Android 4.0 Update For HTC Rezound Slated For Late July Release?


The road from Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich has been a long one for HTC Rezound users on Verizon. Nearly 8 months after the device’s release, we’re now hearing that the end of July could mean an Android 4.0 OTA update finally rolling out for the Rezound. This new date comes from HTC support via an email to a user saying,

Dear Andrew S,

Thank you for contacting HTC regarding the Android 4.0 update. I understand that you are excited to receive the update for your HTC Rezound. I will be happy to share the information I have with you.

The ICS (Android 4.0) update will be released for the Rezound by the end of this month (July) with final pushes in August. Due to localization, testing, and partner approvals, updates do not roll out to all devices at the same time. For devices on a wide variety of carriers and in many countries, rollouts can take up to 45 days from the initial update to reach everyone. It’s almost here, Andrew! We are as excited as you are. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

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Remember, an end of the month ICS update doesn’t exactly miss that June/July time frame HTC originally told us, but as stated in the email, updates can take up to 45 days from the initial rollout before they’re pushed out to everyone, meaning it could be August before it hits your device. Let’s just hope Verizon doesn’t find any last minute bugs to delay the release further. Hang in there, folks!

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  1. Making it very hard to leave my Rezound stock. I just want to see the stock ICS before I root…so tired of waiting.

    1. You can always root and install a stock, rooted ROM? (That’s what I used to do on mah EVO back in the day)

      1. Mostly laziness and for some reason I told myself a while ago that I wouldn’t root until the ICS update.

        1. I hear ya. For whatever reason (be it just laziness or otherwise), I try to hold off on rooting for as long as possible. Lol

  2. Perfect. Just in time for JB release.

  3. Too late. Already moved onto the SG3.

    1. And by the time the SG3 gets Jelly Bean, you’ll move onto *insert next big thing here*

      1. AGREED ON THAT LOL….:)

  4. I usually root every phone I buy within the first 15 minutes of opening the box. The Rezound has worked so freaken good right out of the box I have left it stock. This is absolutely so unlike me, I also just bought the SGS3 Pebble Blue with 32GB int storage and it is rooted. After I get the update I might then root it but maybe not. I have had a few LTE devices from Verizon and the Rezound has been the fastest and the data speeds have been sick fast. On average my DL speeds are between 7-10 MB faster on the download and about 5 MB on the upload. I think the Rezound is one of the best phones from Verizon, This is one great device. I am checking for the ICS update every day.

    1. I agree, it really is a great phone. Surprised it wasnt a bigger seller.

      1. agreed.

  5. Could actually be any day now. Says “by the end of July”. I’ve seen similar emails from HTC, but who knows what Verizon will do? All I know is it’s been too long.

  6. So I’ll be getting ICS after Jelly Bean has already come out, that’s cool.

  7. When it comes to OTA’s, all VZW does is embarrass themselves.

  8. For the OTA to come out this month several things need to happen first:

    1. They need to milk as many GS3 and DInc4G sales as possible since they have ICS out of the box. Once sales drop off after the initial burst it will be cleared.
    2. They need to make sure ICS is pushed out to all RAZR users since it’s a Droid.
    3. The Nexus 7 needs to be in consumers hands so JB is officially released to the public and VZW can maintain their track record of having old gen software on their handsets.
    4. They need to make sure all Bloatware works so they can make the user experience as poor as possible.

    Then we will be all set folks.

  9. After this bs I’m only buying nexus phones . I’m sick of waitingon updates.

  10. Forty-five days from the initial rollout means that it could actually come in September!

    1. I have been rolling ICS on my Rezound with few issues (none that I have really noticed) since march. LOVE IT. That being said, if it isnt rolled out till september, I possibly will be on WP8 by then!

  11. FAKE

  12. I too look to see if ICS is available on my Rezound daily, however, I still find that my current software version is very good. I don’t feel the need to threaten to switch phones or carriers due to the unfortunate delay. It sounds a bit like King Baby Syndrome “I want, what I want, when I want it!” Whaaaa… It’s really not that serious.

    1. You’re right of course, but after recently buying this phone to keep my unlimited plan, it feels like it’s been orphaned by both HTC and Verizon. Can’t understand why. It’s an incredible phone.

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