HTC One V shows up on TELUS’ site, “coming soon” for people in Canada


The HTC One V has been released for Bell today, but we have another option for those who aren’t fans of the carrier. The same device popped up on TELUS’ website with “Coming Soon” written on the top section.

It is still unknown what pricing will be like. But as our friends from Mobile Syrup mention, the device’s page has just gone live on Future Shop, with a price tag of $29.99. This is a bit higher than Bell’s price, which is $0 on a 3-year contract. You may have your reasons to stick with TELUS, though.

As for the release date, Bell’s press release did state that the TELUS version “will be available later this month.” You won’t have to wait too long.

We are not as familiar with Canadian carriers as we are with American ones. So tell us, guys. What carrier would you prefer and why?

[Source: TELUS Via: Mobile Syrup]

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  1. Depends where you live in the country. 

    Bell and Rogers are big in Ontario and out East, Telus is getting bigger there as well.

    Telus is huge out West. 

    I live in Central Canada, Telus and Rogers are the two major providers, Bell isn’t offered here and we have smaller outlets as well like Virgin Mobile, Koodo (Which is owned by Telus) Fido (Which is owned by Rogers) and our provincial telephone provider.

    I personally use Telus and have been with them for 13 years. I have had no complaints, customer service is great and they always throw in extra deals/add ons for free to keep my service. Highly recommended in my books.

  2. I wish verizon would get this

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  4. When is Metropcs or Virgin getting this?

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