Google Play Store Updated To 3.5.19 [Download]


Google has pushed out an update to the Play Store yesterday, bringing the version number up to 3.5.19. Although it’s not entirely clear what is new in this version, we’ve gotten a few reports that the ol’ Market is feeling a bit snappier. Typically, this is the result of the placebo effect, but I’ll let you decide for yourself. The Play Store has been extracted and upload for your downloading pleasure. Enjoy.

Google Play Store 3.5.19: Download | Download 2 | Download 3

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Nothing happens when i press the link?

    1. Seems the first one works in your desktop browser?

      Added a another link to try from your phone just in case…

      1. Successful with first link with phone browser UA string set to desktop, had to retry a few times, but it worked.

        Nice, thanks Chris!

  2. Why do I check phandroid at 1:53 am? Glad there was a new article though.

  3. Link is not working…

    1. Added a mirror. Try download 2 =)

      1. download 2 > out of bandwidth…

        1. Just upped a download 3. That one never fails me.. Lol

  4. I can definitely say it feels snappier. No new options. Just speed. I like.

  5. Same here, I clicked on Download 2, it was unsuccessful.

    Samsung Droid Charge.

  6. Neither the stock browser, nor Dolphin successfully d/l’d the update, but the Opera browser DID!!! So far, I really can’t tell any major difference.

  7. Neither link worked on my phone but does on my PC.

    1. It worked on your central processing unit? The chip inside that speeds a component?

  8. I tried both of the links on my EVO 3d and no such luck :( :( it says It’s downloading for 2seconds then fails :( ?

  9. Both links don’t work…

  10. First link worked for me using dolphin.. All I needed to do though was put it in desktop mode..

  11. First link down
    Second site is out of bandwith

  12. Looks like some of you have woken up too late and now the link ran out of bandwidth!!!

  13. First link works now

  14. this update kept me from being able to download from the market on my ATT HOX. uninstalled and they started working again. did troubleshooting before, like clearing data, removing my account, etc and nothing worked until i did an uninstall of updates. just a heads up if anyone has a similar problem.

  15. Just go to xda they have two links.

  16. thanks stranded. link works

  17. I still don’t get what the improvement is. . .I don’t sense any speed bumps

  18. Why don’t tech blogs use Google Drive to host their files for public download? Especially Android blogs? ;P Just sayin’..

  19. that my Play icon? :)

    P.S. if you haven’t seen, I’m at over 200, and have an ADW theme out!

    1. Link. That. Shiz.

      1. Haha.

        Working on updating/adding icons to the ADW pack right now.

  20. Oh yep, the old randomly updated (probably with minor bug fixes) and everyone will no-matter-what say “wow it’s snappier”

  21. i cant use this if my version is 4.0.3?

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