Motorola XT907 Passes FCC Inspection – Coming Soon To Verizon’s 4G LTE Network


The mid-range Motorola XT907 has just been approved by the FCC, making an appearance in their official documentation. Doesn’t come as much of a surprise either, we’ve known for some time that the device was headed to Verizon and the FCC doc further confirms that thanks to Verizon’s LTE radios making it onboard.

It’s interesting that this device is only expect to be a slight upgrade to the original RAZR thanks in part to an S4 processor and NFC. However, the XT907 will still come equipped with last year’s qHD display. Maybe it’s decisions like this that forced Google’s hand with job cuts, refocusing on fewer, high-end handsets to save Motorola from themselves.

[FCC | Via Engadget]

Chris Chavez
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  1. couldn’t agree with the last scentence more. all low end devices do is make for disgruteled consumers

    1. Not everyone can afford a top-tier phone. Most of the disgruntled voices I’ve heard about lower end phones are from users who expected the same quality and level of service from their low-end purchase as was received by top-end customers.

      1. I think ultimately it ends up hurting a brand when a line is released (the RAZR for instance) and then a few short months later, it’s updated ever so slightly.

        It’s gonna be tough for regular consumers to know or recognize the differences in this upcoming RAZR and the one that’s out now. Not to mention it doesn’t sit over too well with those that just purchased the older model.

        In reality, the RAZR has been doing well for Verizon, they could just continue dropping the price on it, while releasing a true sequel (like the RAZR HD). It would confuse people less, while not making current customers angry.

    2. I disagree however with the implication that the screen alone makes this a mid-range device, in spite of the fact that it has the latest gen SoC and NFC.
      I wouldn’t consider it a “slight upgrade” if someone replaced the old celeron CPU in this desktop I’m on with a core i7, and just left me with the same monitor. This is a major upgrade anyway you slice it.

  2. You don’t always release the next phone as a quantum leap ahead of the previous one. If you have a successful model with legs left, you might want to re-issue it as a slight upgrade, but with alternative parts on the internals. You cost reduce. Last year’s top-end phone becomes this years mid-range, with parts costs to match.

  3. With these android phones coming out so nice I don’t think we’ll see many more major jumps in tech maybe some novelty features like 3d and projectors and the like the rest will be OS improvements

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