[Developer] Action Bar Style Generator updated with preview


Back in June, when we kickstarted our Developer Appreciation month, I wrote about Action Bar Style Generator that I believed would be an excellent tool for developers to create the resources they require for their project. I have used it extensively since I first came across it, and probably will never start another project without it.

One issue I did have, however, when I first started using it was that I wasn’t certain exactly what the file names mentioned over there meant, and what look I was going to get. As a result, it took me several tries before I got the perfect combination. Fortunately, though, creator Jeff Gilfelt has updated the generator with a preview tool. For newbies, and frankly even for those that have been using it for a while, it’s an excellent addition.

[via Android UI Patterns on Google+]


Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Now if only we could get Instagram to implement this (and a holo theme) :p

    1. holo ftw

    2. … Tasker would totatlly benefit from this.

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