8 minute detailed video spills the beans on the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity


We’ve got no clue on when the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity would be out, and to be honest we’ve pretty much forgotten this tablet with the Nexus on our minds. But this video below managed to make its way to Reddit, and I’ve got to say, I like the look of it. Check it out, and then tell us in the comments if you’d prefer a powerful tablet like a Transformer or a cut-down, cheaper Nexus?

Personally, I prefer the Nexus. I have my laptop with me for most serious work, while the tablet is used more for reading and watching movies on the rare occasion I’m travelling.

[Reddit via Talk Android]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. I just wish there was a processor bump to go along with all the extra pixels

    1. there is the tegra 3 T33 , its CPU is much faster then the T30 found in the prime, for example the prime scores around 1700-1800 on sunsipder stock and the infinity scores 1200-1300 and it scores almost double on other browser benchmarks , there is also a gpu performance increase, to top it off it can be clocked up to 1.9 ghz , there’s a video online from ritchies room where it gets compared to an ipad

  2. That was just AWESOME!

  3. At this point I think I’ll stay happy with my current 10 inch Android tablet and wait for Microsoft Surface and see how that fairs out. Also ICS is old. Unless it has Jelly Bean I’m not interested.

    1. Seriously? You are already complaining that ICS is old? Do you want a new OS every month?

    2. I agree 100%. I have an older Lenovo K1 with Honeycomb and I’m still satisfied to the point where I can’t see myself getting a new tablet for at least a year or so.

    3. I think this tablet is cool, but I agree with not needing a new one. I have the Samsung Galaxy Tab from Google I/O and it is still pretty good even with Honeycomb. What does Jelly Bean have that ICS doesn’t? Nobody knows yet, so I think the comment is premature. I am sure this tablet will get Jelly Bean soon since ASUS seems to be pretty good with updates. Picking between a Nexus tablet and Transformer Infinity, I would say I would have to see what the Nexus tablet is all about. It’s too soon to ask.

      I do agree that the Microsoft Surface is something to consider especially if it is a fully powered laptop. It blurs the line between tablet and laptop. It could be a real game changer. Good move Microsoft.

  4. too bad, i dont use tablets

  5. Good looking device. But with my HP touchpad I have my multimedia consumption device. Im most interested in the Windows 8 Pro Tablets to replace my laptop.

  6. I personally prefer the Transformer Pad Infinity over the Nexus due to it’s power and keyboard dock. I already have the Prime and it’s great for app development using AIDE.

    I would probably get the Microsoft Surface but those ugly tiles have always turned me off.

  7. It’d be nice to swap my intel-based laptop for an ARM-based Android device. My Dad’s TF101 with the keyboard dock easily lasts 10+ hours, while my Lenovo X201 lasts 2-6 depending on what I’m doing. I’d jump if they’d push the display size to 11-12″, preferably by shrinking the bezel. Even at 10″, I’m thinking about it. The Nexus is too big to carry in a pocket, too small for work. My Galaxy Nexus is fine for watching videos on the go and great for reading books, so the “in-between” 7″ size has zero draw for me.

  8. So nothing changed besides the display? I love me some Android, but their OS is not ready for Tablet/PC use to me. It still seems like a phone running on a bigger display. Microsoft did it right. You get that real PC feeling but in a nice tablet UI. The iPad was and still is a big ass iPod.

    1. It has a upgraded cpu/gpu, better camera sensors, larger camera aperture(Very similar to the htc one x camera), upgraded front facing camera to 2 mp, better display as you mentioned, better gps/wifi signals, and the battery life is still well above most other tablets although it has a 1080p display.

    2. What a ridiculous comment. You must work for MSFT. What ICS phone are you referring too? What phone can hold as many icons as a 10 inch ICS tablet? How is ICS less a PC looking OS than W7? My buddy is a PM for MSFT and while visiting me before his talk at TechEd a couple of weeks ago, showed me his W8 tablet. What a confused mess of a UI. I’m supposed to use that on a desktop? I hate Apple, but there is nothing wrong with a big ass ipod since the ipod is intuitive.

  9. what i really want to see? a transformer pad infinity vs acer iconia a700 post. ;)

    VERY similar devices, and i need more info before i decide on which one :)

    1. the A700 has the old T30 tegra 3 chip so its performance its actually pretty low compared to the infinity and the T33 chipset, both awesome devices though

      1. very interesting. does that put it above a snapdragon S4 in terms of performance?

        1. Yes, actually in CPU performance it even surpasses the Exynos 4412 that’s found in the Galaxy s3 but the Exynos still has the edge in terms of GPU but not by huge amount. So compared to the s4 the T33 is dominant but then again the old tegra 3 chipset that’s in the transformer prime is pretty much neck and neck with the s4

  10. Whether it currently only has ICS isn’t terribly relevant because Asus have been fantastic at upgrading their devices to their latest version. It won’t be long before it has Jelly Bean, once the Nexus is released.

    1. Actually Android OEM’s no longer have to wait for the nexus to be released to upgrade devices or release pre installed Jelly bean phones, google changed the policy in order to get the new platform out quicker, last time it took 3-4 months to release the nexus after ICS was released
      heres a link to one of the articles :

  11. That’s a pretty awesome video. I’m guessing that aluminum forging method where the compress a billet to the desired shape would be way cheaper and more flexible, design-wise, than CNC machining, since it’s a tooled part and the volumes a probably crazy high.

  12. 7″ tablets blow. They feel like large smart phones, but are terrible for productivity apps as the screen size is simply too small. 10″ tablets are the way to go – and most apps are designed for 10″ real estate. I’ve had a bunch of tablets, but the Transformer Prime is hands down my favorite in terms of weight/feel and usability/battery life. I had their optional keyboard for a while, but didn’t use it much – simply added too much weight to justify using it – easier to buy another charging cord and plug it in wherever I am.

    That said, I recently picked up their 13″ Zenbook and it’s a great laptop considering how light it is – the instant start makes all the difference.Didn’t think I’d be using it as much as I do – but for sheer convenience, my Prime is the device I use the most – easily use it 8 hrs a day – it can replace all my devices if need be, even though not the best at any of them. Can’t say that about the iPad.

  13. Hi there, ACER told us the Infinity will be out in mid July in France :

  14. Anybody else seeing a backlit keyboard in this video?

  15. I’ve been waiting on this to be released ever since my Xoom died earlier this year. This just increased my interest. Just release it already!

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