More Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Rumors: Note Sequel To Be Unveiled In August At IFA 2012?


Before I head off to bed in my parent’s basement, I thought I’d pass along one more round of juicy Android gossip, this time centered around the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 2. According to MK News and their source “familiar with the matter,” the Note 2 is right on schedule for launch in October but will be unveiled in late August, at this year’s IFA in Berlin.

Contrary to previous reports, the device will forgo Samsung’s unbreakable pan (UBP) display technology, with that feature coming equipped on later devices in Samsung’s lineup. As for that rumored 5.5-inch display? It’s looking like that will be making the cut, with Samsung still debating whether or not to bump up the camera’s megapixels to 12 or 13. You can also expect a quad-core processor running with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Sounds like an Android fanboy’s liquid dreams, right? Sleep tight.

BriefMobile |MK News (Translated)


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  1. Probably shoulda just posted this in the morning… O_o

    1. We have a lot of night owls here at Phandroid…

      1. I concur ;)

    2. no no no.
      Feel free to post whenever you’ve something to post, no matter the time or day.
      Someone will always be up somewhere. Why Makethe phandroids wait? :)

    3. :) Chris….Phandroid should force your colleagues to write like you. love ur style.

  2. the device will forgo Samsung’s unbreakable pan (UBP) display technology, with that feature coming equipped on later devices in Samsung’s lineup.

    …..sooo the first note 2’s released wont have unbreakable pan (UBP) display technology?

    1. it sounds like the note 2 won’t have ubp at all. Phone models released next year likely will according to the statement.

    2. Sounds like they’re saving it for the GS4 to me.

  3. fap fap fap!!!

  4. Unless that quad-core processor is an S4 Pro, I’d be extremely reluctant to buy it with an Exynos 4412 and lose out on native LTE, A-15 and either Mali-T604 or Adreno 320 CPUs compared to the Exynos 5250 or S4 Pro respectively, because it’d just be a “bigger” Galaxy S3 instead of a generational jump in technology like whatever HTC and LG are going to release in the Fall.

    1. For the most part I have to agree with you, although the first generation Note was basically a larger, higher clocked Galaxy S II. This wouldn’t be worth upgrading from my Note, unless they decide to throw in the Exynos 5250.

    2. HSPA+ 42 is better than standard LTE anyway, so as long as it comes with the newer Exynos with the better video card, it’ll be good even without LTE~

  5. I’m gonna have to jump on this one this time around.
    I only held off on the original Note because I was waiting for the ASUS Padfone that never freaking came. F-Ing ASUS…
    Oh… n please Please PLEASEe make a BLACK variant. Not everyone wants a white or purplish blue phone….

    1. The Blue phone is more like Navy Blue and it seriously looks Black to me- I work at AT&T and activate them all the time lol.

      1. I agree, the blue Note doesnt look bad and almost looks black. I dont mind that, but the SG3s Pebble Blue looks a bit purple to me and I hope they dont go that route with the Note 2.

  6. If it has the specs I want… I’ll totally sell my S3 for this if it were to come to Verizon. I just love that monster screen. One can hope.

    1. Totally concur. My girl wants the note BAD. looking at s3 now since it’s the closest VZW has

  7. Nexus 7 is better!

    1. not as a phone… ;)

  8. As long as it has the same features as the s3 then I’m in. But it probably won’t get here til this time next year so it might be outdated, unless Samsung can pull what they did with the s3 release.

    1. That’d be nice if they did a worldwide release in October for the Note 2. As a Note 1 user/lover I wouldn’t be upset by it. Innovate as fast as possible!

  9. What I want to know is, will they manage another total carrier US release as they did with the S3. I’m on verizon and I would also sell my S3 for this phone if the specs are that good and it actually comes to verizon this time around.

  10. Wanna make it even better ? Do away with touchwiz and bring it with stok android out of the box

  11. I’d rather have a Nexus device as my mobile phone and the Galaxy Note 10.1 as tablet. Also, the CPU probably won’t be based on the A15 architecture, so I’ll pass.

  12. Not worth the upgrade if you bought the original Note but it might lure S2 users who haven’t made the jump to S3!

    1. If you pay your cards right you can pull it off by selling the Note 1 and finding a good price off contract for a Note 2. I might give it a try.

  13. with rumors of multiple nexus devices to be released by years end – personally i would like samsung to go down that route.. i know many that would be standing in line to purchase a ‘nexus note’.

    1. That’d be nice! Hopefully they do Wacom tech.

      1. they used a wacom penabled digitizer for the first Note and the 10″ so I don’t see why they wouldn’t for the 2 or a Nexus Note if they went that route.

        I would’ve grabbed a Flyer along time ago had it used wacom over n-trig.

        1. Yeah that’s assuming it’s made by Samsung. They may have Asus or somebody make a similar device. We’ll see.

          1. True. If it were ASUS, I’d hope they went wacom over the stupid capacitive stylus they used for the Padfone and Memo. It not like they haven’t used wacom before. They used them for their windows tablets, convertables and e-ink reader.

          2. Hopefully they learned from their mistakes.

            <3 your name btw.

          3. lol thanks. I will admit, I hated it growing up… :P

  14. Its seriously gonna be way too big for me. I wont be buying into the new generation of phones until they have quad cores. I just don’t foresee much of a difference other than filling twice the pixels at the same rate.

  15. C’mon worldwide release in October!

  16. What happened to the Note 10.1 tablet….. Waiting…….

  17. …this is clearly a picture of the Samsung Galaxy S 3 with a Note stylus in front of it…….

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