[Deal]EA wants you to say “I love you” to your Dad with their games


Still haven’t bought your dad a Father’s Day gift? Well, hurry up already! Find something he’ll really love, something that’ll say to him how highly you rate him.

Or, be a cheapstake and get him some EA games that are 40% off on Google Play, as per Talk Android. The titles in question are FIFA 12, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Plants vs Zombies and Dead Space.

[via Talk Android]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. God forbid they’d fix SimCity to work on ICS. Game is broken on the G2x (my old phone), Galaxy Nexus (my new phone) and the Transformer Prime.

    Best part is, it shows the game compatible with all devices (or at least did).

    There’s a reason why they’ve been voted as the Worst Company in America. :D

  2. Me too… this dad wants SimCity on my Xoom.

  3. Why did the free version of Maddin 2012 Disappear from my Kindle Fire EA?

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