Black HTC One S Shows Up For T-Mobile – Coming Soon To A Store Near You?


I can’t tell you how bummed out I was when T-Mobile decided to forgo releasing the black version of the HTC One S here in the states. Not that I particularly had anything against the blue one (the color gradient on it is beautiful), I just happen to prefer my devices matte black. You can imagine my surprise when a black version of the HTC One S popped up on TMoNews today, complete with T-Mobile branding. So, where can you get one? Sorry, folks. This is for employees only. Apparently, these black One S’s are performance incentives for T-Mobile employees only, much like we’ve seen in the past with the red RAZR for Verizon employees. No telling if these will hit T-Mobile stores in the future, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Chris Chavez
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  1. Probably won’t see it in stores. By the time it would hit, who would really want it? The MAO coating is pretty much a geek thing and most geeky types probably won’t even be lukewarm about these specs by that time.

  2. If the One S had a removable cover and battery, you’d be able to buy the matte black one for $20 and they could then also have included a SD card slot…..

    1. If only it were like the Amaze and Sensation (battery cover was literally the entire shell of the device)

      1. Indeed. Although the inclusion of the antennas in the cover on those devices comes with its own drawbacks. The cover that my Sensation came with was terrible, the new one is better but is still very sensitive to where my hand is placed, there’s about a 20db decrease in wifi signal strength if I hold the phone at the top, and the bluetooth signal is nowhere near as good as my N1. HTC have dropped the ball in their last two major device platforms, imo, coinciding with Samsung finally getting their act together, all of which is reflected in their financial performance.

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