Apple doesn’t want Motorola to quote Steve Jobs in court


Steve Jobs’ opinion on Android has been very firmly established; he was willing to do anything to burn it down. Former Apple CEO’s public vendetta against Google’s Android was circulated around the internet after Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography was released. The book included controversial quotes that Apple unsuccessfully requested to be left out of the court room in its upcoming lawsuit against Motorola, set to take place in Northern Illinois starting June 11.

Said quotes included the following:

  • “I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong.”
  • “I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this.”

These are rather strong comments. And though Judge Richard Posner gave no reason for his decision while setting the ground rules last Thursday, the reason was made very clear just a few days later.

“More broadly, I forbid Apple to insinuate to the jury that this case is a popularity contest and jurors should be predisposed to render a verdict for Apple if they like Apple products or the Apple company or admire Steve Jobs, or if they dislike Motorola or Google.”

Undoubtedly, the Android vs. iOS war is everywhere and the vast majority of the population has an opinion on the matter. This probably includes the jury, and the judge wants jurors to have a clear perception of the case. It would not be fair for participating jurors to simply take sides based on personal preferences.

[Via: GigaOM]

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  1. that is hilarious. I agree with the judge that just because Steve Jobs comments paint a less than favorable image on Apple, they were said and there’s no way that Apple should be able to obscure the truth. Bravo Judge Posner, bravo

    1. Hopefully it starts a trend and steve “the nut” jobs’ words will be put in their place! Steve jobs was a loser in my book !! I wouldbt have wanted to work side by side with him.

  2. as long as Moto doesn’t start singing “Ding dong the witch is dead…” there shouldn’t be an issue quoting the dbag’s own words, which are already public knowledge but definitely need to be emphasized in cases such as this.

  3. Its pretty lame that the dude couldn’t take some healthy competition. Serious D-bag in my opinion.

    1. You might disagree with the way he handled certain things, but there’s no need to call the man a “D-bag”. He changed the way the world uses mobile devices as we know it.

      1. This is the internet. People have, and always will, hide behind their computer screens and claim anonymity as they “publicly” shoot derogatory and inflammatory statements every which way. Get over it.

      2. Jobs and Apple are the Nazis of the tech world.

      3. My father in law worked at Apple and personally knew Jobs. I called him the day Jobs died and his words:
        “Oh well, he was an a-hole”

        I said, “Yeah, but a brilliant a-hole”

        He said “True.”

  4. Amazon won when Apple sued them over the “Appstore” name. They brought up the quote about Steve Jobs ragging on Android being too confusing because there were too many “Appstores” out there. The judge agreed with Amazon that Jobs named the other online markets “Appstore” so Apple couldn’t be the only one to stake a claim to that name due to Steve’s comment. For a guy who people thought of as brilliant, he really shot his mouth off a lot, making him look really stupid.

    1. In other words, Jobs admitted what the rest of the tech world knows, that Apple doesn’t hold quite the monopoly on every corner of tech they would like to make the courts think they do.

    2. I don’t like Apple, but to Jobs’ defense, Everyone is copying Apple products. The hardware, and even some of the software (Samsung). Instead of innovating like Steve did, All Android MFG’s rode shotgun with Steve Jobs.

      1. what do u mean everyone is coyping?? u think Iphone was innovative? u
        think Ipod was innovative? ipad was not the first
        tablet also u know? First tablet was a Windows tablet, even in a
        interview with steve jobs and bill gates(wich u can find in youtube)..
        they asked them what they think will come next and this is where bill
        gates comes with the idea of a rectangular device where u can use in ur lap and wont need a keyboard. So the idea came basically from Biil Gates.

        1. iPod was innovative yes. The other Aplpe products, NO. The idea of the tablet has been around since 1985. Prototypes were built, but never sold to public because of high cost to build. I’m well aware of the history of Tablets. Copying? Samsung is copying pricing structure, and physical design of Apple. Last week, a Samsung exec even said, we want to BEAT apple. And they know the only way to do that, is to beat them at their own game.

      2. Are you saying Apple made the first full screen phone, capacitive touch screens, pinch to zoom, and a host of other inventions? Doing something with popularity isn’t the same as being the first one to do something. Just because the iPhone was a hit doesn’t mean they created the technology that went into it, or all the software ideas were strictly from Apple. You should study how emerging technologies have an impact on equipment development, many of the things that made the iPhone popular were going to be massed used by many corporations, Apple was just the first to arrive in large scale fashion. Doesn’t mean they created the technology though.

        1. Apple takes an idea, and makes it near perfect, unlike everything android, where things are 92% complete; software and hardware.

          1. Apple takes an idea, and limits its use and functionality, then claims it was their idea all along.

            Fixed that, now it’s more accurate.

            If you think having only 1 button on a phone is perfect, then we have different views of functionality. Add to that, as old as the iPhone is, it’s still only a 3G phone. Maybe we have different views on perfection as well.

          2. I never said i like the iPhone design. Personally i think its ugly. But Samsung DID copy that design principle. Why are you attacking me, as if i like the iPhone, i HATE it.

          3. Geez dude, even if i did like the iPhone (which i don’t) you need to realize it’s OK for people to like different things. We don’t all have to like the same thing. And that’s one of Android’s strong features – CHOICE. You can choose what type of form factor you want, instead of having to use only 1. As for the software, its 92% complete, needs some perfection. You can hate Apple all you want, but even though iOS is a simple OS, it works right. BUT, that still doesn’t justify lack of customization options, as Android has. Also 4G. I own the Galaxy Nexus, about to buy SGS3. I will never go back to apple products. See, you HATE apple, without telling my why. At least i know why i hate them…….

          4. I hate Apple because they are a draconian corporation who use lawyers with shoddy patents to stifle competition. They also lie to people by misleading them with their product specs. Now you know.

            Why are you defending Apple, that’s the question that needs answered. You say you hate the iPhone but ramble on and on about how perfect it is. Get off the fence.

          5. I’m not on the fence. I know i will not purchase an Apple product again. Apple does ave shady practices, but if a company has negatives, you can’t ignore the positives. The positives, are the comlete OS, perfected marketing, along with timely release of devices after announcements.

      3. wow what an ignorant clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.
        Next you’ll tell us that Apple was the first to have the notification pulldown that they clearly stole from Android..
        Keep drinking the Apple koolaid.

        1. For starters, Samsung keeps placing a “home” button on the front lower portion of screen, just like Apple. Samsung has started attaching the letter “S” to their products the same way Apple attaches the “i”. The notification bar was definitely Android, and Apple stole that. Samsung is the biggest thief here though, they even have priced all their phones and tables to match the Apple devices. I’m a die hard Android Fan, since Android 2.0, but just cause i’m a fan, doesn’t mean i have to ignore the fact that Android MFG’s are copying Apple. And for the record, the thought of owning an Apple product makes me nauseous.

          1. “If Xerox had known what it had and had taken advantage of its real
            opportunities, it could have been as big as
            I.B.M. plus Microsoft plus Xerox combined” -Steve Jobs

            Xerox made Apple, Jobs marketed it.

  5. So now what, they’ll only choose jurors with feature phones?

    1. blackberry jurries please!!! i’m sure BB likes android more

  6. This once again show how bad apple is, they will do anything to stop android. No wonder apple fanboys attack android all the time because there just like there master apple :D.

    1. You did miss one more point, Apple fanyboys like their master and they have no knowledge why they`re attacking Android. If you don`t believe me ask any fanyboy and you`ll see.

      1. my grandpa dropped his iPhone on the car floor and shattered the screen. he told me iPhones are the best. I asked why and he said “consumer report.” and the smartphone market is ≈42% iPhone and ≈60% android. but iPhones are still better? the rest of the world doesn’t seem to support him.

  7. Stev Job, said Android stolen products? I thought Apple stoled the slide to unlock! That`s just one of many.

    1. Notification center, widgets, folders, twitter integration, camera from locked screen. let me know if you got more.

      1. Pretty much the entire original MAC was stolen from Xerox Palo Alto.

        1. Correct.

        2. Actually, it was given by Xerox in their shorthsightedness…

      2. What about their flagship Siri ? .. Speaktoit and others were out way before.

  8. Everything is copied to one extent or another. I think the juy was an asshole.

  9. He was a selfish asshole. This is a capitalistic country. There is no other phone out there that looks piece of shit iphone. Motorola’s been around since world war two.

    1. What were you trying to say ? It sounds like u have schizophrenia

  10. While I’m totally in favor of using the Jobs quotes, it nonetheless occurs to me, based on my own (non professional) experience in court, that Apple may have had a valid complaint about those quotes. Since Walter Isaacson was not qualified as an expert witness, his ‘testimony’ would have to be seen as hearsay and inadmissible as evidence. (Or – obviously – not!)

    1. I am also not a professional in these matters. However, I believe the fact that Isaacson spent a considerable amount of time with Jobs doing nothing but gather research on the man can indeed qualify him as an expert witness. Haven’t you ever seen My Cousin Vinny? Same concept…. Marissa Tomei = Walter Isaacson :p

    2. This is as civil trial and not a criminal trial. Testimonial and evidence rules are not the same. That’s how people sue for things like wrongful death and win yet the person being sued is acquitted in a criminal trial.

    3. As a professional, this is hearsay, as it is an “out of court statement being used to prove the contents stated therein”. There are times, however, where hearsay may be used, called exceptions. One exception is a statement which is made against one’s own interest. It is also important that there is a high probability that he actually said it. There be other exceptions that apply. (it may be used to prove something other than the contents, such as reputation – there is also a dead man’s rule)
      In addition, the rules of evidence require that statement is relevant. The standard for relevance is that the probative value outweighs the prejudicial effect. This, I believe, is the court’s reason for admitting these statements. Jobs’ state of mind is relevant.

      1. You kids and yer fancy college werds

    4. obviously you don’t know how interviews work. interviews are almost always recorded. if necessary the audio or video could be verified. if he said it, and there is proof, it is not hearsay.

  11. And I thought they were gonna patent those quotes…

  12. Huzzah for common sense! I think it should be made very clear what exactly is going on in this case and therefore all evidence should be allowed. I ge that there are patents and such and those need to protect patent holders rights, but to have a vendetta against a competing company or product because it too closely resembles you product isn’t grounds for killing innovation and creating a monopoly by one company. Regardless of my personal feelings on the ridiculously broad definitions in most patents out there these days, that is something that this case won’t decide (though hopefully it’ll inspire some much needed reform of the patent system); however, looking at the motives for any lawsuit is a valid reason in my opinion. If Apple feels they have lost the integrity of their patents then by all means soldier on, but just finding patents that conveniently are broad enough to catch one or two little similarities in a product just so you can knock out the competition because you don’t like them, that’s something malicious and wrong in and of itself.

    I used to think more highly of Apple as a tech innovator, who quite honestly inspired much of what is Android, as well as lead the way for other smartphone companies to follow in the way a smartphone should present itself. But every time I read more about new lawsuits or how much they hate Android, my opinion of them lowers one more notch. Especially since Apple has gone and “borrowed” Android features just as much as Android has borrowed from the iPhone; case in point, pull down notifications, now I wonder where Apple got an Idea like that from? I still admire Apple and think they make decent hardware and do a very good job executing their products, but it still turns me off to their products when they can’t bear the thought of anyone doing as well, or better, than them.

    1. My exact thoughts.
      And what’s with the 4-inch screen? Last I heard, Apple said there will never be an iPhone with a 4-inch screen.

      1. Actually, it’ going to be a 3.999 inch screen according tot he rumors. They just don’t want to admit hey were wrong.

  13. I wish z- day is here! Soon all communication and electronic will be shut in one month after z- day hit! What are you guys going to do now? Phones and money will not mean anything! Lol.

    1. You fool!! The phones won’t turn off. We’ll just have free service; with no one to monitor who’s using what. =.D

      1. Unlimited porn for all!!!

        1. We will all with thr universe !!!!

    2. oh nah it’s cool ill just call-ohhh “(..

  14. Um… Not trying to be sarcastic, but does anyone know what “product” Android is suppose to be stealing?

    1. The smartphone in general I guess, i still don’t know for sure.

      1. Read the reply to the OP of this thread

  15. Proves to me that this guy was just purely overrated. Had he not lost his battle with cancer, he would have eventually brought down Android through lawsuits, I believe. Just so he could cause a monopoly to unfold for Apple only. People like that really p!$S me off.

  16. Why not! But that`s the truth of Apple intention all the time.

  17. Why not! But that`s the truth of Apple intention all the time.

  18. aww, my favorite words from Steve! Made him look like a cry baby and my Hitler Rant parody possible!

  19. I think they should either skip jury trials or choose older jury members that aren’t likely to use cell phones.

  20. Jobs was a Good man and truly an innovator. You see that comment and they are really blowing it out of context. In Jobs autobiography his disdain of android isn’t to destroy it, simply that Android and iOS are 2 completely diff OS’s but its undeniable that android has many great and more features than iOS it still shares much of the core functionality with iOS and the man simply felt like.his.most prized invention was KIRF’d. I do not truly.believe after reading the book he would have spent every dime.he owned to destroy android. Let the man rest in peace. Don’t call me a fanboy BC I sold my 64GB 4S for the GNex and then traded my GNex for my Rezound. Two best decisions I’ve made phone wise in a couple of years!!!! Love Love Love my Rezound.

    1. I’m not sure what you mean about sharing core functionality.. To get down to brass tacks, it all boils down to the fact that Apple wanted to be the only touch screen phone.. It’s obviously not a technology they invented or own the rights to, otherwise they WOULD be only one.. Everything else has all been fought before.. Touching icons to launch a program.. menus, etc.. etc.. these have all been around for decades before the iPhone.. There is no real “innovation”.. they were simply the first to implement mostly existing practices on a new technology.. The fact that others have done so also, should have come as no surprise to them..

  21. Steve Jobs was a rude selfish ahole. He didn’t innovate anything he took others ideas and made them better. Apple didn’t even have preemptive multitasking until OS 10. So he hardly was truly innovative.

  22. I love it.That dirt bag Steve is gone and glad to see it.That freak walking around in that turtle neck.Showing off the outdated substandard apple iphone.
    Android kicks apple butttttt every day. samsung g3 is so far past iphone1,2,3,4,4s,5,6,7.I love how APPLE DRONES are not smart enough to see it and demand more for there money.There are no real upgraded in the iphones.But real cash being wasted to get them.Good luck with that.

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