Join us tomorrow for a hangout with Any.Do’s Omer Perchik


 If you’ve been following my posts, you would probably know I’m a pretty big fan of Any.Do, the much heralded to-do list app. Despite not being my of a list making guy, the app is one of my favorites because of the intense focus on UX, and because it was Android-first.

And I’m really, really delighted to announce that on tomorrow (i.e., Sunday, 17th June), we’ll be conducting a Google+ Hangout with Omer Perchik, the Co-founder of Any.Do. The local times it’s been scheduled for is mentioned below. Do add Phandroid (and/or me) to your Circles for any updates. Also, if you’ve got any questions you’d like us to put to Omer, just mention them in the comments down below.

Hangout scheduled time:


11 PM in Sydney (EST, GMT + 10 Hrs)

2 PM in London (BST, GMT + 1 Hr)

9 AM in New York (EDT, GMT – 4 Hrs)

8 AM in Dallas (CDT, GMT -5 Hrs)

6 AM in San Francisco (PDT, GMT – 7 Hrs)

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  1. I live the UI of the app, but its limited choices for recurring event frequency makes it unusable for me; daily, weekly and monthly just don’t cut it when the only available frequency is 1. Are there any plans to add the ability to specify other frequencies, like “every 2 weeks”, “every 3 months” (quarterly), “every 17 weeks”, “third Saturday of each month”, etc?

  2. I’m going to ask why the graphics are so low-resolution compared to Google’s flagship device.

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