Verizon Galaxy Nexus to cost $200 starting April 23rd?


Nexus devices are the holy grail of the Android community. No matter how many amazing devices keep being released, many prefer the promise of timely updates (though such is not always the case). And if you have been itching to get your hands on a Verizon Galaxy Nexus, it will come as great news that it could be getting a major price reduction soon.

Our friends at Droid-Life managed to get a leaked MAP list that states that Verizon’s Nexus device will receive a $100 price reduction on April 23rd. That is this coming Monday. For a price of $200 with a 2-year contract, this might not be a bad deal at all.

This might also come as bad news to those that recently got the device (like me). But what can we do, right? If you happen to be planning to purchase this device soon, you might want to wait until monday, though. We would say $100 less is quite the incentive to let your hands itch a bit more.

There have also been rumors of a 16 GB version coming to Verizon. Such state that is would only go for $200. With the 32 GB Galaxy Nexus now going for $200, though, the smaller brother could come with a much more enticing price tag. That is, if the device is ever released.

For the meanwhile, this long awaited price reduction could be just around the corner. Let’s wait and see if this leak proves to be true. Is anyone signing up for one? Did you purchase one recently?

[Via: Droid-Life]

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  1. How about Verizon actually starts supporting the device before getting it into the hands of even more customers >.>

      1. lol they still haven’t updated their GN to 4.0.4 and its been out since march, the GN i515 (Verizon version) is the only one that hasn’t been update, even sprint who got theirs recently is a step ahead of Verizon. And there’s no talk of a OTA update any time soon.  

        1. 4.04 has audio issues right now…that is why it hasn’t been released.

      2.  Or how about selling a phone that randomly mutes your side of phone calls.  I thought I was just having some weird connection quality issues until I searched and found lots of other GN owners having the issue.  So far, I haven’t found a fix anywhere and hardly an acknowledgement anywhere from Verizon or Samsung..  People have tried switching SIMs, traded in for new phones, but very little success.

  2. This has NOTHING to do with them adding the upgrade fee on April 22, right?
    Verizon, you piss me off.

    1. They already have the upgrade fee, they gave me a galaxy nexus for free 4 days ago and charged me the 30 dollar upgrade fee. 

      1. Good thing I got mine from Amazon earlier this week. $149 tax and shipping free. In before the upgrade fee.

      2. Really! How that’s happen? VZW gave you a free GN? You must be the luckiest person

        1. Technically they told me to chose any 4g LTE phone and i get it for free, but i wasn’t the only one, a bunch of people got the same deal, one of the lines in my family share plan was running on 3g so i guess their trying to get get people on 4g LTE now, for my free phone i chose the galaxy nexus and they also took off 100 dollars if i upgraded another line so i also got a Razr Maxx. 

          1. That’s good.

      3.  How’d you manage a free Nexus?

        1. i answered the question below 

      4. You must have went to a indirect that charged you. VZW doesnt even have it in their systems to start until Sunday.

    2. i dont care about any upgrade fee. when my contract is up sprint will have their lte rollout near completion and my area is set for june rollout. as soon as my contract is over hello sprint, your lower priced plans, and (hopefully) unlimited data.

  3. All because sprint has the same device for $199

  4. Don’t forget the new $30 “upgrade” fee they will be charging existing customers soon.

    Not that good of a deal now.

    1. 70 dollars less?  yeah you’re right,  that blows

  5. Getting mine next Monday. This price drop comes at a good time.

  6. It was $99 for an upgrade through Amazon earlier this week. Just saying.

    1. AND it either 50 or 80$ for new customers..

  7. I hope Google learn from this, see what a little competition does? customers win.

  8. paid $650 for mine

  9. how is this a deal when amazon and some other site was selling the verizon version for $50?

  10. for new? or upgrade?  that’s still TOO much.
    if you want a samsung galaxy nexus shipped directly from verizon.. 
    WITHOUT the “upgrade fee”and wants better price for an upgrade, hit me [email protected]

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