Apr 7th, 2012

Facebook Messenger has recently received an update to version 1.6.003. This one comes with an improved UI and speed enhancements. Users that are taking advantage of the Facebook Messenger app can now go straight to the Google Play Store and get the new app.

Its main improvements include the fact that one can now easily start group conversations, from the button in the top-right corner. After tapping on the button, one can simply select “New Group Conversation” and start the group chat.

Other than that, the improvements are all in performance. And I can honestly say that I do notice a slight improvement in speed and performance. Which will further boost the popularity of said app. Now that Facebook has replaced other messaging clients like AIM and MSN messenger, it is good to see Facebook trying to improve its own client.

This leaves users wondering when Facebook will update its official app, though. While it received a major overhaul last December. Said update included some major improvements, but many users still complain about it. It simply does not seem as snappy as it should be, and it needs some Android 4.0 optimization.

In the meanwhile, though, you can go and enjoy the improved Facebook Messenger. Simply go to the Google Play Store and get your update.

[Via: The Verge]