EVO 3D 4G LTE Prototype Makes Cameo Appearance In Latest HTC Video


Oh, will you look at that. Seems a certain dual-camera’d device made a cameo appearance in HTC’s latest behind the scenes video for the HTC EVO 4G LTE. Let’s just call it the “EVO 3D 4G LTE” for kicks (even if the original dropped the “4G” moniker). A prototype shell of that device was briefly shown and although the device was never announced or “leaked” in any way, shape or form, we can only wonder if HTC is planning for a sequel to the controversial EVO 3D. With a Qualcomm S4 processor, 3D HD display, dual 8MP cameras on back — would you guys consider going 3D with a spec sheet like that? Or is 3D for the birds? You can see the device for yourself in HTC’s design video below.


Chris Chavez
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  1. 3D Sucks, Period.

  2.  they need to stop with 3d. it’s dying, even in theaters.

    1. Tell that to James Cameron.

  3. Meanwhile…whilst watching this, Samsung announces that they have no intention of having 3D in any of their mobile division…

  4. I prefer the one with the kick stand at the bottom and all soft touch on the back. Or the one where the top removable piece is also soft touch. Sprint picked the wrong one! Why!?

    1. The soft-touch on the back with the kickstand at the bottom is the HTC EVO 4G. The original.

    2.  also the kickstand at the bottom made it a bit unsteady, so even tho it was sexy (and still sexier than any phone I have seen come out) I think it was a good move to put it in the middle.

  5. PLEASE NOT ANOTHER 3D!! if rooted, its not supported by many custom roms…therefore its USELESS, plus in reality, i think I’m not alone in saying that this feature is barely EVER use!

    1.  agreed… kinda hoping ics will make it work a bit better.
      also I know lg is working on a new 3d (even tho the first one flopped harder than shit) so it stands to reason htc would want to one-up them again.



  6. I’m guessing this was a purposely placed shot in the video to gauge public interest in 3D, or, to generate more buzz for the normally aspirated EVO 4G LTE.

  7. Personally I just think that was one of the designs and then someone came in and told them, no 3d sucks.  Because if you look the phone before it didn’t have a kickstand.

    1.  I agree but it shows the og evo 4g in that line and surely that wasn’t a test model? I think if they were going to run with it then it would have been the release model for the “one” on sprint. I dunno I would like to see a 3d with twin 8 megapixel cameras but If it is like my 3d that has twin 5mp cameras…. forget it. I have to carry an htc vivid to take decent pictures.

      1. The old one was there for comparison, they can see what they did right, and what they did wrong.

        also, it was all just for a pretty shot. They grabbed a bunch of “finished” models and lined them up for  rolling take.

        1.  hey let me have my little 3d stiffy lol I think it’s cool nd hopefully they will make another but if not I wouldn’t be shocked 3d is dying quick :/

  8. It was cool for about two weeks, then I never used it anymore.

    1. Yup, me too. I have an Evo3D. It’s very cool for a few weeks, then it’s just a novelty. I only use the 3D every 2 or 3 months nowadays.

      However even in saying that, as long as the quality & the specifications of the two device otherwise is the same, I’d take the 3D phone.

      Sure it’s a novelty, but it’s still a feature the other phone doesn’t have.

  9. Oh the hell with all of u I love 3D :) LOL

    I’d buy it for sure. I came to android when the
    current 3D came out and bought it for the specs
    thinking 3D was a gimik. I fell in love with the no glasses

    1. I enjoyed it too :D

      1. It is a gimmick for sure but I love it ;) pro:tip, download shazam and watch lyric play for supported songs. it plays in true 3d and you can manipulate it by touch!

        1. very cool i bought that during 10¢ week
          you tube videos that are great GoPro highlights and wingsuit base jumping in norway

    2. deff..The Evo 3d is awesome..I got it the first day it came and I still love everything about it

    3. I would Seriously consider an Evo 3D LTE. I would like to see it loaded with a Quad core S4 chip. I think with 3d Visuals to pump out it would certainly call for a chip of that power. With such good software behind their camera shots on the E4G LTE, i wouldnt doubt we would get great pics and video with dual 8MP or 5MP cameras….that would be a true powerhouse of a phone if they made it

  10. I loved my evo 3d, just make it slimmer and make it out of better material than plastic.
    And if it has good specs, people who don’t care about 3D can still buy it and not use the 3D.

    1. That’s what they said about the EVO 3D when it came out. People were purposely NOT buying it because it had the option of 3D.

  11. I have the EVO 3d and I love it. I barely use the 3d but it is really cool and people love to see it.

  12. I want that 3d so bad I can’t see straight. I love my evo 3d but hate the sacrifice of a single 5mp that is weak compared to the og evo 8mp camera…. HOPEFULLY this thing will be made and for the love of andy please make this have dual 8mp as this article suggests….

  13. The wife has a white Evo 3d and she and I get a kick out of it! Its a cool feature to have as an option, but the real reason I got it for is for the rest of the specs aside from the camera. Its a really nice phone with a good spec sheet. As I type this its still one of the top 3 phones at Spint.

  14. idiot said it had to be sexier haha that thing looks terrible. They need to hire someone with an IQ level that goes beyond a 5th graders. What idiot thinks that glossy black goes well with matte black. Freakin idiot. Honestly these people make some of the stupidest decisions. If it was such a good idea why didnt they do it with the GSM ones? BECAUSE IT LOOKS TERRIBLE. These people dont deserve their jobs. nice big FAIL from HTC. I honestly hope theres a major issue with every single one of these crap phones, and theyre forced to destroy every single LAST ONE. IDIOTS. 

  15. HTC has already said it was just a prototype just like all the other ones you see in the video, I do like that all matte one I wish they would put that one out

  16. 3D is still gimmicky, and probably always will be until “true” 3D is commercially available, and vastly improved, and that is the uglier than the EVO LTE. Kill it with fire.

  17. id buy the 3d version over the non 3d why not extra features you can use or not if you dont want to 

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