Samsung’s (almost) flexible displays to start being manufactured this quarter


It is no secret Samsung has quite an astounding view of what the future of technology will be like. The company has been working on the next step towards that direction with its flexible screens, more recently known as Youm displays. It all seems like science fiction still, and we may have been under the wrong idea that it would be a while before these displays reached your devices. The latest reports state these flexible AMOLED displays will be entering production lines this very quarter.

There is one small downside, though. According to the source, the displays being manufactured this year will not exactly be the foldable ones we have seen before; these will come with protective glass layers that will make them unable to take other forms or shapes.

So just why is this good news, if we won’t be able to have our weirdly shaped devices yet? Well, this technology does bring forth some major improvements. First, these are known to be almost indestructible (though this may change with the adition of a glass layer). And if you are a fan of super-thin device (Samsung is known for making thin smartphones), manufacturers will also be able to take advantage of the displays’ extra thinness.

Youm panels are about 0.6 mm thick, and the glass layer will make it about 1 mm. Current AMOLED displays almost double the thickness measuring about 1.8 mm in thickness.

Not that we care much about thinness anymore, device are more than slim already. Some of us would go as far as saying current smartphones are getting too thin. The extra space would give manufacturers more room to improve other features, though. How about a slightly larger battery, for starters?

[Source: DDaily Via: The Verge]

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  1. A larger battery would be nice on any phone we all enjoy about a day tops on one charge.

    1. I get 3 days out of my Galaxy S ll on sprint. Custom rom coupled with the Juicedefender application.

      1. Word.. I’m getting ALMOST 3 days on my Tmo S2 running ParanoidAndroid rom w/ cm9 kernel. love it

  2. Don’t get too excited, though: Apple will find a way to have it banned.

  3. I wish I could get a day out of a battery… But that’s why I carry a spare in my wallet. Always fun to pull that out in front of iPhone users… “Yes… I can change my battery. Don’t you wish you could use your phone non stop without worry of being phonelesd?” I’m all about pointing out things they can’t do. ;-)

    1. I made an idrone very sad one day. He ran up to me as I finished buying my coffee with google wallet. He wanted to know what app I used so that he too can download it on his iphone. I looked at his woman’s phone and told him he can’t do what I just did. He needed an android. He didn’t even make any comments. Just sulked and walked off. You would think a full grown man wouldn’t sulk like a 13 year old.

      1. idrones are only full grown on the outside. Inside they are still very much children.

  4. Say goodbye to cracked screens

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