Aug 25th, 2012

For several reasons, the verdict from the Samsung v Apple case bummed me out yesterday. Firstly, the fact that they actually received a verdict itself so soon raised a red flag for me. A couple of verdicts here and there made me wonder if the jury was being excessively harsh on Samsung, possibly due to their attorney’s behavior over the course of the trial. And then the fact that they made errors in awarding damages to Apple in cases where the decision didn’t even go their way seemed like a surprising oversight.

Going through each verdict online can be difficult through a 3rd person’s narrative, especially considering there are so many devices at play. So it’s good to see that the entire juror form itself has been made available online, and I’m definitely going to be having a detailed look at it.

[via Electronista]

Update: The jury form has been removed from the post since it was breaking the Phandroid News app. It can still be viewed by visiting the source link.

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