Judge Throws Out Apple vs Motorola Patent Case – Nobody’s Getting Banned… For Now


After both sides were asked to present evidence of actual damages in the Apple vs Motorola case, Judge Posner is now throwing out the case completely, effectively ruling, “GTFO.” This whole thing began when Apple sued Motorola for, allegedly, violating a handful of patents (later reduced to 4). Motorola fired back, claiming that Apple was in violation of a few of theirs, which later reduced to just 1 patent claim.

If you think this sounds like a “he said, she said” cat-fight, you obviously weren’t the only one. Judge Richard Posner gave both sides yet one last chance to come up with a dollar amount for the alleged damages. But since neither side could really prove said damages, there was absolutely no reason, in Posner’s eyes, why he would ban the sale of either one of their products in the US.

I guess you could pretty much call this a win for Motorola who apparently, was on their last leg, holding onto a patent claim that according to Apple, wasn’t even being used. We expect Apple to file an appeal as soon as possible. Someone please, make this all stop.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Moto devices are still banned by a Microsoft patent now.

    1. Could be. They aren’t yet are they?

        1. Key quote “The ruling is now subject to a 60-day presidential review.”

  2. Lol @ Apple

  3. Apple’s legal team hasn’t been so successful lately, maybe they’re just lonely and think hanging out in courtrooms is where it’s at.

    1. They must be getting sick of talking to Siri

  4. CRAPple shot themselves in the foot (or got another bite out of them, should put a picture with a bite of an apple on both sides or some digested apples). I’m sure their precious iPhone has seen some delays due to all the patents other companies hold and will use to sue CRAPple. The way I see it:

    Other companies: Innovative to create variation in product designs, internally and physically bypassing CRAPple patents, while pushing more creativity and more advanced products.

    CRAPple: Uses other companies innovative thinking to
    create their products while suing them and using them as
    scapegoats to cover up what they’ve stolen. No more copying since they’ll get sued = Fail!!!

  5. they got the money so they can keep suing until their pockets run dry

    1. Hoping for the latter =)

      1. Ya right… These attorneys are all in house council. They pay them whether they work or not so now they’re just keeping them busy. Patent law is way to general but the problem with patent reform is the only ones who will lose is the little guys that come up with something trully new and innovative and hold just a few patents. To much reform would real patent thievery actually possible. Double edged sword. :/

  6. Swag

  7. apple will loss everything in the end

  8. People have the right to buy products from other companies. If you don’t like it apple create better products. But me personally I hate the iecosysten and it’s Nazi like control of apps and media. I don’t think apple will ever ban android But if it ever did I’d be ready to sign a petition to ban all apple products. I am so sick of frivolous lawsuits. Apple is both a sore winner and a sore loser. They are winning the tablet market with their stinkpad which I think is just because of marketing and the instant gratification society. I believe in custom configuring my Android tablet for what I feel is much better experience than iPad. They are losing the smartphone war. But Crapple still carries on the Steve Jobs thermonuclear war instead of reevaluting their position. Apple is apparently scared of competition because they refuse to let android tablet and phone makers freely compete against them without seeking bans on the competition. Apple must know the general public is not that computer savvy but afraid since they know the Android products are superior and will eventually get the right advertising and userfriendliness that they have and eventually outsell apple on all fronts. Right now Samsung HTC and Motorola are the closest to accomplishing that so apple is trying to ban their products before they do. Apple knows it is outnumbered one company to hundreds of companies developing android products.

  9. if apple can stop being a patent douche, maybe I won’t feel so dirty in recommending apple’s product sometimes.

  10. It is like if I draw a circle on a computer screen and patent it, I can stop anyone from drawing or make anything rou
    nd. Stupid Apple.

  11. Yes, please someone make this stop! I just find it amusing that the only consumers that know what’s going on in the courtrooms between these companies are the Android fans. I have not had one friend that had any idea this was all going on, and when I explain to them the situation…they kind of become disgusted with Apple’s actions.

  12. I am very surprised by this outcome

  13. As far as I can remember, Motorola has been making phones since at least 2 decades. Apple? about 5 years. I ain’t no judge, but I’m gonna call this a pile of horsecrap. I say motorola get the best attorney team money can buy, and once and for all bully the bully, and send the little worm back into the Apple. no pun intended.

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