Droid Razr coming in blue? Does it even matter any more?


Android Central were tipped with this screenshot showing the Motorola Droid Razr with blue trims. While it’s rumored to launch on May 18, let’s face it, what we really want to see now from Moto is the Razr HD.

How many of you would still spend some money on the Razr just to get it in this new shade?

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. The Droid Razr Is Still Very Popular, To Us It May Not Be Relevant.. But Then Again, The iPhone Isn’t Relevant Either And It’s Selling Alot…

    1. Don’t know why the RAZR is so irrelevant on this site. Its a great phone.

      1. I think most people don’t necessarily hate the phone for what it is, but wonder why anyone would want the original when there’s a near identical phone which has a lot more battery.

        1. In return for the bigger battery, you get a thicker phone though. Me personally, I would go for design and looks over battery power, as I have only moderate use with it, and an in-car charger always helps.

          1. That’s sensible, but the difference in thickness is really not that great. It’s still a ridiculously thin phone.

          2. Its a bigger difference than you might think. The original Droid RAZR is thinner than a Galaxy SII, but the RAZR Maxx is thicker than the Galaxy SII (and the bulge where the camera is will be even thicker, unless that is already included?)

  2. this is the day we’ve all been waiting for…

  3. Why are you so surprised?!? This is what happened with the original RAZR. Someone at Moto really likes to take things a bit further than they really should.

  4. Not me for sure. Motorola phones suck. Blur is terrible and on the Razr there is way too much bezel. HTC or bust IMO

    1. delete

  5. patiently waiting for the RAZR MAXX price to drop.

  6. Nothing wrong with choice. If you dont want it, dont buy it.

    1. It’s not that choice is a bad thing. It’s that releasing 6 month old devices with the single most superficial change possible is perceived as wasted effort when the public is clamoring for NEW devices with performance and feature improvements.

      The kevlar backing of the Droid RAZR makes this change even more superficial than it would be on almost any other phone; the area affected by the color change is no more than trim.

  7. Never another locked-up @motorola phone.

  8. No, it doesn’t matter anymore. But it sure does look nice in blue.

    What is bothersome though, is that when it is released it will sell for $199, while the other colors will still be discounted.

  9. Why are they bothering to release this?

  10. Motorola just announce the Razr HD Please.

  11. The only way I would buy a Razr is of it was a Razr Maxx HD with some way to unlock the bootloader.(official or not) I’m not constantly switching ROMS but I want to be able to choose the type of software I run and have acess to the entire system of my phone.

  12. Droid Razr coming in blue? Does it even matter any more?

    1. really verizon! who [moderated] cares at this point, No one x, No one s, no good phones since november. get your shit together!

  13. this just in ” Motorola has lost touch with reality”, seriously everyone is putting out super phones, Motorola is still trying to get people to buy their razr >.> and not even the max the older one lol

    1. This just in, not everyone is bothered about battery life.

  14. My Galaxy nexus shakes its head at this phone

    1. shakes head while dropping a call!

    2. I watched a video on youtube once, demonstrating both the Razr and the Nexus side by side on performance aspects. Sorry to say, the Razr was leaving the Nexus in the dust most of the time.

    3. Motorola Droid Razr vs Galaxy Nexus Test (Boot time, Gps, Browser, Bench, Speaker)
      Taha Sheikh coment on this one…

  15. Umm, it’s me the only one concerned about the fact that the Razr comes with Gingerbread instead of ICS???

    1. ICS is coming by the end of this month for us UK users, apparently. It will be coming, it will just mean you will have to wait a month or so. I’m sure people can live through that.

    2. Wow Smasung updated their Galaxy S line months ago…February.
      International razr still doesnt have ICS??!?!??!!!?!?????

  16. I wouldn’t buy this, but I’m sure there are at least a few women out there being pushed to smartphones who like some color, this could tip the razr into their favor and make them choose it over the other repetitive smartphones out there.

  17. Give me a blue RAZR Maxx HD with ICS and on-screen buttons and I’ll give you all the money you want.

  18. Never will I buy another Motorola product since they like to drop prices within such a short time span and not refund the difference for the people who paid 300 for it. Or should the blame be on Verizon? And on top of that no ics on the new one. They need to step their game up. Lost my business. On the other hand I love my white one.

  19. I switched from the RAZR to the galaxy nexus. And though I considered myself a moto fan boy, the galaxy nexus out does the RAZR in every way with a few mods. And I still have motocast which I liked the most about the RAZR. Both great phones, but I wouldn’t ever switch back.

  20. “LAWL THE RAZR SUCKS!! GNEX FTW!!!” Doesn’t own a Razr.

    “The Razr is a solid device.” Owns a Razr.

    1. I bought a Razr when it came out because I needed to switch carriers and the Galaxy Nexus wasn’t out at the time. Honestly… it was a far better device than I expected! Once I put LauncherPro on it, Blur didn’t really get in my way. It WAS a solid device.

      That said, I dropped it like a rock when the Galaxy Nexus came out and I will say that I like the Galaxy Nexus better, if only for ICS. Once the Razr/Maxx gets ICS, I’d say it’s a toss-up, having owned both.

  21. maybe if it was a MAXX.

  22. Never buy a phone where the battery lasts half a day. These venders need to understand the obvious; A phone with no power is useless.

  23. Galaxy nexus, aokp ROM, Franco kernel. Nuff said, and if you haven’t played with a galaxy nexus worth this set up you haven’t used the best phone. And yes I also came from a RAZR and can’t look back.

  24. With all said and done. It all comes down to preference. You choose based on what you want/need. That’s why I have a razr. Ill suffer with the razr for now instead of having an ugly phone.

  25. For a phone that is suppose to be “blue” there sure is a lot of black!!! Samsung does blue right on the Galaxy SIII

  26. The RAZR is a great phone ,super smooth , awesome amoled screen, and beleive it or not the new moto blur is really nice and has a ton of cool features.

    1. lol spoken like someone defending their purchase….*evil grin*

  27. who the heck wants a razr anymore? the razr is yesterdays news by now. Look at all the high end phones on att, tmobile, sprint, and compare them to verizons. Vz needs better phones man

  28. Why not have multiple colors available at the initial release? That would make much more sense.

  29. Motorola needs to turn the Razr and Droid into once a year phones and honestly have those be their only phones. Refresh each once a year like Samsung does with the Galaxy series and have the Razr (Droid Razr on Verizon, Motorola Razr on other carriers) as the slate phone and the Droid/Milestone be the hardware keyboard phone. Offer them both in various colors, offer Maxx versions as well that are identical except for the battery, and call it a day.

  30. MOTOROLA – Here is an idea that would suit you, and the consumer at the same time. MAKE ONE GAAAD DAMMMMM phone. Make interchangeable casings for said phone in all the pretty colors you want.

    It will allow you to make one phone, so the stores don’t have to worry about ordering too many frikken pink, blue, white, black…. they order the phones, and a few colored interchangeable cases…. F ME

    This is getting to be ridiculous. They wonder why their stock fell a bazillion %…

    p.s. if you are listening…. when you select all text on an iphone, another box auto populates asking you what you want to do with that text copy, or cut…. WHY OH WHY do i need to long press it twice for this to occur… OVERSIGHT please fix.

    – Your customer for the last 3 years and for several years in the past

  31. How bout sharing some of those RAZRS on other carriers? greedy ass Verizon.

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