Dual-Core Samsung Galaxy S3 with 2GB of RAM Headed To Japan – Could The US Be Next?


Yesterday, we told you guys about the Samsung Galaxy S3 (and 19 other devices) slated to arrive in the land of the rising sun via Japanese carrier NT Docomo. Normally that wouldn’t be considered very important news to you guys, but get this — NT Docomo is listing their GS3 with the same dual-core S4 processor that’s been leaked to arrive in the US and, get this — it will supposedly arrive with 2GB of RAM.

Now, this could be nothing more than a typo from a carrier with more high-end Android devices in their lineup than they know what to do with. But it got me thinking… If Samsung does opt for a slightly less powerful Qualcomm S4 processor for the US (to ensure compatibility with our LTE bands), it could make some sense that they would try to pick up the slack by increasing performance in other areas.

When it comes to marketing, sometimes specs are a purely a numbers game. If Samsung wants to make sure the GS3 makes a big splash here in the US, that extra 1GB of RAM could give them a leg up on the competition (especially when they can’t boast “extra cores”). Would you guys be happy if Samsung threw us a bone with 1GB of extra RAM to make up for an admittedly, very capable dual-core CPU?

Via TechnoBuffaloSammyHub | NTDocomo (PDF)

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  1. would make sense for US to get 2GB since it’s rumored to be sporting the S4 as well.

    1. Makes sense, or are you hoping? =p

      1. Both ;)

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  2. I hope they don’t pull a moto and put the sgs3 with 1gb ram out and then a month later this out.

  3. Give me twice the ram over 2 more processor cores any day!

  4. How about quad-core processor AND 2GB RAM? But seriously, I’d rather have quad-core processor since both is not gonna happen.

  5. Yes I would love 2gb of ram. I’m still buying the Sprint version for sure. Apple can suck my Droid and htc can keep their non-removable battery to them selves.

  6. More RAM == slightly less battery life, but I think it’s worth the trade off if you’re constantly switching between big apps and hate waiting for the Nth oldest to relaunch after it’s been pushed out of memory. If you use your phone lightly (why get a S3 then?), then 2GB isn’t really necessary (yet).

    1. Remember, the GS3 is able to run video in a pop-out window while doing other tasks.

      Also, 1GB sounds like enough but in reality, there’s only a handful of apps open on my One S and most close out when opening something like the browser.

      2GB would be more than welcomed at this point..

    2. Agree. I just hope Samsung’s optimized the system with more rams so that they can melt well into the system consuming less power than expected.

    3. having more ram bragging rights than all your friends and family is worth the battery drain!

  7. Japanese version also has one-seg TV (which I don’t need) and no NFC because it will support Japan’s SUICA system (which I also don’t need).
    Looks like it will be cheap, at least. Will definitely pick one up in July.

  8. Lol I don’t get why Sammy fanboys don’t get hung up over the fact that like 8 variants of their flagships come out.

  9. we still get LTE right? if not its a deal breaker

  10. Who cares the phone sux.

    Give me a 4.0″ Nexus.

  11. Att better change the shape up a bit ala Captivate cuz this thang is FUUUUUUgly. Looks like a pear shaped fattie. What is Sammy thinkin?

  12. That’s an ugly ass render….

    1. Looks gorgeous in white though. Haven’t seen much of the blue one.. most reveiws i saw were holding the white one.. and i like it!

  13. Please just take my money and send me one. 2GB of Ram, what a monster this phone would be. I have to have one, Tell me what II need to do to get one, I’ll do anything, I mean anything.

  14. hmmmm and I was about to buy a GALAXY NEXUS today……

  15. Dual core with 2gb ram should be the next step. Quad core is too early to be out right now. Maybe next year. Just saying.

  16. I’m still waiting for the S4 quad core and adreno 320 gpu or equivalent. Otherwise it’s not enough of an upgrade over my Galaxy Nexus.

  17. Or LG beat them to it and they don’t want to be constantly compared to LG phones that have the 2G of RAM.

  18. 2gb and 64gb w/ a 64gb microsd. I’d hit the BUY button in a flash

  19. there is not enough amount of ram, to fix that ugly ass phone!

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