Apple blames Samsung for intentionally destroying evidence


Last May 1st was full of tension in the Northern District of California. Same place where Apple filed a motion asserting that Samsung purposely destroyed evidence that would aid in Apple’s victory. Said conduct is known as “spoilation of evidence,” and Apple is asking that the Judge educates the Jury about said matter.

According to the iPhone manufacturer, Samsung did this intentionally, so as to not give Apple the needed information to come to a better conclusion. “Vast quantities of relevant evidence in blatant disregard of its duty to preserve all such evidence.”

Samsung is scheduled for an official reply on May 15, with a hearing set for July 7th. But the Korean Manufacturer is asking for an extension, as the Company would have to review “thousands of pages of documents and voluminous pages of deposition testimony” in order to provide a valid argument on the matter. If the Court grants Samsung said extension, the hearing would be set back to July 10, with a May 29th brief from the Galaxy makers.

If Apple is found victorious, Samsung could be accused of intentionally, and knowingly, infringing on Apple’s patents. Yes, things just might be getting pretty ugly.

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  1. And I blame samsung for my buggy GNex and for dropping the ball with the SIII. Then I blame for Apple for keeping the same exact operating system for half a decade. I blame everyone!

    1. Wow wow wow, the Gnex is a revolutionary piece of hardware. Although, I personally am bit disappointed with the S3 :/. High expectations I guess….

      1. Eh it’s a step up from my current device so I’ll have no complaints about it.

        1. I have a galaxy nexus , and I still don’t have any complaints about the sgs3 . More than likely it will keep my gnex company when it comes out

          1. I have an EVO 3D and i am ready to shoot it.

          2. The GS3 looks like it will address my primary gripe about my GNex, No SD card support.

      2. What was so revolutionary about it o_O?
        Only thing special about the GNex was it being the first phone with ICS and the only phone with ICS for quite some time. That’s all.

        Agree about the S3. Nothing special. Especially when it comes stateside and drops it’s only real defining feature in favor of a Snapdragon CPU like everyone else because everyone but Qualcomm forgets about LTE.

        1. First ICS, first 720p screen, first Android phone with onscreen buttons

          1. ICS like I said was its only defining feature and is software not hardware
            onscreen buttons is arguable, yet still ICS software based
            LG released the first 720P displayed phone

  2. Get over yourself already apple

  3. I for one am shocked Apple would act this way! It’s not like they over charge people for the parts they buy from Samsung and LG from the Chinese slave labor at Foxconn. Hey Apple, since you have so much money to waste on lawyers, how about shipping some jobs back to the US, and stop using slave labor and overcharging the iSheep.

    1. I agree with your last statement, outsourcing fucking blows. But it’s not just Apple; companies like Motorola and Microsoft are guilty of this too.

    2. Samsung wishes they had “sheep”

  4. That’s for putting a crappy radio in my vzw gnex

  5. Apple cries a lot. I hate their products and it limited operative system. they want to control everything even file sharing of users. they cant handle that other companies are better than them, at least in technology

  6. go Samsung!!! hahahaha

  7. So when Apple fakes evidence the court is okay , but if Sammy does it, its wrong? No one else remembers the photo shopping Apple did?

  8. And to think I used to look up to Apple. I wanted Apple to be my 1st smartphone, but I had an iPod I won. 1st Smartphone being the Samsung Memoir, then the LG eXpo (Windows) then the Nexus 1. Never wanted an iPhone after that. LoL!!

    I’m telling you. LG will come out of no where with this weird patent that’ll make Apple pay. LoL!!

  9. “Spoliation” you numb nutted joke. You and Ballah the Indian absolutely suck at writing stories, do you not proof read? durrr

  10. No matter what a phone does it will never be an iphone if they are so positive with their products why do they worry so mucj

  11. Oh for the love of Pete! Dispense with this nonsense and get back to innovating!

  12. Phandroid, please hire a proofreader. Not only is this article very skimpy on the details, but it’s darn near impossible to read. Also, the headline is all kinds of wrong. Blaming someone means that an event happened and now they’re saying “it’s your fault.” The word you’re looking for is “Accuses.” Your current headline would only be accurate if Apple destroyed evidence and then said it was Samsung’s fault that they did. I get that you’re just a blog and that grammar nit-picking isn’t really helpful, but I really have no idea what is going on except that Apple filed a motion about spoiled evidence. You’re gonna lose visitors/money with this kind of writing.

  13. this is the most ridiculous thing i have seen. as a design engineer with 18 years NEW product development experience…it is common practice to take a look at whats already out there. not to copy it, but to just look side by side at various products. the issue here resides around comparisons. seriously. this is the tipping scale for me to in any way believe apple is siding with truth here. ridiculous. thats all i can say. apple did it when they created the iphone. its a compilation of existing ideas brought together in one device. and believe me, they compared all the products out there and have documents to prove it. as engineers, it is common practice. and that doesn’t mean copying nor false motives, that means seeing what is in the market currently… as far as prior art and motives, thats garbage. Apple is really trying to find a reason why they will become 2nd in the near future for their investors. Apple makes an astounding product(s). very impressive. and I have used both. Samsung has never been able to succeed in many areas Apple has…at its core. but Samsung brings something different to the table…within the same market. I am Pro Apple in many regards, but what I’ve seen so far is a hurt ego, more than anything else. google came along with an open OS, which you can’t compete with well…and Apple still rules. Good for them, but this is sad. I read the full article regarding this subject of this article, not this summary. kindof missing details.

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