Pebble Android SDK released: Will the project take off?


The Pebble is yet another addition to the emerging smartwatch market. As such, it is still unclear if the project will be successful. Developers who want to start playing around with the product now have the SDK available, though, as it was released during Google IO.

This will give developers a head start developing apps for the e-paper smartwatch ahead of its Fall release. For those that jumped in on the kickstarter project, that is. The rest of us will have to wait until the device becomes available for sale at an unknown date.

The Pebble, along with every smartwatch out there, is stuck in a very delicate situation. The smartwatch market is very new, making it very unstable as well. Most users don’t see the benefit in paying for an accessory that is basically an extension to one’s phone. It’s much seen as a luxury or convenience, especially with these products going for over $100.

This brings us back to the chicken and the egg dilemma we are also seeing with Google TV. Developers would rather not waste their effort making apps for a product very few will be using. At the same time, users don’t want to buy products with a limited amount of apps or content.

This situation makes it rather hard to see how a project like Pebble would take off. The kickstarter was very successful, though, with about 85,000 subscribers pledging quickly after its launch. We will simply have to wait and see how developers commit to the platform.

More than a few of us are excited over smartwatches and would definitely pay to own one of these. It must be understood that we are also tech geeks, and the general consumer would see things very differently. Regardless, we would like to learn what our readers think of this. Do you think the Pebble will become a successful seller? Would you buy one? And what would be your sweet spot for a smartwatch, in terms of pricing?

[Source: Pebble Team]

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  1. This watch has been VERY big news. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t a success. (I didn’t jump on it because the MOTOACTV is closer to my needs but I foresee this thing doing quite well.) The big question is just how many apps will developers come up with and how many will be useful to users? I think it’ll be a race to get the best and most useful ones out there as quickly as possible.

  2. I hope so, I joined the kickstarter project and should be getting my black pebble watch as soon as it’s produced. I’m not too worried about application support, many of the basic things I want it to do are supported out of the box, though I will be really excited if third party apps are successful, of the top of my head I’d really like streaming radio control support for popular streaming apps such as slacker and pandora.

  3. Based on the kickstarter popularity looks like I’m in the minority. I have a phone that does all of it and way better and a nice watch so i’m just not feelin it

  4. I got in on the kickstarter mainly because I am going to use it while swimming and snowboarding. I like the idea that I can see my texts and notifications without having to dry off and get my phone.

  5. I’m looking forward to receiving my pebble. The difference is that it is e-Ink, so it is going to last longer between charges. Looking forward to controlling my device from my wrist. Any other functionality well be welcome.

    1. Not to mention that it will be easier to see in bright sunlight.

  6. Android phone minus phone. What part of that’s clever?

  7. Pebble and glass could be cool, one for input (pebble) one for output (glass).
    although it makes me think of stones and glass houses!

  8. Pebble might have a better chance that other smartwatches because it’s really an extension to the phone and not an attempt to cram Android on a watch itself (like Sony’s). Similarly, e-ink might be the right way to go since watches are expected to run longer and to be better readable in sunlight

    1. I agree, the e-ink is the reason I think this would be a good buy, (longer lasting battery and readable in the sun).

    2. The Sony Smart Watch does not run Android. The Motoactv does, and it sucks.

  9. I too have a Pebble coming my way in the fall. I can’t wait. The SDK seems to be VERY easy to use and add into the functionality of any app. I think there will be more than a few developers adding Pebble functionality to their apps.

  10. It does much of the things I’d like out of the box too…and at a great price for a guy who still loves watches. I anticipate this to take the place of my chronograph. As far as apps… Am betting there will be quite a few mite coming out, especially for the fitness crowd.

  11. I see me getting a lot of use out of this. Except for one thing; won’t there be an issue since my phone cannot connect to more than one device at a time? If I’m almost always connected to my car’s bluetooth or my wireless headset when I’m home won’t I have to connect/disconnect this watch everytime I want to use other devices? I think it would be cool to have some kind of “passive” BT connection where I can have the other devices connected at the same time.

  12. m

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