Google Updates Jelly Bean SDK – Full Version Now Available For Download


Google has officially released the full version of their Jelly Bean SDK and even though it’s been available since Google I/O in a preview state, it’s now been polished up, bringing along loads of bug fixes and patches. Android SDK tools revision 20.0.1 is also open and ready for developers to download and sink their teeth into all the new ooey, gooey Jelly Bean API’s. If you’re a developer, it’s time to get on it.

[SDK Tools | Google+]

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  1. Nice! Can’t wait for CYM10 to get polished up some more.

  2. Does the emulator still have universal search?

    1. yea cept its sort of dumbed down a bit, before if you searched for conversion measurements , it came back with voice results and a card stack UI, now it just goes into the Google search engine with the conversion details minus the text to speech feedback

  3. I just want a jelly bean ROM with those precious tweaks.

  4. Can I download installation for Google nexus? Jelly bean

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