Chase App Makes Mobile Banking Easier With 24 Month Transaction Display, Access to Chase Liquid Acounts, and More


While other mobile banking applications are just now receiving features such as deposit scanning, Chase is moving onward and upward, updating their Android app with new features and enhancements.

Having the ability to scan and deposit checks for months now, the Chase Mobile application now gives Chase customers the the ability to display their last 24 months of transactions, as well as increasing the character count for customers using Pay Bills or Chase QuickPay (a service I use a lot).

Also new today, customers with Chase Liquid accounts can now view and manage their accounts, doing most everything they could do via the Chase website. And for those times when Chase’s online banking is down for maintenance, users will now receive updates in advanced letting them know of scheduled down time. Hit the source link to download or update.

[Play Store Link]

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  1. How are Chase fees?

    1. I’ve been using their free checking since I was in highschool. Lol

    2. you can waive the monthly fee by having direct deposit

  2. Fantastic…it makes banking easier and even faster

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