Sprint’s LG Cayenne (LS860) With 5-Row QWERTY Keyboard Leaked


Those boys at Brief Mobile got their hands on another exclusive leak, this time with images of the LG LS860 slider headed to Sprint. As you can see from the blurry pic, the LS860 (codenamed Cayenne) is packing a full 5-row QWERTY keyboard that should make any hard-kb lovers heart skip a beat. Other specs include a 4-ich 800×480 IPS display, 1.2GHz dual-core Qualcomm S3 processor and 4G LTE support. Just think LG Viper with keyboard and you’re on the right track. But, unlike the Viper, this device will launch with Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box. With more Android OEM’s moving away from the keyboard form factor, it’s nice to see it hasn’t yet been forgotten. Does this device look enticing to anyone?


Chris Chavez
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  1. Interesting, now get released in Europe there’s almost no high end keyboard sliders here.

    1. Sliders are slowly fading away. And while I personally don’t care for them, I’d still see such a trend as bad overall. Choice/variety has always been Android’s biggest strength. Less choice/variety is never of the good.

  2. Brief Mobile? Should be Blurry Mobile.

    1. If we took the pictures it would be a different story

  3. Lame specs, only 4″ 800×480 resolution, and qualcomm S3. Put an S4 in it, make the screen 4.3″ and 720p, then you have a killer slider that blows the others away.

    1. What you think LG stands for [L]ame [G]adgets

      1. lucky goldstar

        (just to be a smart ass)

  4. Its an LG though, only thing enticing about it, is that it belongs in the trash like all the trash phones they seem put out.

    1. Kinda like your comment belongs in the same place.

  5. Lg blows . Looks just like the Droid 3 from the specs its a low end phone even.if it does have a duel.core but all phones will have that soon

  6. 4″ screen to small for me to use, I`m using Galaxy Note 5.3″ Dual – core 1.5GHz, it`s to late for me to go backward.

    1. when it is an OLDER A9 arch, yes, that is kinda lame. the XL has A15 based arch which is equivalent to modern day quad core. this is NOT

  7. *looks at his Mytouch 4G Slide*
    Why can’t you have a 5-row QWERTY? :(

  8. Keyboard phones are “fading away” only because manufacturers can’t seem to get it right. They’re always offered randomly, typically as mid-range or even low-end “texting” devices. Most people who want a keyboard want a high-end phone. And then of course the keyboard design and feel are often poor.

    The only exceptions I’ve seen are the HTC G2 and Droid4, with the Droid4 being the only current offering.

    Personally, I hope to never give up my ability to casually type 40+ wpm without autocorrect (such that I can type very technical stuff). I’ll deal with a thicker phone. I’ll deal with a smaller screen (which actually provides much more viewable area when on-screen keyboard space is used for content).

    This LG: Not a terrible device, needs more display resolution. Keyboard looks well laid-out for a blurrycam shot. I don’t think I’d trade the Droid 4 for it.

    1. Arrive was the best designed qwerty keyboard device

      1. I think the OG Epic was better than the Arrive.

        1. i have the og epic and i gotta disagree! played w/the arrive, that or the htc touch pro 2 (or whatever they called it for anyone’s personal network) were the best keyboards ever imho. been waiting for htc to come out w/something android w/that same type of keyboard, but they announced they are not putting out any more hard qwerty fones.. =/ this lg looks good and i always liked them b4 smartphones came out.. might have to make the SWITCH! ;D

  9. I’ll take a galaxy note slide! I know sounds crazy but it might just work! Just make the keyboard thin. S-pen and a keyboard.

  10. Hmm, I didn’t know real/physical keyboard phones actually still existed!!!

  11. Ah… And I REALLY HATE typing on touch screens. It took me over a minute to update my facebook status. It had 1 sentence. -_-
    I kept typing errors. Hitting ‘b’ or ‘v’ instead of space and the ‘/’ instead of “enter”. Dugh!! That’s agitating. No amount of software modding can fix those issues. Or I have yet to stumble upon a software keyboard that can do the trick. SwiftKey X doesn’t do it for me. =.(

    1. Have you tried Swype? I had the OG Epic and loved the keyboard it had, but I moved away from it, to Swype, while on the Epic. Now I’ll never go back to another keyboard phone.

      1. Swype is horrible. No down talk, but I just can’t use it. I jsust said screw it and started using Thumb Keyboard for the customization. LoL!! I baffle a lot of my friends when I type in landscape mode. I’ll just wait for an updated keyboard phone.

        I don’t know why its so hard to come out with one. As night as they are it shouldn’t be hard to put those parts in there.

  12. Remember the G1? I thought it had an awesome keyboard. This phone would be great but the specs suck in it. I’m fine with virtual keyboards but there are times when I’d much prefer a physical, like when typing a long email. Too bad.

  13. ugh i would SO get this! that 5-row and ICS has got me drooling

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