May 16th, 2012

Yesterday, we told you guys about the Samsung Galaxy S3 (and 19 other devices) slated to arrive in the land of the rising sun via Japanese carrier NT Docomo. Normally that wouldn’t be considered very important news to you guys, but get this — NT Docomo is listing their GS3 with the same dual-core S4 processor that’s been leaked to arrive in the US and, get this — it will supposedly arrive with 2GB of RAM.

Now, this could be nothing more than a typo from a carrier with more high-end Android devices in their lineup than they know what to do with. But it got me thinking… If Samsung does opt for a slightly less powerful Qualcomm S4 processor for the US (to ensure compatibility with our LTE bands), it could make some sense that they would try to pick up the slack by increasing performance in other areas.

When it comes to marketing, sometimes specs are a purely a numbers game. If Samsung wants to make sure the GS3 makes a big splash here in the US, that extra 1GB of RAM could give them a leg up on the competition (especially when they can’t boast “extra cores”). Would you guys be happy if Samsung threw us a bone with 1GB of extra RAM to make up for an admittedly, very capable dual-core CPU?

Via TechnoBuffaloSammyHub | NTDocomo (PDF)

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