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DIY: Verizon Motorola Xoom Android 4.0.4 update now available for download


The Ice Cream Sandwich update for Verizon’s Motorola Xoom is scheduled to start rolling out today, June 4th. As it goes with all OTA updates, though, not everyone will be getting it that soon. In fact, it may take weeks before all of you see it. And if you are simply tired of waiting, the file is now available for download and you can install the update yourself.

This is build number IMM76L and it brings the following improvements:

The upgraded functionality includes speech-to-text technology and the ability to dismiss individual notifications by swiping a finger over an item. Users can also customize the new launch bar as well as create folders to access frequently used apps from the homepage.

In addition to app management and functionality improvements, the upgrade comes with a built-in photo editor allowing customers to crop and rotate photos, remove red eyes, add effects and correct levels of images.

If you feel uneasy about doing these things manually, we always advice that you simply wait it out until your tablet gets the official OTA update. Remember you take full responsibility should anything happen to your device. But if you are feeling adventurous, simply download the file and follow the instructions.


*Instructions require a USB host cable and USB drive/stick.
* You will also need to be on Android build HLK75H

1. Download the file from above and drop it on a USB stick or SD card that can be put in a USB Stick.
2. Turn your XOOM off.
3. When you power it back on, tap Volume Down at the red M logo until it says:

–> Android Recovery

4. Tap Volume Up to enter recovery mode.
5. At the green Android logo, press Power and Volume Up.
6. Plug in your USB drive to a USB host cable and then into your XOOM.
7. Scroll down to “apply update from USB drive” and select it with Power.
8. Scroll down to the .zip update file from above and use Power to select it.
9. Your XOOM will now update.

Let us know how it went and don’t forget to post your experiences in the comment section!

[Via: Droid-Life]

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  1. worked like a charm

    1. Worked flawlessly on my MZ600 version. Yay!

  2. 1. Download the file from above and drop it on a USB stick or SD card that can be put in a USB Stick.
    6. Plug in your USB drive to a USB host cable and then into your XOOM.

    What do those steps mean I am a little confused. Can you not do it through a PC?

    1. If this is confusing you maybe you should just wait for the update…lol….JK….Can not be done through a PC. Need to go buy an adapter for your USB drive to a mini USB.

      1. So does this need to be plugged into the host cable into CPU? I am kinda confused why you need to have this plugged in when you are dropping the file on an SD card…..

        1. You must save the file to a USB drive that you can plug into the xoom. That is the only way for the Recovery to recognize the zip file.

  3. Yes! Worked without a hitch! However, I still can’t delete from my SD card. :(

  4. i’m goin’ to wait. why go through hoops.

    1. Could take weeks. It’s an easy process. Takes about 5 minutes :) Why even be an Phandroid if you are not excited about the possibilities that Android offers.

      1. T-mobile sent me my G-1 a week and a half ahead of the official roll out in sept. 2008, is this enough to qualify me as an ANDROID fanboy?

        if i remember right 1.2 or 1.3 had to be sideloaded.

        over the next couple of weeks i’ll be in a 4G area for a few hours a bunch of times, i’ll do it then.

      2. the XOOM upgraded last night while i slept. had a 100% battery over WIFI, best conditions for an OTA update.

  5. I have HTK75D which is apparently latest honeycomb for 3G, where do I get my download? :-(

    1. If you didn’t upgrade to 4G you can’t get ICS

      1. False it will come over wifi

  6. So this won’t work by putting the .zip file on the micro sd card and reinserting it into the Xoom?

    1. Never mind. I was a just being a bit over-hopeful.

  7. just got my official ota update on my xoom!

  8. So you need to be rooted for this? There is no mention whatsoever if you need to be rooted.

    1. You do not need to be root for this, this is an official update that is applied using a standard process.

  9. Worked like a champ!! I did have the ” Starting Fastboot protocol support.” message which I just held the volume up + power button which reset the Xoom then tried again and it worked like a champ!!

  10. Hiya, anyone tried this build on MZ601 (the Non-US 3G version of the Xoom) ? many thanks for your help.

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