Aug 11th, 2012

As smartphones become more powerful and necessary, demand rises and so do prices. In the USA we complain about carriers over-charging us and limited data plans. All that anger quickly fades when we start seeing what customers in other countries have to pay, though. Take Bell’s and Virgin’s new smartphone plans as an example.

These postpaid plans come in $50 and $65 variants (with a contract). That might sound like one juicy deal when we compare them with smartphone plans from the largest carriers in the US, but all hope dies after you see what these plans include.

Is 200 anytime minutes really fair for that price? 100 MB for the $50 plan and 1 GB for the $65 one? Makes me remember my vacations out of the country. In the US it is easy to get a prepaid phone with unlimited everything for under $40 per month. Unlimited is many times not even an option in other markets, or it is simply too expensive to even consider.

Just remember, we do pay more for our smartphone plans in America, but we sure get much more too. Meanwhile, if you live in Canada and think one of these plans is good enough for you, they are available as of today. And those who go with Bell also get 10 hours of Mobile TV under the $65 plan. Have at it!

[Via: Mobile Syrup]

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