Jun 10th, 2012

Intel’s desperation to crack into the mobile market is quite clear from their latest comments. The world’s largest chipmaker (but with pretty much no presence in the mobile or tablet segment) has stated that other SOC vendors haven’t optimized Android for multi-core processors.

Apparently, Intel has conducted tests which have shown that in some cases, the second core on a dual core chip by another manufacturer has resulted in decreased performance. The issue, they say, is with the queueing and distribution of jobs between the different cores, which lies in the domain of the chip manufacturer and not the OS software engineers.

However, I find it difficult to take this news seriously. We’ve seen first hand the significant improvements in performance of the multi-core devices. Intel needs their singlec-ore Medfield chips to be taken seriously, which is exceptionally difficult in a time when the crowd wants quad core. They will make as much noise as they can for the any positive test result they find.

[The Inquirer via Talk Android]

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