Jun 22nd, 2012

After both sides were asked to present evidence of actual damages in the Apple vs Motorola case, Judge Posner is now throwing out the case completely, effectively ruling, “GTFO.” This whole thing began when Apple sued Motorola for, allegedly, violating a handful of patents (later reduced to 4). Motorola fired back, claiming that Apple was in violation of a few of theirs, which later reduced to just 1 patent claim.

If you think this sounds like a “he said, she said” cat-fight, you obviously weren’t the only one. Judge Richard Posner gave both sides yet one last chance to come up with a dollar amount for the alleged damages. But since neither side could really prove said damages, there was absolutely no reason, in Posner’s eyes, why he would ban the sale of either one of their products in the US.

I guess you could pretty much call this a win for Motorola who apparently, was on their last leg, holding onto a patent claim that according to Apple, wasn’t even being used. We expect Apple to file an appeal as soon as possible. Someone please, make this all stop.


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