Did You Know: Google Play Store Offers 24/7 Phone Technical Support?


Ask anyone how they feel about Google and their services, and they’ll likely tell you their single biggest issue with the internet search giant is that you can never expect any kind of technical support. None. Well, Google may be trying to change that image, actually offering 24×7 phone support in the Google Play Store. Yup, you can talk to an actual human. It’s funny because you still can’t actually call Google — Google calls you. Simply fill out the form on their website, and if your problem is a big enough deal, you can hope someone at Mountain View will eventually give you a call to help trouble shoot your issue.

What’s interesting is at first glance, you would think this new service would be largely used for developer issues but you’d be wrong. Seems this is more for consumers to trouble shoot issues with Play Store, as clearly stated in the contact page. Not exactly sure why someone other than a dev would want to contact Google for Play support, but it’s nice to know it’s there should you ever need it. Yes, this isn’t technically news, more of a tip for those who didn’t know they could actually speak to someone when having trouble with their media purchases/downloads. And knowing if half the battle…

[Google Play Support | Via Reddit]

Chris Chavez
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  1. There was a technical support by email!! 

    1. Ya, even toll free support

  2. I talked to a Chromebook “Ninja” When the SSD on my CR48 went out. 

    I was glad they existed. I hate posting in forums and waiting for a reply.

  3. I’ve definitely heard devs complain that people ask them about download issues and similar problems before, so hopefully this might offload some of that to Google where it belongs.

    1. Google has a long history of refusing to speak with small developers such as myself. I’m sure larger development companies have support.

      There is a long list of long-standing issues that Google does not or has not yet gotten around to fixing, and they give no answers or timelines for anything.

      I think they don’t speak to devs partly because devs ask the hard questions they have no answer for.

      When I try to help a customer by contacting Google myself, they refuse to deal with me and I’m forced to send my customer to them.

      They could do a lot more for their 30% cut, which I must point out is more than a 42% markup. (100 / 0.7) – 100 for the math challenged.

  4. Thats been there for a long time i submitted that form once on a movie purchase issue and i got a call back really qiuckly the representative was very nice and they refunded the price of the movie even though i watched already lol

  5. You are incorrect.
    Google apps users get FREE support and it’s EASY to contact google via a toll free number.

  6. Also 6 months ago I came across this exact page ge you are referring to as now offering.

    1. I found this a couple months ago myself.  I typed my info in and Google called me back in about 2 minutes.  I was very happy with the customer service I got from them. Friendly, fast, efficient.. all at at 2 am.

  7. It’s about time!!!

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