Philips Fidelio Android Speaker Dock Now 60% Off At Target Stores [Deals]


A few months back, we gave you guys our review of Philips’ line of Fidelio speaker docks for your Android phone. To sum up our review, we loved ’em and thought they were a great mix of sound quality and value. Imagine my surprise when I found out the larger AS140/37 and smaller AS111 bedside clock can now be had at your local Target store (not online) for $50 and $40, respectively. That’s a whopping 60% off retail for the big one, a small discount for the bedside clock that is normally around $60.

For those that have already purchased these amazing speakers back when they were full price — my apologies. For the rest of you — move ‘dem cheeks. This is a great deal and one you won’t regret. If you’re still wary, check out my full review video for the bedside clock and medium sized (not on sale) Fidelio speakers.

[SlickDeals | Via DroidMatters | AndroidPolice]

Chris Chavez
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  1. oh, nice!
    make a geeks life happy, buy this for them for Christmas =P

  2. OMG ..!!!!! running to my car…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Isn’t that the AS140 and NOT the AS851???

  4. Great tip! I just might mosey on down to target to pick some up.

  5. Do you have to use the Phillips app for playback? I have Spotify and it would be awesome to use it with these!

    1. never mind. just read android police article

  6. I hurried to Target when i saw this smoking deal. I was just shopping around for a BT setup for the bathroom. All i need to do now is purchase the Satechi BT Media remote for the shower and I could die a happy man. Haha

  7. alternative dock app to their fidelio app?

  8. The Fidelio app is terrible.. but the hardware isnt half bad

  9. I bought one, installed the Fidelio app, paired (with issues), uninstalled, and then the speaker works great. Only downside is that it frequently will just decide to connect without putting it in the dock.

    1. Oh, and because of the Fidelio app issues, I’d get a 140 just so you know that you’ll be able to wire in an mp3 player and not have to depend on bluetooth

  10. Thanks for the heads up Chris! My wife had been wanting a speaker set for her phone and I just got her the 140! Yes Chris, I’m taken… sorry man.

  11. Lol you have zero rythm lol Why didnt you play some normal music to test this thing out? All annoying techno dance crap with no range of sound.

  12. Sad to say, I bought one of each. The AS111 seems to work and charge the nexus 7 after a firmware update to the AS111 done through the fidelio app…. oddly the larger AS140 works with the nexus 7 but it will NOT charge it, and there doesn’t appear to be any firmware update available…

    I’ll be bringing the AS140 back to target. Was anyone able to get the AS140 to work with the nexus 7? Curious if mine is just defective…

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