S Voice on the Galaxy S3 passes the “woodchuck” test [Humor]


That Siri grabbed the majority of the limelight in the aftermath of the iPhone 4S launch would be an understatement: to me, it seemed like the phone was marketed almost exclusively with it’s voice assistant feature. But what the people loved, more than actually productive stuff like scheduling appointments or sending texts, were the more… random commands (some of which are admittedly hilarious).

So, to convince people who might for some strange reason need the ability to decipher those commands, Android Central’s Phil Nickinson put the Samsung Galaxy S III’s S Voice feature to the “woodchuck” test. Good news, folks, the phone passed.

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. hahahahahah thats awesome ROFL. i just tried it on my sensation and im surprised a giant upside down question mark didnt appear on screen.

    1. What app are you using?

  2. my nexus replied the whole forest >.> its bieng a smart ass

    1. What app are you using on your Nexus?

      1. Skyvi

        1. Try this one too AIVC voice assistant .

  3. what surprised me more was even with the laughter and extra noise in the background the phone understood it

    1. True, my first thought was that the laughter would have ruined it. That makes it pretty promising.

      1. I thought so too but I then i realized the laughter only started at the very last word(also the room WAS actually pretty quiet otherwise). So though I remain fairly optimistic ,this aspect wasn’t really impressive.Also, looking closer S voice didn’t actually get it quite right,it heard: ‘How much WOULD could a woodchuck Chuck if a woodchuck.” which kinda seems like it didn’t really UNDERSTAND the question but that Samsung just programmed it to give the response on
        ce it heard t he word ‘woodchuck’ enough times :(

        1. Isn’t that what it’s suppose to do though? I mean that sentence it heard was grammatically wrong and it still was able to give a correct answer. That’s pretty nifty.

        2. Nothing will ever “understand,” only be programmed to appear or seem like “understanding”

          1. Until the machines become sentient.

    2. I just tried it on my SGS2 Epic touch and it was perfect.

      1. umm, where did you get it from? I want it for me SGS2 too.

        1. We are talking about Sky I.

  4. I’m sorry our tastes don’t match, but I GUARANTEE you’d laugh at this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAn-XVDiSLs

    If you don’t, then I won’t tag another post as [humor] ever

    1. I approve

  5. Anyone else waiting for Apple to sue Samsung over this?

    1. Oh man it’s like Samsung is BEGGING apple to sue them

    2. Competition benefits everyone, but it’s a shame when one of the competitions new features is a direct ripoff of another phones compelling features.

      1. Um…? This is actually pretty old. Apple just made their’s VERY good. So…?

        1. Might be old, but I don’t recall seeing this before Siri.

          1. i do

          2. The fact remains that there was no mobile phone OS where this was prevalent before the iPhone and Siri. If so, it was never advertised as a compelling feature.

    3. Sure, apple can try and sue them! Thing is Samsung created this themselves from the ground up as stated in a few articles (cant find them at the mo) No programming/tech is being stolen/borrowed from apple. Apple can argue that it is identical to siri, but thats where similarities will end. Programming wise is done in house by Samsung! Its like ford creating the first pickup truck, then chev going, heres our version, which will you choose. This is technology, phones, tv’s it doesnt matter. A manufacturer will release a product with a certain feature, but you can always guarantee another will come out with a similar feature, it’s called pushing the envelope/competition. Yes apple dont like it and sue, but we have seen their true colors as of late. Well done for Samsung for sticking it to them, this is competition at its best. Has everyone forgotten how ios5 now features pulldown notifications? Or ipulldown notifications as its probably called by them!kn

  6. Anyone noticed the SGS III, Almost looks like the SGS II on Sprint the white one ! Or just me? The different is, the front camera on the SGS II on the left and on the SGS III on the right.

    1. I think it’s just you, made this, the color is the only thing in common.

    2. Lol fail! They look nothing alike!

      1. The screen on SGS II looks big and better.

      2. I’m sure samsung thought out everything on the s voice so that they wont be sued by apple….possibly it could be a weak case for apple after all the evidence is brought forth. samsung wont fall for that bs again…!

  7. i want

  8. useless gimmick ..personal assistant is by far the best ..ive beaten siri head to head every single time ,and the only thing i use it for is to check in on foursquare , so quick

    1. wow edit ….PERSONAL ASSISTANT STOPpED USING WOLFRAM ALPHA and is not responding by voice anymore???? just searching google very “siri” like total b.s. anyone know y?

  9. why android need to copy iphone…..

    1. Android had voice actions long before iphones. You should be asking why apple copies Android. Does their notification bar not look familiar? STFU

      1. really? how come when i first bought my Dinc and i cant do that? i know there are bunch of 3rd party apps on the market, but it became popular after siri released.

        apple capable of turning old existence tech into a trend which other companies could follow. yes, voice action exist before siri, but who made it popular?

        1. Whether it is popular or not doesn’t mean anything. The point is, it was on Android first, natively, and with 3rd party apps. Android can’t copy something it had first. Apple only gave Siri to the 4S. So, most iPhones have no voice actions. Android made the notification bar popular…apple copied it. No arguing that. BTW, your dinc could do voice.

          1. I guess he needed Siri to tell him how to operate the phone. I guess it stands true. The iPhone is the Smart hpne for Dumb People.

    2. I love these arguments Android is actuality Iphone is the theft/enhancement of…..

    3. Dude, long before it was on iPhone4S, we had it on GS2:



    4. apple copied android. voice actionswas out way before siri. apple was first to advetise such a useless feature. apple also stole googles notifications

    5. I have Voice Actions on my Droid X, long before iPhone 4S started to fragment their user base.

  10. I’m sure samsung thought out everything on the s voice so that they wont be sued by apple….possibly it could be a weak case for apple after all the evidence is brought forth. samsung wont fall for that bs again…!

  11. Mytouches had voice action nd i think made it famous with the genius button

  12. I might be the only one who finds this funny but try asking the app “Jeannie” this and you will get this answer and apparently a cited research papers answer.

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