Samsung GT-N7100 Gets Benchmarked – Possible Galaxy Note 2


I’ve been holding onto my blind hope that Samsung could be announcing the Galaxy Note 2 at their unveiling event on August 15th, and while I admit, it’s completely baseless, this new leak isn’t helping matters.

A mysterious device going by the codename GT-N7100 popped up on GLBenchmark and is turning some heads. Mainly because, as the name suggests, it appears to be a variation of the Note (the original was N7000) as in — sequel, folks. Specs for the device are everything you’d expect from a Note successor including a 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos processor complete with Mali400 GPU. 720p HD display was also listed although, at a strange 1280×720 resolution instead of the original’s 1280×800.

Anyone been holding off on upgrading to recent handsets for the Note 2?

[GLBenchmark | PhoneArena]

Chris Chavez
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  1. On screen keys maybe?

    1. That’s what I was thinking. Would be a deviation from their Galaxy S3 design (capacitive keys), so I wasn’t sure…. *scratches chin*

      1. CC, I hope you plan on doing some serious late night blogging that you’re known for (and a significant reason I visit AC), because I’m board as hell tonight.

          1. Haha! already on pint number 3! :)

      2. The .2 inch screen increase and the stylus integration suggests software buttons, I think they’re intentionally deviating their design language away from the SGS3 because they’re trying to create a device with navigation features that better interact with the stylus and can be displayed horizontally in landscape mode. I’d be incredibly dissapointed in the device tho’ if it doesn’t feature an Exynos 5250 and 1080p screen, an oversized SGS3 is the laziest product design ever.

        1. true and watch it will be priced more than 3 nexus 7 tabs lol

  2. Maybe a true 16:9 aspect ratio?

  3. I’m perfectly fine with my galaxy s3!! Would be better if Verizon can unlock the bootloader but still an awesome phone

  4. aweh… i was hoping fot an exynos 5250 processor.

  5. Yes I am

  6. I’d rather not lose that 80 pixels personally, but I’m sure something else about it will make me want it lol

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