Carbon for Android may become the best Twitter client, coming for free this month after major discrepancies


Twitter fans tend to be very picky about their client of preference. After all, this social network can be a great source of news and information, aside from being fun. With many fans in line, Carbon seems to be the only Twitter client to cause any major hype lately. The WebOS-originating client is smooth and over all gorgeous.

The developer encountered some major issues in its path, but this ended up resulting in a much better conclusion; the app will be free for everyone and is set for release this month.

This decision has become almost necessary, as Google does not allow developers to post paid apps from the UAE (United Arab Emirates) yet. The Carbon team was hoping for an announcement at IO 2012, allowing developers from other parts of the world to post paid apps in the Play Store. This never happened and the developer found itself forced to re-route its plan.

The app will now be completely free, promising an ad-less “premium” Twitter client for the masses. We are certainly excited to see this application go live later this month. If you haven’t seen the preview from March, you best check it out right now. Even in its alpha stages, the app looks stunning. Its beautiful UI and smooth transitions reflect the full potential of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

We believe this is a must-try, and will surely be keeping our eyes on it. A Twitter app with the potential to leave its competition in the dust, and for free? Sign me up!

But just out of curiosity, what would it take to make you leave your current Twitter client? Is the UI and eye-candy enough?

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  1. If it can’t integrate with my contacts, I’m not interested.

  2. What would it take? Having the same features and abilities as Tweetdeck, before twitter screwed it up.

    1. Agreed I use the sister app tweakdeck. Being able to access different social networks and being able to post to all of them is a must for me. Dont want to have to deal with multiple apps for different networks I want to be able to just have a single app up and running. Only thing tweakdeck doesn’t have that would make it better would be push notifications right now it just tells you how many posts there are now if it could push notifications about people direct messaging me that would be great.

      1. Push notifications are important for me, and this is one of the reasons I have been simply sticking with the official app. I am also not a heavy Twitter user, though.

  3. I like Tweetcaster and don’t plan on switching at this time.

  4. Carbon seems to be the only Twitter client to cause any major hype lately.”

    How much weed do you guys smoke? You’ve posted about 2 other new Twitter apps within the last 2 weeks extolling how great they are.

  5. Is it just me, or does the lower bar on that super old video look a lot like the latest version of Boid?!

  6. do we really need 2000000 twitter apps?

    1. no…. just ten really good ones to choose from!

  7. I’ve tried the beta amd carbon is really nice! The only thing missing for me is tweetmarker. I like being able to sync my feed between my phone and tablet. Ive only found this in Plume and Tweetcaster so far.

  8. I am fairly happy with Plume, so it’s going to be hard to pull me away. The main thing would be performance. Updating my stream when I’ve been away for more than 10 minutes takes longer than I think it should. I don’t know why, but it’s just annoyingly slow.

    Otherwise, I have no real reason to move away from Plume.

  9. I am a little leery of the Carbon devs, it was the best Twitter client on webOS until they decided to stop supporting their paid customers and left it broken after a Twitter update.

  10. I would just like to see a Twitter app – and a Facebook app – properly formatted for 7 inch tablets eg Galaxy tab 7.7

  11. I can’t pretend it doesn’t look gorgeous… it would have to have the feature-set that Twicca offers tho; twitlonger integration, built-in image preview, and color coding for individual followers or groups would be fantastic. I’d install it IMMEDIATELY if it had those.

  12. Is it out yet?

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