge lead these jurors to think about said patents?

    The system needs to be changed, is what I get from the whole thing.
    Hey, I began my cell phone venture on apple and loved them, but you just can’t allow simple everyday objects like the rounding of icons to be patented. Apple needs to be put in line, like a little child does. People “apple fans” need to come to the realization that their beloved Jobs was just taking their money over and over for out dated technology. They still to this day think they were on the edge of technology all the while Apple / Jobs was holding it back to sell to them later. One thing for sure is, that can’t happen any longer!

    1. Yes, some of us do become jurors because some of us don’t break the law and try to “find a way out.”

      Both the California State Constitution and the U.S. Constitution guarantee the right to trial by jury. Jury summons and response forms are sent out by random, they don’t target low IQ people. It is against the law if you fail to reply to the summons or lie with a fake excuse to get out of jury service.

      I have known doctors, professors, engineers, business men and women, scientists and a slew of other well educated people who probably have a higher IQ than you who have served as jury members.

      I’d like to ask you a question. How do you know the jury members in this specific trial have low IQ’s? Do you know their names? Do you know their professions? Do you know their educational background? Have you seen their IQ test, SAT, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT scores?

      I think it is fair to say you are making many assumptions and talking out of your rear.

      Lastly, since you have such a high IQ, what is your academic background and profession?

      1. How do we know if the jury members in this trial have a low IQ? Simple, we look at the decision, and we can know for sure that they are morons. Add the declarations they are making already (stating the decision was taken on the first day, etc.) and we know have a certainty – the total sum of their combined IQs is still below that of a normal human being.

      2. “Do you know their educational background? Have you seen their IQ test, SAT, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT scores? …what is your academic background and profession?”

        Weighing one’s intelligence by their academic and professional “achievements” is an act of true foolishness.


      I posted this in another article. It has comments from the jury Foreman, who is a retired engineer. All I could say was W o w.

      1. this is what scares me most in America, 67 year old’s on jury’s?
        not good for our future in the world economics ahead.

        1. What’s wrong with that? A 67-year old retired engineer who has experience of patents sounds like a very suitable person to be on the jury in this sort of trial.

    3. Wow…such a stupid comment. I’ve been a juror twice in my 15 yrs in the US and I’m very proud to fulfill my civic duty to this great nation.
      Btw, I have a masters degree in biomedical engineering and I’m currently working on my PhD at NIH…so much for “lowest IQ’d people out there” :/

      1. Forget to mention that ALL jurors were subject to the approval of both lawyers. Sometimes you do want “dummies” on a case. I’ve been a juror twice in a 4 year period. The problem is that this is a highly technical case with jargon/terms not really known to the usual jury pool.

        Too bad in both my cases it was the stereotypical kind of people that ruins things. One juror didn’t want to convict just based on the defendents age and potential to have a record. I found out later that the person was in court due to a previous history of burgerly. Goes to show it wasn’t about evidence in their thought process. Obviously the defendents lawyer could only play on emotions due to pretty obvious edvidence.

      2. no need to argue with you, we can all see where that would go.
        fact: phd’s or any time of schooling doesn’t = IQ
        your civic duty, as the country falls apart, that’s a good one.

        1. “any time of schooling”? English is my 3rd language and even I know that you can use some more schooling…
          The country is falling apart? Maybe I live in some sort of magical land where things are better than where you are…maybe it has something to do with my schooling…I’m living the American Dream in my magical land…
          Maybe you should go outside the US and live in a third world country for a few yrs…it might put things in perspective for you…

          1. Seriously? You came back to point out my typo, and the American dream? Hey keep posting, it only proves education does not = IQ

          2. First the only thing I know of you comes from your posts…poor grammar = need for more schooling or you know so many languages that it is difficult for you to catch your poor grammar (I’m leaning towads the first in your case but I could be wrong). Second, lets see why I believe in the American Dream:

            I immigrated to this country with $150 to my name.

            15 yrs later:

            A) 4 beautiful kids with a wonderful, beautiful, smart wife.
            B) 140K salary job. 180K when I finish my schooling.
            C) House w/6 car garage with 10 acres of land.
            D) Mercedes GL 550 and CL 63 AMG.

            All of this and I’m not even 35 yrs old.

            I can keep going but I think I made my point. You might not believe in the American Dream and I get it…your live might suck…who knows…the only thing I ask is that you should not insult people’s intelligence just because they don’t agree with the way you see the world.

          3. So happy for you. I think you’re trying to make a point that education gives you a higher IQ. Isn’t that were we started? Nice of you to brag about yourself and deny the hundreds of millions of people in America who are barley making it or in poverty. Hey you’re real high IQ’d though right.

          4. Hundreds of millions in America? That would be 66%+ stupid faggot.

          5. Your math is good. Have you not been paying attention to the failing economy? The top 2% hold more wealth the the lowest 50%

          6. It still proves your education is useless in your case as you don’t know the basics….. I could write an essay here but it pointless in you case

      3. Well it still proves you don’t have an IQ as you don’t know what it is. Having dozen degrees doesn’t mean your iq is higher than normal. You see my iq is between 130 and 140 yet I don’t have a degree in anything. IQ is not a knowledge you need to learn this

    4. This could be true. Did you know that when making a jury, you choose people, then the opposing side picks 6 or your 12 and say they can’t come. One side tries and pick people that will “help” them, while the opposing side tries to pick people that will “help” them. Apple may be picking people who may be a highly trained Doctor, who knows nothing of the tech world. Apple probably assumes they would use an iPhone, so they would pick them.

      I’m not sure about the numbers when I’m saying 6 out of 12, but it’s something like that. So you’re kinda close when you say “lowest IQ”, but you would have been more accurate had you said “people who know nothing or very little of the tech world”.

    5. Samsung lost, so let’s attack the legal and patent system. Oh and let’s go ahead and attack the IQ’s of the jurors. What’s next? You want to blame the loss on the manufacturer of the cereal the attorneys ate for breakfast? Apple has a right to protect their only phone. The type of phone that Apple introduced to the world. Maybe YOUR IQ should be questioned, for any moron can tell Samsung blatantly copied if you put the phones side by side and use them. The Chinese, Japanese and Koreans copy everything….so none of this is a surprise.

      1. You’re very wrong about Japanese. American companies, Apple included, copied a lot from Japanese. And then Apple patent what they copied. For instance, you may look at how they copied the magnetic power cables for their computers from Japanese deep friers, then patented them in US. Apple’s moto – “if it’s done before us, but not patented in US, then it’s ours”.
        And you flatter Chinese tech huge time, when you put it on par with Japanese.

        1. “Good artist copy. Great artists steal and we’ve always been SHAMELESS about stealing great ideas..”
          Its ok for Apple to steal ideas from others, but how dare anyone else make anything remotely similar to the ideas they stole? How DARE they…..

      2. If you put any android next to an iphone, you won’t even notice the iphone because it’s so small.

        1. the same could be said about a van and a ferrari

      3. As the saying goes…
        “A jury is full of people too dumb to find a way out of jury duty…..”

        not saying I agree or disagree with the saying, but that is the saying… ;)

      4. If you’ve been paying attention we’ve been attacking the patent and legal system for years now. It didn’t spontaneous pop up with this verdict.

  3. So exactly how long will those jurors have to remain in WITSEC?

  4. Here’s what bothers me. I had to go back to my law school notes to confirm, but it’s the UNREGISTERED trademarks that the jury still found to be infringing. Those don’t get nearly the same protection, but apparently the jury did as the registered trademarks. I’d love to hear the arguments that persuaded the jury about that one.

  5. GET EM’ !!!

  6. In an interview on Saturday, jury foreman Velvin Hogan, 67, said Apple’s arguments about the need to protect innovation were persuasive in the jury room. He also said video testimony from senior Samsung executives made it “absolutely” clear to them that the infringement was purposeful.

    Hogan worked as an engineer for decades before he retired, and holds a patent of his own. He said jurors were able to complete their deliberations in less than three days – much faster than legal experts had predicted – because a few had engineering and legal experience, which helped with the complex issues in play.

    “All of us feel we were fair, that we can stand by our verdict and that we have a clear conscience in that we were totally not biased one way or another,” Hogan said.

    1. I posted the article that this came from earlier. I hate to sound like a fanboy, but these comments made me believe that the so called isheep are much more pervasive in or society than I thought. And when I say that, I mean the ones who just blindly follow Apple. Again, wow.

      1. Apple’s customers are not iSheep. They are the most selective and discerning users of this technology on the planet. They want only the best. That’s why they choose to go with Apple. It’s about superior products, a superior ecosystem, fewer problems such as fragmentation, less complexity for the user, and most of all, a superior user experience.

        1. “less complexity for the user” enough said right there.

        2. It was the Apple ecosystem that started with the iPod Touch that swayed me finally to an iPhone. The android market at the time, Evo 4G for Sprint, wasn’t compelling enough in quality games to satisfy me. The crappy OS upgrade system ruined the experience. Frequent phone releases by HTC made my $200 phone I’m stick with for 2 years feeling obsolete was the final nail.

          Of course “Android” will always have the latest hardware because it’s lumping ALL phone instead of a single hardware brand.

          1. If you own multiple Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Macs, iPods, Apple TVs) the ecosystem is truly outstanding. Apple’s version of the cloud (iCloud) is nothing like other implementations. They’ve made it so that so much happens automatically without user involvement (backups, syncing between devices, etc. Take a photo or video with your iPad and it shows up on your iPhone, your computer, and your TV automatically. All of your devices run the latest version of the operating system(s). Everything is so well integrated.

          2. Hey that’s awesome. Android does all that and more through the cloud. Did it before apple. Now android will be sued.

          3. That’s dishonest Johnny. Android is considerably more complex and confusing than iOS. Who knows what version of the operating system a particular user is running. Who knows which features will work on a particular device? Apps aren’t curated. It’s a mess.

          4. When referring specifically to cloud/syncing implementation you couldn’t be more wrong Mr. Small. Upload or purchase media content it’s available immediately on your mobile devices, pc, and google tv. Take a picture with your phone? Immediately sent to the cloud and available on said devices. Need to have a document available on all devices described? Done. Exceptional integration with google maps accross the board. Hell having bookmarks and web history synced is better than anything ios can do. Has nothing to do with os version. So sorry Mr. Small the only one being dishonest here is you.

          5. Actually it all depends on what you want sync’d (you pick and choose) – unlike iOS where its everything and you don’t have a choice…

          6. choice sure is nice.
            Dun want those dirty pics/videos of my girl taken by my phone poppin up on my laptop/desktop while her moms is using it or anything like that. :P

          7. Johnny – syncing, backups, etc. are automatic on iOS. You don’t have to manually choose items. Safari syncs bookmark, web history, and enables saved web pages for offline reading. The design is elegant and works great.

        3. Spoken like a true member of the isheep corps. Don’t worry, I have come to the realization that most isheep don’t realize what they are doing. It’s not their fault as much as the fault of becoming a victim of a cult.

          1. I understand your inferiority complex and sympathize with you. If you drive a KIA, it’s fairly normal to resent BMW owners.

          2. Lol. Really? That’s the best you could come up with? Implying that I resent isheep? O k, Nancy…Nice talking to you. Good day.

          3. The top executives of Google like Eric Schmidt and Marissa Mayer can be seen in video or pictures using Apple MacBook Pro laptops. Are you saying Schmidt and Mayer are dumb iSheep?

          4. Not at all, and I think you knew that. What isheep don’t always get is that most Android supporters recognize that Apple products aren’t *really* P O S. They simply hate Apple as a company because of its ways of doing business. I mean even isheep know that, for Apple, it’s”litigate, don’t innovate”.

          5. It is interesting that their are indeed Apple haters. I think happens because of a combination of inferiority complex, jealousy, envy, and perhaps just not being able to afford the best gear.

          6. Nancy! What are you doing back here? I thought I told you I was done with you? Run along now, precious. That’s a good girl.

        4. LOL go back to macrumors.

        5. Who is this and what is he doing on THIS site?

          1. Performing a public service by trying to educate retards like yourself.

        6. Maybe Apple users are just dumber and need a simple phone?

          1. There are geeks who want to customize, side load, etc. They actually enjoy dealing with complications and complexities. No question, those guys do belong on Android. Apple is all about ease of use and user friendliness.

  7. I got a question y r we fighting we all know apple hadn’t made anything worth looking at cuz iphone, ipod touch hadn’t changed since they were made and that is sad that they have to sue ppl to try and bring technology back to the stone age

  8. Cases like these are stupid, too many people have strong feelings against using one product or the other, and if you don’t use products like these, you’re not going to know what they are talking about anyways.

  9. *yawn* this has been on scribd since Friday evening

  10. If you have a serious interest in this case, read

    1. We use Groklaw as a source quite a few times. Personally, I consider it the best legal blog related to the tech sector there is.

  11. WAIT A MINUTE!! Why didn’t Samsung bring up their winning about that Australian Judge!? And why hasn’t Apple put up that statement about how Samsung wasn’t copying them or something!?

    Things aren’t adding up. Somebody somewhere is cheating.

  12. apple and any other company has the right to patent their products and uphold them in court. still this whole thing wont matter in the long run as most of the samsung phones that violated patents are phone that arent even circulating anymore. they’re going after the nexus apparently and they’ll end up winning that one if they’re suing people over “pinch to zoom”, “double-tap to zoom”, and “bounceback”.

    all these functions are easily replaceable or can be done without. i wont explain why because i dont want apple or samsung jacking my ideas. though i dont think im thinking anything that samsung hasnt thought of already. icons, form factor? psssh..please. they can easily switch all that up.

    i dont think samsung is by any means incapable of coming up with their own stuff. they’ve just been lazy. maybe this trial was a good thing in that it will force samsung to not be so lazy. even though they’re still making better quality phones than apple regardless. they just need to make a few cosmetic tweaks to their upcoming phones.

    samsung is a multi-billion dollar a year company. getting dinged for 1 billion isnt gonna hurt much at all. a stub of the toe if you will. they’ll shake it off and keep it moving.

    atfer apple is finished dragging everyone into court they’re gonna have to figure out how to not continue getting their butts kicked in the smartphone market.

  13. This Apple/Android fight is kind of silly, the top executives of Google like Eric Schmidt and Marissa Mayer can be seen in video or pictures using Apple MacBook Pro laptops. Are you saying Schmidt and Mayer are dumb iSheep?

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