Boost Mobile Announces Samsung Galaxy S2 4G Arriving In Sept For $370 – Samsung Galaxy Rush For $150


We’ve known for some time now that Sprint’s little sister, Boost Mobile, would soon be getting their hand-me-downs by way of the Samsung Galaxy S2 aka the Epic 4G Touch. Well, today Boost Mobile has finally let the cat out of the bag, announcing the “award winning” Samsung Galaxy S2 4G launching on September 6th for $370.

Not bad considering this guy will come with Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box and if you factor in Boost’s low $40/month incredible shrinking bill — that’s quite a deal. The Galaxy S2 4G will also be available in black and white varieties and is one of the few devices in here in the states to carry with it Samsung’s dual-core Exynos.

Also part of the announcement was a little something about the Samsung Galaxy Rush, a 1GHz, 768Mb of RAM packin’, 3.5-inch totin’, Android Ice Cream Sandwich munchin’ device for $150. While the rear camera is only a paltry 3MP, it does come equipped with a 1.3MP front facing cam for video chatting. Full press release below.

High-End Speed and Performance Without a Contract: Boost Mobile Strengthens 4G Lineup With the Award-Winning Samsung Galaxy S II 4G

Boost also adds the Android powered Samsung Galaxy Rush smartphone and Samsung Array feature phone to Boost’s growing handset portfolio

IRVINE, Calif. – Aug. 22, 2012 – Boost Mobile, a leader in the no-contract wireless industry, and Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile), the No. 1 mobile phone provider in the United States[1], today revealed three additions to Boost Mobile’s handset lineup: the ultra-thin Samsung Galaxy S® II 4G, the compact touchscreen AndroidTM powered Samsung Galaxy RushTM and the Samsung ArrayTM with a slide-QWERTY keyboard. All three devices pair with one of Boost’s Monthly Unlimited plans with Shrinking Payments where customers are rewarded for simply making on-time payments.

“Together with Samsung we continue to launch compelling device options from entry level to 4G-enabled smartphones to meet the evolving needs of our customers,” said Andre Smith, vice president-Boost Mobile. “Launching the award-winning Samsung Galaxy S II 4G marks a defining moment for Boost’s customers craving a portable entertainment powerhouse on a no-contract unlimited plan that shrinks to as low as $40 a month.”

Offered for the first time on a no-contract carrier in the United States, the Galaxy S II 4G provides an unmatched entertainment experience for speed and hypermedia enthusiasts without the stress of a contract. Samsung Galaxy S II 4G will be available starting Sept. 6 for $369.99 (excluding taxes) at Boost Mobile’s exclusive retail stores, select independent wireless dealer locations nationwide and at www.boostmobile.com with free shipping. It will also be available late September in select national retail locations.

This feature-packed Android smartphone will operate on Sprint’s 3G and 4G (WiMAXTM) networks, bringing 4G speeds to Boost Mobile customers in 71 markets across the country with average upload speeds of 3-6Mbps and bursts of more than 10Mbps. As well as access to Sprint’s nationwide 3G network which reaches more than 278 million people.

The Galaxy S II 4G, available in white and black, is loaded with a brilliant oversized 4.52-inch Super AMOLED™ Plus touchscreen, dual cameras and the Samsung Exynos™ processor, one of the fastest dual-core processors in the industry. The phone’s rich color display allows, Boost customers to snap bright photos, record full HD video on the go, and browse the Web at blazing fast 4G speeds in 71 markets nationwide. For an additional $10 a month customers can take advantage of the phone’s mobile hotspot capability, which can create a personal Wi-Fi network on the go, with connections for up to five Wi-Fi® devices.

Additional key features of the Samsung Galaxy S II include:
Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system
Dual-mode 3G/4G
8MP camera (2MP front facing) with 1080P full HD video
Dual-core 1.2GHz processor
16GB internal memory
8 hours talk time
Wi-Fi/mobile hotspot capability (additional fee of $10/month)

The Samsung Galaxy Rush is an affordable Android 4.0 smartphone available late September for $149.99 (excluding taxes), also at Boost Mobile’s exclusive retail stores, select independent wireless dealer locations nationwide, select national retail locations and at www.boostmobile.com with free shipping. The Galaxy Rush has a large 3.5-inch touchscreen, 3MP rear camera and 1.3MP front-facing camera, which allows for face-to-face chatting and the ease of sharing pictures and videos.

Like the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G, the Galaxy Rush can be paired with Boost Mobile’s no-contract $55 Android Monthly Unlimited plan with Shrinking Payments. For every six on-time payments, the cost of Boost Mobile’s Monthly Unlimited plan shrinks by $5, eventually getting down to as low as $40 a month for unlimited nationwide talk, text and picture messaging, Web[2], email and calls to 411. Payments do not need to be consecutive to qualify for the next savings milestone.

Consumers who love to talk and text should check out the Samsung Array, available on Sept. 4 for $59.99 (excluding taxes) at Boost Mobile’s exclusive retail stores, select independent wireless dealer locations nationwide and at www.boostmobile.com with free shipping. It will also be available late September in select national retail locations. The Samsung Array is a slim, stylish device with a slide-out QWERTY that is perfect for the texter who wants a 2.0MP camera and Web-browsing capability at an affordable price. The slim form factor makes the handset compact and easy to fit in a pocket. Its 2.4-inch LCD screen it is large enough to see pictures and read texts clearly. The device will also be available on Boost Mobile’s $45 Talk & Text Unlimited Plan with Shrinking Payments.

Samsung, Galaxy, Rush, Array, Exynos and Super AMOLED are trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Other company names, product names and marks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners and may be trademarks or registered trademarks. “4G” used in connection with the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G refers to the fact that the device is capable of operating on Sprint’s 4G (WiMAX) network.

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  1. Too Late… MetroPCS already announced Galaxy S3, so what’s the point of getting this (smaller battery and power-draining SoC)

    1. Well, aside from much lower price tag, MetroPCS doesn’t have the coverage that Sprint/Boost Mobile has. That and MetroPCS gives you only 2.5GB of 4G LTE for $50, while Boost is $50 but can shrink down to $35 if you keep paying on time.

      1. Boost is not unlimited anymore. You get 2.5gb of full speed data before its throttled. Better service, yes, just not unlimited anymore. : (

        1. Just read the fine print. You’re totally right. *Fixed.

        2. You’re right, but only partially. Boost does have a throttle policy in place after 2.5 gb of data, but they will only throttle your 3g speeds, not your wimax speeds. This isn’t a big deal to me for a couple reasons. If you only get 3g coverage where you live, you will likely never reach 2.5 gb’s of data in a month anyway, because Sprint’s 3g just isn’t fast enough. The only way you will surpass 2.5 gigs is if your wimax is good. If you pass that 2.5 gb’s and they throttle your 3g, well so be it. You won’t care if you have great 4g wimax coverage in your area. Plus almost everybody has wifi at home, and if you don’t, 9 times out of 10 there is a public place or business close enough to you with free wifi that you can use to download large files.

    2. Metropcs sucks and that phone will be $750-$800, plus tax. It’ll still have just a 8mp camera(Same as s2) and Android 4.0(same as s2). It’l have a few more gimicky features and a .3 inch bigger screen, but i’d rather pay half that price and have better coverage on Boost with the s2. I like the shape/look of the s2 better anyway.

      1. i heard around $540 actually

        1. The Metropcs unlimited plan is $70 a month. T mobile just announced a $65 a month truly unlimited plan yesterday. As long as you bring your own unlocked phone. If i’m gonna buy the S3 outright, i’d rather use it on the t mobile truly unlimited than a spotty metropcs. And i doubt the s3 will only be $540 on a prepaid carrier. Metro is selling the Galaxy S lightray for $460, and that’s a $350 phone.

          1. metro service is not spotty for me the lightray is grossly overpriced some people will buy it for that much but metro will bring down the price. the price for the s3 is a rumor nothing more nothing less. there you go

      2. actually smart guy you must not no nothing about.phone….the camera is better on the s 3….ok just cause they have the same megapixel does not mean there the same…..and if you have the money get the s 3 it has a better processor its 4g lte wich is a lot more faster then the slow ass WiMAX network….metro PCs is amazingits you lil Verizon if you have great coverage were your at……so shut up cause you really dont know jack about the s 3

    3. I must say that boost mobile is a good phone provider. Honestly I haven’t had much to complain about at all. Whenever I’ve had a problem (maybe a handful of times at the most) in the 3+ years I’ve been with this provider they take care of it right away and are nearly always helpful/courteous without some ridiculous wait time. MetroPCS is a walmart backed company that is really just trying to take out the competition by making their prices low to the point where you don’t have much else of a choice on where you go, just like walmart. So if you can afford $500+ for a phone why would you settle for a company like metropcs? Boost mobile is for people on a budget concerned with affordability but don’t want a cheap phone/provider. For a $40 a month plan like boost mobile has me on I don’t think metropcs is really all that comparable.

  2. WOW, you guys @ PHANDROID really don’t talk to each other, do ya? A feud/long standing grudges, or what. ;-) :-P

    1. LOL! Apparently, we were writing up the exact same article and posted at the exact same time. After heated battle of rock, paper, scissors — my post won. :p

  3. Why can’t I see the comments in the app?!

    1. Disqus was trippin’ earlier today. I’m seeing comments now though.

  4. Boost Mobile: “Where muh current generation phones at?!?!?”

  5. Boost Mobile is GETTING IT and it only gonna be 369.99 and we have an UNLIMITED plan for 57.00$ a month no hidden fee that is your bill every month that is for the store in Wichita falls TX 76301 4026 Kemp Blvd

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