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CONTEST: Win a Google IO 2012 Ticket!


Google IO 2012 sold out so quickly that it was depressing. Developers were practically frothing at the mouth for the chance to fork over $900 per ticket. When the flood gates opened, the vast majority were sucked down a vortex of darkness and disappointment while the lucky few pranced past the IO gatekeepers with blissful ignorance. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, sides were divided, and developers were left either feeling like the Fonz or the last kid picked in kickball.

We know that WAY too many of you weren’t able to snag tickets. We wish (as I’m sure Google does) that we could help every last developer gain entry to Google IO. But we don’t have infinite tickets. We have one ticket. And we’re giving that ticket away to one developer… it could be you!

That’s right: as our first contest of Developer Appreciation Month, we’re giving away 1 Developer Ticket to Google IO 2012, and entering couldn’t be much easier.

The Prize:
(1) Grand Prize: One developer ticket to Google IO 2012
(4) Runners up: $50 Amazon Gift Card

How to enter (follow ALL steps):

  • Sign up for our Developer Month Newsletter
  • Confirm your subscription by June 4th, 2012 at 11:59 PM
  • Use the social web or other online media to promote Phandroid’s Developer Appreciation Month and related contests, announcements, and content. Methods of promotion could include (but aren’t limited to):
    • Posts/Links on social networking sites such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit
    • YouTube video shouting out Dev Month
    • Making a blog post on your personal blog or guest post on someone else’s blog
    • Whatever you can dream up!
  • Return to THIS post and leave a comment explaining how you promoted Dev Month on Phandroid (include links!)
  • Three is NO limit to the number social posts entrants can make, but contestants will be judged based on the collective content of their comments below
  • All entries must be received by June 4th, 2012 at 11:59 PM
Selecting a winner:
  • Phandroid staff will select one Grand Prize winner at their sole discretion, based on elements that include but are not limited to: creativity, popularity (retweets, likes, reshares, etc), originality, and effort. Grand Prize Winner must meet rules/restrictions seen below.
  • Phandroid staff will select four Runners Up winners at random from the comments below. Runners Up Winners must meet the rules/restrictions seen below.

Rules & Restrictions:

  • You MUST have an Android application or game available on the Google Play Store (published prior to June 4th, 2012) to qualify. We’ll verify the potential winner meets this requirement, and if not, alternate winners will be selected until this requirement is met.
  • Winners must be able to attend Google IO in San Francisco and be able to prove their intentions to attend to Phandroid Staff. Phandroid staff will select another winner if, at Phandroid staff’s sole discretion, they determine the winner is unlikely to attend the event. (We want to make sure the winner actually uses the ticket for its intended purpose)
  • The winning Google IO 2012 ticket is non-transferable and cannot be sold or gifted to any 3rd party
  • Entries will be accepted until 11:59PM Eastern on June 4th, 2012.
  • Winners will be contacted on June 5th, 2012 and an announcement will be made as soon as a qualifying winner can be contacted and confirmed.
  • Winner will receive 1 Google IO 2012 Ticket subject to transferability authorization by Google.
  • Winner will be responsible for ALL expenses directly and indirectly related to attending Google IO 2012 (except ticket cost) including travel , accommodations, and any other charges incurred in conjunction with this contest.

Desperately want to attend Google IO? This is your chance! Time to muster up some awesome sauce, carve up some social network comments, let the world know about Developer Appreciation Month, and potentially gain access to the top tech event of the year.

Good luck!

Want to get involved in Developer Appreciation Month? Contact us and start your message with “Developer Appreciation Month”.

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. accidentally posted the same thing twice.

  2. Google Plus:


    It’s on my timeline somewhere…

    I also sent out (what I guess may be considered spam) a special Developer Month at message on

  3. How hard will it be to get a decent place to stay at a decent price at this late date ?

    A free ticket would be great, but sleeping on the street or spending over a grand for a hotel would not be.

    And,… are you the arbiter of acceptable “Methods of promotion” ?

    Some of us might not be comfortable with much more than a mention on a message board thread or a new line in a sig.

    1. You can crash at my pad.

  4. Only Dev’s can win this ticket?

    1. Yes… this for devs only.

      1. LAME!!!

        (sad kitten face)

      2. :( Maybe someday i will stop being lazy and write a tetris app…..

  5. Remember the children!

    If I am bestowed the sacred gift of I/O, I may wear the shiny white glove…

    Blogged at –
    My app –

  6. Thanks for easing the pain of Google shafting us developers for people who are in it for the swag they keep giving away :-P

  7. I was trying on two laptops and two chromebooks to get a ticket and no luck winning the Google I/O ticket lottery :) Here’s where I’ve posted about the contest:



    I publish a weekly newsletter for Android developers named #AndroidDev Weekly. You can read the past issues here ( and the issue going out on Monday morning will have a link to the contest. Additionally, I’ve posted about it elsewhere:


    I also run a meetup group here in RI for mobile app developers called MoDevRI. I’ve sent out an email to the group:

    I also posted on MoDevDC’s mailing list, where it should appear once its out of moderation:

    Apps released as trickybits:
    More coming soon.

    Also currently work for Constant Contact, developing CardStar fulltime:

    EDIT: I’ve decided that if I were to win, I would prefer that someone who hasn’t been to I/O yet get the ticket instead of me!

    1. You sir are a gentleman!!

  8. This is awesome, I too was on 3 computers and multiple browsers as soon as the ball dropped, and no dice.

    Facebook: (Somewhere on my Timeline)
    My Awesome Apps!:

  9. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to go to I/O. I live in California so getting there is not an issue. I have posted to:

    My Blog:

    I have also mentioned the developer appreciation month on the #android-dev IRC channel on Freenode.

    I have signed up for the newsletter on two different email addresses, though I seem to only have gotten the confirmation request on one. So it might be under [email protected] instead of my Gmail/G+ account.

    My Apps on the market:

    Let me go to I/O!!!

  10. When i saw that phandroid was starting a Developers Appreciation Month i didnt know what to expect. Then i saw you were giving away a ticket Google I/O i literaly lost it. Ask my wife. She thought she was the only one who could get me that excited. So i’ve been posting amd pushing Dev Appreciation Month all weekend. Asking friends of friends to share like retweet. I posted my own blog on hit to promote it as well. I’ve got some great friends who are going to help me promote this as well. Below you will see links to tweets blogs facebook google+ and my play store apps to prove i am a developer.

    Blog post




    Youtube (because no one else did)

    Play Store Apps

  11. This is an awesome giveaway, thanks for the opportunity!!!!

    I have posted this giveaway at the follow links
    My facebook –
    My Google + –
    My website –

    I am also planning on created an app for as it has become my go to site for Android news. I am late to this contest party so the app wont be ready for this giveaway but it will be in the Play Store soon and in time to still celebrate Dev Appreciation Month. I noticed the Play Store currently has two apps referencing but a third one wont hurt :).

    I have some super close friends that I consider family that live in the bay area and it would be an awesome plus to get to see them if I win.

    You can view my apps here

  12. I am trying to build out a self guided tour app with my father, who is a tour guide by trade. I am also a part of the Las Vegas chapter of mobile developers. I posted at Twitter:

  13. I could tell you how I tried to obtain tickets for 30 minutes, even though they sold out in 28. I could also tell you that saddened, I went to AnDevCon instead, where I met with a lot of cool people and learned some cool developer things. I could tell you that I wear T-shirts of Androids eating Apples and saying, “Nom.” But I won’t tell you any of that. I’ll just say, “I am a Phandroid.” And hope that is enough. But if not, I’ll post pics of my kid wearing an Android hat.


    Facebook/Twitter/Etc: Why? G+ is enough for me.

  14. Supporting the guys @ phandroid. Posted Twitter @rosonina using #phandroid

  15. Hello Phandroids,

    I lost funding the day pricing went up for I/O :- however things have picked up again and I’ve got no way to get a ticket.

    I posted to my G+ ( about Developer Appreciation month here at Phandroid and it’s nice to finally be appreciated.

    I would really appreciate a trip to I/O. My last job had it in the budget for me to go but it’s dang near impossible to get a ticket. This year was completely different. New job wasn’t exactly thrilled with the price difference. A free ticket would completely change things for me.

    I develop for fun and for my employer. I do it more as a hobby but would really like to take it to the next level.

    Going to I/O would really kick things in gear for me.

  16. I love Android and Phandroid! I am very excited to see this contest!! To show my love, I dedicated the last launch of Project SpaceTracker to Phandroid. Even if it doesn’t work out, I love to share the pictures and the cool story behind them.

    Check it out:

  17. It is a nice contest. And I am sure that somebody besides me will win if they really want to attend. I do want to attend, but don’t. know what I mean. But I would be happy for the $50 gift card. Pretty much I will be following the Dev Month articles and news and retweeting and commenting about them.


    If anybody wants to know what I am doing with my apps. You can follow my own blog. Maybe I will post some comments and replies about the Dev Month articles on there too.

    For the $50 amazon card. I can get some hardware to test with my apps. Thanks!

  18. I was sitting there at 6AM logged in to 5 computers, phones, tablets and chromebooks. As soon as the registration opened I got the dreaded please wait lottery spinner and kept trying over 100x when it said tickets were not available try again. I kept trying until 9, long after it said all tickets were sold out, but like most others was unsuccessful at scoring a ticket.

    I have shared this post on the following social networks as well in a company newsletter (I am the sole full-time Android developer at ~100 developer mobile software company), and on IRC on #android-dev.


    Since I live and work in San Francisco, and have already reserved those dates off (for remote viewing), I will definitely attend if chosen.

    Phandroid has long been my favorite site for news, reviews and rumors. Thanks for supporting your devs. :-)

  19. Don’t have any apps yet so can’t sign up for the developer newsletter:(, but happy to promote Phandroid for appreciating developers :). Google IO ticketing system was horrible and I wasted more than 30 minutes trying to get the tickets. Here is my twitter post:

  20. I purchased a plane ticket and hotel reservation to go to Google IO with my colleague, but only one of us got a ticket. I’m still going to San Francisco for the week, but I don’t have a ticket for the conference. The registration system this year was definitely not first-come-first-served.

    He and I are developing an app called BlueBox, an
    Android to Android bluetooth file syncing application. Here is a YouTube video demoing the app
    (Phandroid makes a cameo!):

    Play Store Link:

    We would like to work with Google’s engineers at Google I/O
    on some of the issues we are having with bluetooth on Android. Being there would help the quality of this

    We have also developed VR Mobile, a relatively popular
    vibration testing app:

    Play Store Link:

    My post on Facebook about Phandroid:



  21. I probably won’t win but I figured it was worth a shot and this could really help me so much,I still have a lot to learn and attending I/O would certainly be extremely helpful.Either way I’m sure that all the contestants would benefit greatly from the workshops at Google I/O,So I wish everyone who entered Goodluck,and I would like to thank phandroid for the opportunity and for celebrating Developer Appreciation Month.
    To whomever wins,I hope you have a wonderful time & after reading through all the posts here I am convinced that you all deserve the opportunity to go!! We really have the best community & I’m proud and humbled to be a part of it,Once again goodluck to everyone!!!

  22. I also sent an email to my friends. I sent a copy of the email via the Contact Us Form. Thanks

    A Mini Series about Phandroid Developer Month

    Episode 1

    Episode 2

    Episode 3

    Episode 4

    Episode 5

    Blog Posts:


    Sincerely, George H ‏@sincerelygeorge

    Please send me a picture of you & your Droid & tell me why u love your Droid. Be part of my Droid Appreciation collage

    Sincerely, George H ‏@sincerelygeorge Android Developer Appreciation contest.
    Win Google I/O Prizes! Check it the contest & win.

    There is one more upload (a previously created movie) going to SlideShare. They are taking too long for the upload…yikes … the title is “Phandroid Developer Appreciation – Sincerely George”

    Final Note: Thanks for running the contest. I got to connect with a lot of people this weekend, and I learned a lot about iMovie. May the best entry win. Please watch the videos….they are my pride and joy. :0). Louis says “Adiós Amigos”

    1. I’ve been so busy since Friday creating my entry, I didn’t get/take a. chance to look at the work of my Android collegues. WoW. knows how to start an online sharing party. Its good to hear about all the work people are doing. I was so focused on the contest, I didn’t even think about work. LOL..its funny because I work 2 jobs…a day NEW day job as a Mobile Innoovation Business Architect for a bank, and nights/weekend as a developer for the Rheti app. I took the job @ the Bank April 30th when my account balance hit “Panhandle or Get a Job”. Luckily, they were speaking my language and I heard “dream up ideas for apps”. Working two jobs isn’t all that bad when you get a chance to change the world. Enough about me, let me tell you about Rheti “the most amazing app”.

      Rheti ia an Android app that BUILDS Apps. The current version in Google Play is our latest Beta version. The next version will be super awesome…but is also in “super secret mode”. I’m extremely excited about the work I do on Rheti. I work with a technical Genius, and I’m coding the impossible…okay, he’s coding the impossible, and I’m his apprentice…side-kick….”barely worthy to breath in his presence subject” LOL. Being an Android Developer is fun. I’m following my passion & it’s my dream job. I see the post-PC era…when mobile is all we need…we are steps away from “human anywhere”. “KIT, meet me out front,…” . I’m a dreamer…what inspires me to do Rheti work is empowering small-mid size businesses and entrapranuers in under-developed places…from Alaska to Alabama and Kansas to Kenya.
      Mobile is changing the world, I hope to empower people to create change in their community.

      I see THE ANDROID OS, the NDK, ADK, other Google tools, Arduino, and Open Source as a way to do just that. That’s why I wish to attend Google I/O….to be in the company of Giants!

      1. After my glowing response to myself, I figured some of you may want to give Rheti a try. Rheti is currently in a controlled Beta state currently. For your joy and entertainment, I’ve created a demo account that you can use to access the app.

        Follow the steps below to give Rheti a spin. ##1. Download Rheti from the Google Play ##2. Launch the app. Enter “demo1” without quotes. Its case sensitive. ##3. You will have access to the app. Generated apps will be sent to my email account.

  23. Thanks for the contest.

    I am a brand new android developer, just getting my feet wet really.

    My first app is:

    I made a little video to help raise awareness of your Developer Awareness Month.

    Check it out at:

    1. I had youtube uploading problems, so I uploaded the flash video to my server to get it in before 12. Here is youtube upload..


      Google Plus:

  24. I mentioned in the official Developer Month thread that the irony is I’ve been so heads down on a huge update for my app that I totally missed all of this.

    But I already have an I/O ticket so I wouldn’t have tried to take it from someone else anyway.

    More about the new version of my app coming up.

  25. I know it is a bit late, but I wanted to amend to my prior post that if selected, I will donate any devices received back to Phandroid to be given out in other contests.

  26. Any update on who the winner is? The anticipation is killing me. :)

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