Google’s Project Glass Product Lead Spills More Details In Latest Interview


As we get closer to Google I/O, more details are being revealed on Project Glass (sometimes called Google Glass) from Googlers who have been surprisingly chatty regarding the latest project to come out of Google’s mysterious X labs. Yesterday, we showed you guys a video of Sergey Brin talking with talk show host Gavin Newsom on the set of his show for Current TV, where Sergey even let a doubting Mr. Newsom take the specs for a quick test run.

Today, Google’s Product Lead, Steve Lee, spills a few more beans on Google Glass in part 1 of an interview with Fast Company. Lee briefly talks about how the project originally started out as a laptop in a backpack, and has evolved from dozens of prototypes into the early prototype we see today. Most of the buzz surrounding the spectacles have been their photo and video capabilities to which Lee admits is a “key aspect” to the sci-fi eyewear, adding that applications like Google Maps will play a big role as well.

Regarding rumors that Google Glass would be available year’s end launching with a price between $250 and $600 (that’s a pretty big ballpark), Lee denies the claims, saying that information was completely unfounded. He goes on to say that although we most likely wont see Google Glass this year, “if it was a five-year endeavor” Lee continues, “I wouldn’t be on this project.” The 2nd half of the interview will be published on Friday, but you can read part 1 in more detail via the source below.

[Fast Company | Via Engadget]

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  1. i am sorry if i hurt the fanboys, but that glasses look so retarded.

    1. So did someone walking around seemingly talking to themselves 10 years ago

      1. Bad example, as they still do.

        However, I don’t think Google Glasses, or whatever they’re called, do look silly. I’d be self-concious if I wore them now but after 10 years of people wearing Google Glasses, Apple’s innovative new iGlasses and MS Spectacles, we’d all be used to them and unlike the fundamentally distracting sight of someone speaking, we’ll think nothing of it.

      2. I thought a bread vendor that came into the grocery store I worked at was crazy, then about 6-9 months later I saw the bluetooth headset on his ear. It was small, especially for the time and being new tech, it wasn’t very noticeable.

    2. What if they looked like this?

      Yeah, you know you’d want ’em then O_o

      1. Ooo I call dibs on the pink one ;D

  2. Retarded or not, the tech behind this is kinda cool.

  3. Laptop in a backpack is very much like something the military already uses. I don’t see why this would take very long to develop since the technology is already available elsewhere. I look forward to handing Google more of my money.

  4. at least it doesn’t look like a car’s air filter:

  5. we motorcyclists have been waiting for this for YEARS! hope it can fit inside a helmet. it would also work great for emergency personnel. i dont think an average person would really need it, unless you can watch porn videos on it while your in a meeting… or at church

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