Poll: Do you still want BlackBerry Messenger on Android?


BlackBerry Messenger was one of the coolest messenger services just a few years ago. It is secure, convenient, instant and even lets you know if someone has read your message. BBM was so great that many Android users have been praying and waiting for it to come to our devices. It looked like the app was coming, with rumors and leaks popping up from time to time. It was only a matter of time, but it seems the project has been canceled. The app won’t be coming at all.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that sources close to the matter can attest that the project was in the works. Running under the name of “SMS 2.0,” the project was canned after the new CEO, Thorsten Heins, stepped into the main office. He did not want to license BBM to the competition, and the matter “was not up for discussion.”

But all of this makes us wonder just how much people want this service, still. I know I used to be one of those waiting for it, but I have stopped thinking about the matter for a long time now. We just have so many good options, starting with Google’s very own messaging service – Google Talk.

BlackBerry Messenger has its advantages, but do we need it? Apps like Facebook Messenger, Google Talk, Whats App and ChatOn make great substitutes for BlackBerry Messenger. Facebook Messenger even tells you when someone has seen your message, as well.

It could be that we simply learned to live without it, or it simply isn’t as “ground-braking” as it was before. What do you guys think? Please participate in the poll and let’s see if people would still want BBM on their Android handsets.

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[Source: The Wall Street Journal Via: Droid Dog]

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  1. Too many messaging apps, dont think we need another

  2. I couldn’t care about any single thing LESS.

  3. the thing I miss most about my Blackberry is BBM. would love to see it available for the droid.

  4. Yes but no. I think Google and Apple should get together and brainstorm and create the true sms 2.0. A data use model like imessage/google talk but that is unversally found on a smartphone be it the ios, wp, android or bb eco systems

    1. Although I’d be glad to see something like that, but unfortunately a lot of North American carriers won’t give up such a cash cow service that easily. What’s free in most parts of the world (SMS) is a substantial charge here.

      1. What are they going to do if they just implement it a la imessage? Sure Att’s ceo is public crying about it but I doubt anyone who has a contract with them or at apple or google will shed a tear for them

  5. What is a blackberry

    1. They make a pretty good pie, great with Vanilla ice cream! :)

      1. Or in a cobbler with vanilla ice cream on the side.

        1. and they’re what make ribena

  6. There’s to many messenger apps. There needs to be a cross platform messenger that is standard on all OS’s. iOS iMessage has potential if apple wernt so greedy & made a public API so it could be cross platform.

    1. Forgot to mention, it needs to integrate well with the os. That’s why I chose iMessage, apple did a pretty good job integrating it in with ios.

      1. I always liked Chat On, Samsung’s messaging app. It is available for all major platforms, and it has great features. The app has so much potential, but most people don’t even know about it. That is what makes it sucky…

        1. That’s the issue for all the messaging apps, adoption rate.

          gtalk is available on all platform, but somehow most people shun away from it and prefer whatsapp or facebook or something else.

          1. agreed! idk how many people i know that have had android phones and didnt even know gtalk was on the phone or had no idea what it was. if gtalk had more features and smileys like chaton i would stick with it.. or if chaton had video chat or voice calling i would prefer it.. but none of them really have everything in one

    2. What’s an iOS?

    3. Kick and kakao are great cross platform chat apps

  7. No, it was never something i thought was fun or useful.

    1. Even when I had a Blackberry I never used it, because it only worked with other Blackberry users. In my circles that meant I could use to communicate with ONE other person.

      It may offer advantages to those who fully utilize it, but offering it on other platforms at this point would only serve to hasten the demise of the Blackberry platform, as those locked into Blackberry by this one app would now have non-Blackberry alternatives. Sure, the platform already seems doomed, but why would they want to hasten the approach of dooms day?

  8. Good ol RIM, about a year and a half behind the times. If it would have been made available a year ago on Android and iPhone it might have been the industry leading messaging app because it would have been the one thing people would have kept using as they jumped ship but as usual RIM missed the boat and now nobody cares.

  9. Never did… its actually never even occurred to me as something useful period.

  10. Isn’t that what google talk is for?

  11. Sure we need it, we need more services that will stand up to governments making legally questionable requests for data without warrant or jurisdiction.

    1. Think your tin foil hat is a bit tight there Sparky.

  12. do we really need that many messenger? whatsapp > all

  13. nahhhhh!! i use samsung’s chaton app.. that’s pretty awesome to me besides the ugly new update

  14. I guess I have stopped being surprised when rim cuts there nose off to spite their face. BBM was the first of rim thinking they can draw people because they are! How about stepping up with the bb enterprise manager and extending it to ios and android. Companies already had it and (at that point) still trusted rim! Now businesses are stepping back and looking at mdm’s etc… For a solution to manage their mobile force. Keyboards are another example… How about options!

  15. naw… I don’t want to pay..

  16. BBM was never awesome. It was just a service for stuck up pricks, but all of those stuck up pricks have moved on to iPhones.

  17. Wake Up Rim!

  18. >implying I know anyone that has a blackberry

  19. Meh, I use Facebook Messenger.

  20. Kik is the closest thing I’ve found to bb messenger. It does tell you when it is delivered and also read

    1. Oh I hate that part about “read”. If I want to ignore people, let me ignore them!

  21. Oh no, they won’t let us in their awesome, exclusive club. Who honestly cares? They don’t have competition – in order for that to be true, they would have to actually be competing. They’re like the Discover card of phones.

  22. NO! because i have 2 smartphones hahahha (sony ericsson live with walkman and blackberry curve )

  23. I suppose any new feature is appreciated, but these “text” replacement apps never work for me.

  24. No I use whatsApp its already out for all platforms. BB once again took to long.

  25. I use Google+ Messenger. It is available on iOS G+ app and Android G+ app and works just fine. I voted yes anyway though, because I would like to be able to bbm with my brother and my brother-in-law who both still use Blackberry and believe it or not, my brother-in-law loves it lol!

  26. we can just use ChatON which is multiplatform or whatsapp, so im not bothered by bbm

  27. kakaotalk does everthing bbm does and more and have been for a very very long time.

  28. want android messenger on android…..:P

    1. Thats what google talk is, its just not hard baked into the message/sms app

    2. yep, google voice, or similar should be built in like iMessage is.

  29. It missed the boat, and really could have been the saving grace of RIM. By the time they wake up and decide to release it, it will be so irrelevant people would have moved on to different apps.

  30. Kik is a very close competitor however when I use it it drains my battery really fast. If Blakcberry can get this to be nice to the battery on my Android I’d love to use the app.

  31. I would subscribe for bbm if it came for Android. I’d rather pay a one time fee of 100 bucks to use it (if they plan on doing it like that).

  32. Blackberry should keep it to themselves. start creating androids and use it as an advantage.

  33. why do I want it?

  34. No. Blackberry shoulda gone Android 2 years ago, and brought all their apps and enterprise level stuff with them.

  35. Blackberry’s chance to save themselves passed a couple years ago. They never saw the writing on the wall and now they are paying the price for sticking with their proprietary ways.

  36. I liked bbm because i could chat with someone without them having my phone number r my email and the only trail it left was on the blackberry.

  37. It’s not that it’s features are better, it’s all in the name… if it were on android, iphone and BB’s EVERYONE would use it, that would be the single biggest and best ‘feature’ against the current competition, I use heyTell which is great but I have to actively convince friends to get it aaaand continue to use it and that sucks :(

  38. I just switched from a blackberry to an andriod and I’m loving everything except no bbm. Regardless of rim’s flaws, bbm is an amazing product and for the ceo to table its development just shows how short sighted the company is. It would have been one of the few apps I actually would have paid for.

  39. If you’re a kid or not involved in the bussiness world in Canada then I could understand not carving about bbm but the rest of us do. I finally made the changer to android but I already miss bbm. It is fast secure and prolific in the business world. So let’s not pretend like we don’t care. Just type bbm for android into Google and see how many people have searched for it /poll

  40. Yea i want it but now gotta switch to blackberry

  41. Waiting to chat using .bb messenger in my android .

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