Apr 4th, 2012

The HTC Evo One. That’s what we expect Sprint and HTC to announce in just a few short minutes. I’m not so sure we’ll have any surprises; chances are we’ll see the same HTC One X from Mobile World Congress, except a dual-core version (that supports LTE), potentially a kickstand, alongside a new name and branding.

This event is much more minimalistic than previous events. Not too much branding thrown around the place and a lot of white. We often see extravagance at press events but as you can see from the above picture (taken with the front facing camera on my GNEX), there isn’t much going on at the moment! Just patiently waiting for a track to explode on.

Stay tuned for the official announcements, live coverage, and hopefully some hands-on the device! Don’t forget to check out our HTC Evo One Forum and HTC One X Forum where people are already chatting it up!

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