Deal Alert: Unlocked 16GB Galaxy Nexus Now Available For $430 (T-Mobile/AT&T)


We’ve seen this phone pop up on a daily deals site before, but never at this price. In fact, the last time it reared its head, I picked it up for a cool $460 (a price, I still feel great about). Now, the Galaxy Nexus has shown up once again, at the heavily discounted price of only $430 ($434.98 after shipping) on Unfortunately, this is only the silver/titanium color, so those looking for the white version of the G-Nex will have to look elsewhere.

The phone can typically be found for around $580, so this is a pretty nice discount. For those iffy about buying on 1SaleADay, I’ve done business with the site many times in the past and my only complaint is that it could take up to 3 weeks to receive your item (although I found it, usually around the 2 week mark). If that hasn’t scared you off, and you’ve been dying to get your hands on a contract-free Galaxy Nexus for activation on either T-Mobile or AT&T — now’s your chance.

Thanks, Killa357!


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Well you can have it almost the same price on amazon so no need to hurry

    1. It’s 50 bucks more expensive! although you do get it a hell of a lot faster, 3 business days as opposed to 2-6 weeks from 1dealaday

      1. Yes it’s 50 bucks more but you get it 2-6 weeks earlier that’s a month and a half difference and you don’t think it’s worth it?

  2. Not too bad

  3. Would be a good deal if it was BOGO ilol…

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t I read something Chris C wrote stating that this won’t work on the T-mobile 4 G?

    1. Nope. Works great on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network. I think you’re thinking about the Galaxy Note which had to be rooted and hacked to work on T-Mo. =p

  5. Really you think people are still paying $580? It’s been less than $500 for some time on amazon now.  I’ve seen it as low as $480 on amazon and it is there in less than 5 days forget weeks.  People are still asking $500-600 for used one on swappa and ebay and craigslist. People do a little searching so people stop ripping you off. 

    1. Still $50 cheaper than Amazon. That’s a lotta monies.. 

    2. My local Fry’s sells it for $700+.

  6. Still think I want the S3 or One X? What do you guys think?

    1. It could be a VERY long while for the S3. GNex is still sweet and I’m more than happy with it :D

  7. Isn’t there some Japanese or Chinese version floating around that people have been getting? Same nexus just different firmware that google won’t update. somebody said it on a review from newegg. Anybody heard of this?

    1. I think you’re talking about the NT Docomo version..

      I have a Korean version that apparently isn’t DIRECTLY updated by Google (but still gets updates). 
      Retailers never list which version you’re getting so it’s always a bit of a gamble =/

      1. But , you can always flash it to the “yakju” firmware , which gets direct updates from Google ;)

        1. You uhhhhhh… Wanna link to this “yakju” firmware you speak of? :O

  8. What kinda speeds to you get on T-Mobile with the galaxy nexus?

    1. I get average speed of 9mbs down and 2.5mbs up . Peaks of 12mbs sometime . Anyway , that’s pretty decent for the 21mb radio that the gnex sports. Im in philadelphia btw, so your speeds may differ.

    2. Yeah, where you live it will definitely be different. In my city, I get around 1-2Mbps which is phenomenal. 

      If I drive about 15 minutes towards LA, I get around 7Mbps down which… are speeds I don’t even know what to do with O_o

      1. Verizon LTE on my Galaxy Nexus produces around 25 to 30 Mbps. Tmobile is only fast compared to 3G, they don’t even come close to LTE speeds.

        1. Wow.. Your speeds are so fast you missed the last sentence of his post.. Just look at your own post.., you have a range of 25 to 30 Mbps.. what is the real world difference in use between those two ?.. and how would Chris’s life just suck compared to yours with his measly 7 Mbp ?.. I know you probably don’t  want to hear it, but I think if most anyone were given identical phones with both these speeds unmarked as to which was LTE and which wasn’t. in general use most couldn’t tell you which was which without doing a speed test, using a stopwatch or running them side by side.. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for more speed.. but I don’t think LTE is life changing when compared to HSPA+ in real world use.

          1. You can actually notice the difference in any download. Whether that is a webpage or file, it is very clear. The downloading of a webpage is about half the battle and does make a difference.

    3. I get 5-6mbps on my Vibrant! Lol My brother’s SGS2 gets 9.. im sure the nexus could get the same. I just sold my vibrant today to get the most money out of it. I bought an old sidekick lx 09 lol……………….. i should get this phone..

  9. So Chris, it’s going to be all phones free on mothers day weekend for T-mobile. What do you think is my best choice? Only ones I am sure that will be available by then are probably S 2 & One S.
    Thoughts Mr. C? Was gonna bug Q or Cam Wright, but since you are up and around….

    1. Hahaha.. I’d say One S. It will most definitely be the best handset on T-Mobile.. That is until a few months later when they release something better xD

      Either that or the Galaxy Nexus off-contract (from today’s deal). I don’t think I’ll give up mine for even the One S. I like it lots. =)

    2. Rob,
      You have to be a new customer though for the below. The below happened to me. 

      Watch out for midnight deals.
      That is only between 12 PM – 3AM Eastern time. Be patient and check daily or rather nightly ;-) Not available on all days but I have seen about 3 instances of similar behavior. 

      I scored a HTC Amaze 4G free on contract for myself and my wife. T-Mo did not advertise itself boldly as they do sometimes. If you go to web-only deal section of the website, right now 13Apr12 5:15 PM you would see a MyTouch Q icon which will take you to all available free phones with a 2 year contract page.  

      On 27Mar,it was HTC sensation in the Graphic for the deals. But deftly placed under the 4G banner with a super small font. “Hurry. Free Amaze 4G!…..” which I would have easily missed. Imagine my surprise when I clicked it, I was immediately displayed Amz4G as free for a 2 yr contract for as much as 5 lines in a account.

      More importantly, I was also able to tailor the plan to my needs. When T-Mobile had their pathetic “Value plan” weekends, they did all trickery like raising the MSRP from 529 to 629 magically and then adding that to the discount, then forcing you to buy the Unlimited Talk + Unlimited Text + 5GB (for 42Mbps capable phones) , Unlimited Talk + Unlimited Text + 5GB (for 21Mbps capable phones) etc.

      a) We have a Vonage unlimited VOIP line. Hence we did not want unlimited calling.
      b) The maximum I have used per month on whenever / any time minutes was 400.
      c) We are not texting fans and did not feel the need.(20$ saved)
      d) She is a home maker uses wi-fi and needs basic internet access for road. 

      We were able to configure for 1000 minutes with 2GB for me and 200MB for her (granted that I had to try 3 times because 200MB would default to 5GB and I had to go back and correct it again and again till I got is correct in the checkout page.). I placed the order which had a mthly charge of 90$ (60+20+10) and activation fee of 35*2=70$. 

      I waited for a Order confirmation email as I thought it could have been a website/price mistake. I was awake till 3 AM after which this deal disappeared. I did not get any confirm emails.

      Only next day after 9AM did I get a order confirm message which was very basic that it did not even describe my order contents.

      I had to wait till the shipment confirm email for the T-Mobile invoice that clearly stated the one-time as well as monthly fees. 

      Then since I qualify for a corporate discount for my plan I called them next day and they told they will apply 10% disc on the bill from the 2nd month. Also I qualified for a free activation on the lines due to the above. From what I knew free activation was only available if I purchased the fone to a intranet site for my company and the price for Amaze through that site was between 199.00 to 179.00 USD per phone.

      The caveat was that my contract will be extended for 2 years from that moment. So instead of expiry of 27Mar14 my new contract end date is 28Mar14. 
      So the 70$ was removed from my plan. (I am waiting for the first bill from them to confirm this). 

      About a 3 days ago I saw HTC Amz 4G free once more but advertised more openly under “Mid-night web only deals”. Some time last week I saw Samsung Galaxy SII free. Surprising at the same time the Blaze 4G was still 149.99 , Amaze was 229.99.

      Originally I planned to get Amaze for me and GSII for my wife so that we have diff android fones with different UIs for choice, and if both were available on the same day for free I would have gone that way. Unfortunately I was not that lucky and so I now am enjoying the fruits of the second best option. :D 

      So be patient esspecially with adding the proper plan, as TMo website scripts  by default pushed my 200MB to a 5GB 3 times before the 4th time it interpreted it properly.
      For me the choice was easy as HTC Amze is fast enough for my needs, future proof and gonna be replaced by a better performing One-S which does not have removable battery or expandable storage and will never be free with a 2 year contract for a while. 

      Good Luck and may the force be with you..;-)

  10. Any one think that Amazon might price match this? I figure I ask because shipping with Amazon will be a couple days versus the couple of weeks with 1 Sale a Day… Also I’ve dealt with 1 Sale a Day before and didn’t really care for them because they sold me some gaming headphones claiming that they were the full headsets instead what I got was some shitty Iphone/Ipod/Itouch version of the headset… They gave me the money back but I was just pissed cause I had waited 3 weeks for my product only to find out that it was falsely advertised…

  11. Fahad you can always call the customer service. The worst they can say is no

  12. Chris I just ordered the GNex I think from the same site as you ( 
    Before it comes in you think the version in the link is better than the one in the post or are they the same?

  13. Email support only. No thanks.

  14. Are you guys getting free wifi hotspot using the galaxy nexus on t-mobile?  I have held my original nexus one on t-mobile because the wifi hot spot is killer for me.  I am on the t-mobile prepaid now, unlimited talk/text/web for $63.25 (tax incl( and it would be great to bring the galaxy nexus to this plan.

  15. okay. i want this phone…. i could put it on the credit card. i get my upgrade in may… should i wait.. or get this phone. and then sell it and get something better? or maybe keep it and sell my upgrade?

    1. same here i’m due for an upgrade but i’m just going to save my money for the galaxy s iii

    2. a totally sim-unlocked penta-band HSPA+ phone…. it’s damn tempting to get to have a vacation phone to cover me for a few years… it’s a tough call.

    3. very tough. considering i just sold off my vibrant for 190, for 240 bucks is what i’m seeing it as. lol DAMN

      1. lol selling a vibrant for 190 hahahaha 

        1. I know I bought it when it first came out for 200 but BOGO! So i’m like.. so happy today. I think I should buy the nexus. 

          Just upgrade my studio monitors.
          Got 50 dollars worth of free Music Theory books from my supervisor at work! LOL Good friday.

  16. The galaxy Nexus is NOT a 4G phone tho, correct? I’m currently running my Nexus S on TMo and the only thing i wish for is faster speeds so if the Galaxy Nexus can provide the “fastness” I want it but if not it’s the same as my nexus S

    1. It is 4G. Its 21mbps hspa+ which is as fast as LG G2x and faster than HTC Sensation 4G internet which is 14mbps

      1. HSPA+ != 4G
        4G = LTE

  17. Well here is speedtest for t-mobile hspa+ looks way slower then lte but I won’t say its this fast 90% or even 60% of the time but it close

  18. I also got mine a couple of weeks ago from $465 dailysteals sale. Impressive deal.

    I had HTC Sensation, Vibrant and G1 prior to that. Tired of flashing ROMs, even if some have few issues still need to restore apps, widgets, wallpapers and it took time. Hope to be liberated and live with automatic updates. 

  19. One more thing. The phone may come with version not distributed by Google (like dailysteals phone came with polish version/English language) with regional customizations by Samsung, so it is not auto updated by Google. The process to get to Google track is
    1. on Windows computer (Linux does not seem to have that option) install Google Nexus Unlocker program
    2. Connect USB cable and run the program, unlock the bootloader (phone comes with locked but unencrypted bootloader)
    3. Download image from google site of 4.0.4 and install it using same program.
    After it you can lock the bootloader back if you want to, but either way you will be set up for google updates to the latest “yakju” or whatever.

  20. It’s very tempting…

  21. Ilan how did you get someone to pay that much?

  22. Aren’t these the funky Japanese NTT Docomo unlocked variants?

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