Asus Transformer Pad TF300 seeing Jelly Bean update


Great news for all Asus Transformer Pad TF300 users: check your tablet’s updates because according to some users over at Droid Life, you should be seeing some Jelly Bean treats waiting for you! It’s really good to see the update being made available a little over a month since the release of the source code to the AOSP. Hopefully, similar news isn’t too far away for the other Asus Transformer users.

If you do happen to have a Transformer Pad that has been updated to Jelly Bean, we’d love to know how significant the improvements are.

[Droid Life]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Where’s my transformer prime update?!

  2. Now if they could only make them produce better sound output thru earphones. That was the main reason I returned my transformer infinity.

    1. Volume+ is only $1.99 in the Play Store and works miracles with the sound.

  3. Ok, Asus…I’m ready for my Infinity update!

  4. If only my Verizon Gnex could get some love

    1. My google play version Gnex already has it. :)

  5. No love for the Infinity? Come on Asus.

  6. MUWAHAHAH @ Infinty and Prime. Slicks hair back with his T3000…

  7. Got it running. Google now is extremely fast (compared to my captivate with jelly bean roms) Really happy with it so far. It seems like there is less lag, but that might just be my mind. Google now’s voice is really natural. Hopefully in the near future it will be able to do more things. You have to know what hand how to ask it things. I do like how it makes logical assumptions about what you are going to look for next. Emails and notifications show up in the notification bar is great, but I wish it would mark it as read somehow so my little reminder pops off

  8. been running it all day and jelly bean brings some very cool upgrades. Noticeably faster performance, small improvements here and there, but the most impressive part of jelly bean is google now. the voice search is so fast and accurate. I can’t even compare it to s-voice on my gs3 because it is so much better. Also I didn’t know there was a wake up feature when you say “google” out loud while on google now, pretty cool stuff.

  9. So here is my update, I ran and always run my mode on the highest battery eating settings. So this review is based on that. It’s a bit more smooth as far as speed, however I have noticed some errors.

    Google Now is not as impressive as I would think. It’s funny to think that I can ask how hot the surface of the sun is, but when I try and ask the milage between one major city and another it just does a Google card. I am not very happy with Google Now, I really..really want the Computer from Star Trek. This is not it. Not even close. And in my opinion, as much I hate Siri and Apple – Google Now doesn’t do it.

    Battery – Better, a little better.

    Small beautiful effects here and there (Looking at you unlock screen that rushes out plenty of little dots upon tapping in every direction).

    THE BEST part of this update is the fact that e-mail and text messaging previews appear in the notification bar. Awesome.

    So people, if you have Google Now Envy, or Jelly Bean Envy..Drop it.

  10. Stands up and applauds ASUS for being the fastest in updating – again!
    ASUS is leading the pack.

  11. Nothing for me in the UK ;(

  12. Why are so many people confusing Google now with the voice search? They are not the same thing, though the search interface and Google now share screen space. Google now is the feature that predicts what you need to know without you asking… it is pretty cool but takes days of usage before it can really help you because it needs time to find patterns in what you do…

  13. what a drag, remember? not even a year back when the Prime was top of the line at Asus? Now us Prime owners are second class citizens…shame.

  14. just got jellybean update on my tf300 in the uk. So far I cant seem to really see much difference fron ICS. Must all be under the covers

  15. wifi integrity sucks now!!!

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