Samsung Readying Galaxy S3’s Jelly Bean Update For August 29th Rollout? [Rumor]


There’s some buzz around the internets, talking about an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 that could be arriving as soon as this month. Inside sources from SamMobille and GSMArena are both reporting that Samsung will have the update ready for SGS3 users on the 29th of this month, the very same day as Samsung’s Unpacked event for IFA in Berlin. Seems they could be unpacking more than just the Galaxy Note 2.

What’s interesting is typically when an OTA is getting this close to rolling out, numerous leaks of the software builds can be found on XDA and various Android forums, but so far — all’s quiet on the home front. Don’t let that discourage you, friends. If the launch of the Galaxy S3 taught us anything, it’s that Samsung takes the Galaxy S3 very seriously, and perhaps “the new Samsung” managed to tighten up their security when it comes to their software leakers too.

No word on if this rollout will only be hitting the international version of the Galaxy S3, but it seems likely. US carriers have been known for putting software updates through their paces, testing them every which way but loose, before pushing them out to devices on their networks. Jelly Bean is still plenty fresh out Google HQ and it could take sometime before you see it on your carrier branded S3.

[SamMobile | GSMArena]

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  1. I hope this is true. Can’t wait for some JB on my S3!

  2. Before I even have it on my Galaxy Nexus? I would be horrified!

    1. ditto on the sentiment

    2. all hell would break loose if the VZW Gnex got it after the S3. (I hope it happens since I have the S3 lol)

    3. Why don’t you have it already? Are there really no good builds out yet for the VZW G-Nex?

  3. Just wondering… will anyone notice Jelly Bean on the S3? The S3 GUI looks like Gingerbread and crappy touch wiz. This will not change. The S3 is far away from the great concept and design signature Matías Duarte and his team have created.

    1. Not so much in the UI, but in the Jelly Bean-specific features (Project Butter, updated camera, etc etc)

    2. For those of us who really care about this, the best part will be the improvements to custom ROMs which will be available due to having the source for an official JB build.

    3. It’s not all about the looks… Features/functions are far more important!

      Besides i like touchwiz and all options that come with touchwiz :)

    4. Easily solved by installing a launcher like Apex or Nova.

    5. I agree. The colorfulness that is the TouchWiz UI is a far cry from the sleek blue/black/gray theme of ICS/JB. But of course, them Samsung patrons get their “Nature” UI.


    6. Why haven’t you at the least installed a new launcher if you don’t like touch wiz? The first thing I did when i got my S3 was install Apex.

      1. Another vote for Apex Launcher… first thing I put on my Rezound after I flashed the RUU to ICS.

  4. Can’t be!!?? the S3 in gonna get JB before my Sprint GNexus???

  5. Not going to happen on Verizon.

  6. Pretty obvious statement, but if Samsung pulls this off, it will really set them apart from the competition. I am using Resurrection Remix JB on my GS3 and it is incredible. Will be even better with official source code though, so I am hopeful this pans out. If not an official release, then at least a leak. The only real issue currently is a nasty memory leak.

  7. Wonder if they’ll keep pushing S-Voice in the face of the far superior Google Now… Well, I don’t really wonder.

    1. if they release JB without Google Now, it’ll be a MAJOR disappointment

  8. International update: Aug. 29th, US update: End of September. Verizon update: Q1/Q2 2013

  9. Samsung has learned from the past. People used to hate on Sammy for slow updates. Now they push them IMHO faster than anyone. Already running JB on mine, but the from Samsung source would be a nice help to the devs.

  10. i like how they PS’d stock JB on the S3…lol

    1. The S3 has had stock JB (CM10) ports for a while now.

      1. but this is about the OTA JB update w/ TouchWiz…it wont look like that…im aware of AOSP ports…

  11. Samsung to release the Jelly Bean update exactly 24 years after I am born. Get with the program, Samsung! Yeesh! ;D

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