Want Lego to make an Android-themed set? Then follow this link and help make it happen!


Marc Young, a phandroid like all of us, has had his design of the Android logo published as part of the Lego cuusoo project. What does that mean? It means that if he gets 10,000 supporters, and his design is accepted by the Lego review board, the set would be available for purchase. Young has also offered to provide instructions on how to build the robot if he gets the 10K required supporters.

Head over here to lend your support, and maybe share it around?

[Marc Young’s Google+ profile via Android Google+ page]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Done and done.

    I want this to happen! :-D

  2. What a android phone that works

  3. Umm this was posted on the 6th but hey if it gets more people to support it I’m all for it

  4. Cool and l hope it happens, but not cool enough to create an account and give them my info or give them access my info in the zuckerberg cosmos.

  5. lol the Modular apple store has like 300 less votes then us

  6. This site seriously needs editors.

    1. Why they only published this story twice?

  7. As a former lego-player and current android user, I think this should not be produced.
    Who, but a handful of children and lego-playing android users would want this?
    I think Lego can sell better things than a logo.

    If it used some of the air-pump systems or electronics found in lego-technic to make the robot move a little then I would consider this. But now just no.

    p.s. Do they even still use the air-pump in lego? Is lego technic still being sold? Been too long for me :P

  8. Lego charges too much for molded plastic blocks.

  9. Can’t you order custom sets of pieces as it is now?

    Just publish the plans and let folks make their own. No need for anything special.

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