Verizon Galaxy Nexus Update (IMM76K) Back In Action – Available for Download and Rolling Out Soon-ish


The update process has been sort of a roller coaster ride for Galaxy Nexus owners on Verizon. Earlier this month, Google ‘n friends made available the Android 4.0.4 update (IMM76K), but was later pulled without explanation. Well, the link is back and the update is now available for the downloading (and applying, providing you know what you’re doing).

Just keep in mind this is an update, and not a stock factory image. That means unless you were running a stock previous version, don’t mess with it. If you don’t feel like downloading and waiting this out, the update should officially start rolling out from Big Red very, very soon. In fact, just jump into your settings and see if it’s available.

[Download from Google]

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  1. Awesome news for stock users. Took long enough..

    1. Unfortunately, being stock defeats the purpose of a nexus device. Especially on Verizon.

      1. Maybe for the tiny minority of people who know how to unlock and root. However, some people I work with refuse to unlock, yet complain about the issues, so this is good for them.

      2. not really, the purpose of nexus isn’t to root (although its EASIER and supported) the purpose of a NEXUS is up to date, STOCK experience. so no, being stock to get the update doesn’t defeat the purpose of a nexus at all

        1. I totally agree, even though I have rooted all of my Android devices with the exception of the GNex, it is sad to see that pure stock doesn’t mean anything to Big Red.

  2. Will this work on a rooted and unlocked gnex?

    1. As long as your rom is stock, yes.

  3. Again, reading stuff like this makes me happy I went to Google Play for my Gnex.

  4. It still saddens me to see the Verizon logo on the back…just ain’t right.

  5. Still nothing @ 9:49pm est.

    1. This is not the ota rolling out it is a download of the ota. You can apply the update even if you are not rooted or unlocked.

  6. Just wondering if this recent update has fixed the radio and signal issues everyone has been having? Thinking about picking one up and don’t want to constantly be loosing my LTE. Any input would be welcomed.

    1. Yes and it wasn’t connection issues it was 3g to 4g hand off and vice versa that was giving people problems and yes it is a lot betrer

    2. I have been running this leak for.a few weeks. It completely fixes the random.reboots, radio hand offs and volume. (Though volume can still use some love. I absolutely think this update made the phone what it should have been at launch.

  7. About time… Android 4.0.4 has been amazing on my Incredible 2 running CM9. Any I don’t have to deal with having a wannabe-tablet phone either :)

  8. The link just downloaded a PDF file. There’s no executable file that I can find.

    1. Are you sure? I just hit it and it downloaded the file.


  10. blah blah blah anroid blah blah blah turdsandwich blah

    1. shut up you meego loving derp! XD

      1. what?

  11. @daniel casto.. Take your pos filled with motoblur elsewhere

    1. i find it funny to bad i have a galaxy nexus DB

    2. the razr most certainly isnt a pos. and motoblur isnt that bad, im actually running my razr on a leak, stock.

  12. I have Verizon friends fawning over my GSM Gnex…it’ll be good to be able to confidently suggest the Verizon version now that it’s updated to 4.0.4

  13. I’m downloaded. How do I apply?

    1. Same…i intentionally don’t mess w/my phone because i can’t afford to screw it up, so i have no idea how to apply this update via the download method…any help would be appreciated…is it just a drag and drop via usb connect?

      1. This download requires you to have unlocked bootloaders, and preferably rooted as well. You can use fastboot to temporarily root to flash the update but only after you’ve unlocked your bootloaders. So basically for us “truly”stock users, this download doesn’t put us in any better situation than we were a month ago when this was originally released.

        1. thanks for the info guys…guess i’ll just have to wait a little longer and hope to god verizon puts out the OTA SOON…sorry for being a noob lol

          1. Being a noob would be not asking a question. So many people on these blog sites make you feel guilty for asking questions. If you don’t know ask!

      2. Try this guys. http://rants.strifejester.com/2012/05/01/imm76k-direct-for-verizon-galaxy-nexus/

        You have to be on stock to update this way, you don’t need root.

  14. i have a galaxy nexus and i never said i like moto blur i simply said the radios suck because i cant keep solid 4g while other phones can

    1. I wonder why the Nexus has this radio, signal issue, Other Samsung devices on Verizon and other Carriers don’t have LTE issues at all. This has to be something isolated to the Nexus. I so much wanted this phone but will not buy it until ths is resolved. I have every Nexus phone but this one.

      1. i think i read somewhere that the nexus reads signal differently its supposed to be more accurate than other 4g phones but it just sucks at my house im on wifi rather than slow 3g

  15. nothing for me as of 10:57 pm est.

  16. Mine is so bad I disabled my LTE months ago and haven’t turned it back on. Unfortunately the signal for the standard 3G is nearly as bad. Most of the time I’m on 1x if I’m not on wifi

    1. 3g phones seem faster right

      1. if its the Droid X then yes. Why is this ok for people :'(

      2. I would not go that far….but if the phone is bouncing between 3g and 4g it would slow down on 4.0.2. This update fixes this.

    2. Yeah, the radio hand off’s were horrible on 4.0.2!

  17. This is not what a Nexus experience should be like. So happy I bought my Nexus directly from Google. Feel bad for you Verizon users. As Kevin Durant would say, “man, that’s messed up.”

    1. Yeah, but you have draw backs with there too, there is no perfect world. The drawback is you are stuck on a shitty network like Sprint or AT&T.
      That being said, I’m not f’n around next time and will buy an unlocked phone as I am convinced all carriers have their heads up their asses.

  18. Noticed yesterday morning at 1030 am went to use phone to the android. Dude telling me to stop, downloading, damn batt. Went down inthe middle which seemed to be two hrs. Later charged phone to find that 4.02 still running – no update downloaded nor available

  19. do me a favor world. read everything in this article, then read all the comments then buy an HTC. say what you will about our updates but holy shit samsung sure knows how to ruin the android experience….

    1. Not samsungs fault

    2. you’re an idiot…enjoy your locked bootloader, no removable battery with no sdcard option.

      1. I have an htc vivid which makes all of your argument invalid.
        This Ice cream sandwich is delicious and hasn’t needed a bug fix since release.

  20. Nothing still as of 6:38 am est myrtle beach, sc

  21. I’m Downloaded this. Nice.

  22. MAN!!! Them Galay fones are the bestest

  23. Hey Chris, if I unlocked and updated to 3.03, is this a no go?

    1. Mike, you need to be completely stock radios and firmware. There are instructions on how to go back. Also a couple of sites have a root version of this update where you just flash it in cwm. I believe roots wiki was one of them about 3 weeks ago.

  24. just ONE time, I want to see something besides “your system is up to date” :(

    1. I’m gonna take a screenie to remember the moment!

      1. you won’t need to….I am sure a newer version will release right after you get it. About 3 months ago I took a screen shot and posted it on my facebook with the title No, it’s not!

  25. I’ll believe it when I see it, and then just maybe.

  26. If I run the update, will it update the radios too?

  27. “soon-ish” should be followed by a few questions marks…???

  28. I have IMM76I from my 4.0.4 AOKP ROM. Do I want IMM76K?

    1. nope!

  29. Hey guys, im a verizon wireless employee and i was going thru the vzw internal forums and i seen a moderator post that the update should have been approved today and it should be rolling out ota sometime next week. Now its not 100% official yet, but we should be getting it really soon. Dont let your hopes down just yet ;)

  30. Hey guys, im a verizon wireless employee and i was going thru the vzw internal forums and i seen a moderator post that the update should have been approved today and it should be rolling out ota sometime next week. Now its not 100% official yet, but we should be getting it really soon. Dont let your hopes down just yet ;)

  31. i got tired of waiting so i finally flashed 4.0.4 this morning, works great. i really notice that the screen rotation is a lot faster and it hasn’t randomly rebooted on me yet. calls seem a little more “clear” for some reason and the mic hasn’t cut out at all like it used to. maybe it’s all in my head but everything just seems to be “smoother” over all. you will lose root with the flash so you will need the updated su.zip to regain root.

  32. I just dont understand why they just dont set a date and push it out. Why is it such a secret that no one can know? Kinda dumb!

  33. @Shoobz thank you for your completely worthless (probably bullshit) post. Phandroid has already informed us “it should be out soon ” which, thus far, is equally worthless.

  34. i have a galaxy nexus and i never said i like moto blur i simply said the radios suck because i cant keep solid 4g while other phones can

  35. So, yeah. After reverting to stock (locked BL/unroot/baseline 4.0.2), because I’m a sadist, I waited.

    And waited. And waited. And freakin’ waited. Almost a month after all this madness came out about the 4.0.4 update, trying to give VZW the benefit of the doubt. And no dice.

    I finally called Verizon yesterday. The answer I got was “MOST LIKELY in the next three weeks.”

    Real helpful. Love the phone, but I’m fed up. Probably will do the manual update while rocking out on CM9. My issue, in essence, is that I wanted the Galaxy Nexus so I wouldn’t have to unlock the bootloader, go to CM9, and take care of things on my own. It’s insanity. I’m really hoping the next series of Nexii goes to T-Mobile. They “seem” to be pretty hands off, and goog has no issues w/ GSM.

  36. Hey Shoobz! Why did Verizon agree to carry a Nexus device if they don’t want to treat it like one? This is ridiculous! Other manufacturers are releasing OTA updates to older phones bringing them to 4.0.4! WHY IS MY NEXUS STILL ON 4.0.2???

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