Mototola DROID RAZR/MAXX Soak Test Begins Tomorrow – Software Version 6.12.181


A soak test for the Motorola Razr/Maxx is all set to rollout but before you guys get excited — this wont be Ice Cream Sandwich. Not yet anyway. For those curious, here’s a full list of the bug fixes and goodies you can expect from update 6.12.181 as described by the Motorola Feedback Network:

Who Can Use This Release:


Build:  Version.6.12.181.XT912.Verizon.en.US

Enhancements and Fixes:

Battery Life

  • Optimized device performance to extend battery life


  • Added new MotoCast widget to enable easier access to MotoCast files
  • Implemented several fixes to improve MotoCast performance


  • Modified the storage settings screen to clarify total, available, and used storage space

WiFi and Network

  • Implemented IPV6 support over cellular connection and WiFi to facilitate updated interaction with the network
  • Corrected 4G coverage indicator to accurately display data connectivity
  • Improved Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity when utilizing WPS security

Visual voicemail

  • Improved visual voicemail performance with data disabled and visual voicemail notification delivery


  • Corrected loud call end and connect tones over Bluetooth®

Google Play

  • Fixed Share app functionality to directs users to the app page in Google Play

Text Messaging

  • Improved text messaging to ensure timely receiving of texts


  • Added easy access to bookmarks through a press and hold on the back key


  • Enhanced device security preventing unauthorized access of telephony database by 3rd parties

Updated Vcast app with new security enhancements

As you can see, there’s a pretty lengthy amount of fixes. Maybe Motorola is just tiding up the house a little before Android 4.0 moves in. You can hit up our Motorola Droid Razr forums to discuss your frustrations, satisfaction or simply socialize with other Droid Razr users.

[Motorola Droid Razr Forums | Maxx Forums | Via Droid-Life]

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  1. F U Moto. After you screwed over all your customers that bought the razr by releasing the maxx shortly after, the least you should do is get ICS on these handsets NOW.

    All your company is based on are empty promises. What happened to the unlocked bootloaders? Yeah you guys hope everyone forgets that huh?

    These handsets will never get ICS officially.

    1. So you’re saying they need to try to assuage angry customers by rushing out a MAJOR software update before it’s ready?
      Yeah that’d go over real well…

  2. I hate when companies do that.



  3. Calm down cast.

  4. I have liked every Android phone I’ve had. My Droid X was an absolute workhorse.  However I am close to being done with Android –fragmentation, locked bootloaders, updates that slip later and later (or never arrive). 

    Apple at least makes an effort to deliver something real (and timely) to iPhone owners –even the legacy models.   I am however not an Apple disciple.

    So my remaining option is Windows Phone — and typical of my luck — my current/preferred carrier is Verizon — with no WP roadmap in sight. FML

    1. First world problems… =p

      Just do what I did, get a Galaxy Nexus and be content in that. =)

      1. Yes !!!  If you only knew how many times I’ve had a Gnex my in my VZW cart for checkout. However, I always pass because of battery life concerns with 1st gen LTE phones.

        Last fall, we were told that Qualcomm S4 Snapdragon chipsets built on 28nm with integrated LTE (with excellent battery life and insane performance) would arrive in Q1.  So I played the waiting game despite knowing those dates always slip.

        Oh and I assure you I dont consider this a serious issue — just chiming in on the subject on an Android site.  I am far more concerned by looming hyper-inflation and the implosion of the USD than my smartphone OS.

        1. Droid Razr Maxx. You will not be dissapointed, even with the locked bootloader. The battery life is amazing, I get a full day with extremely heavy use, with light to moderate use I could get 2 days easily. I’m on the ICS leak, and it is amazing. Motoblur (or whatever it’s called nowadays) only enhances the user experience.

          The phone never lags or slows down. After the official ICS is out & some custom ROMs are tailor-made for it, this thing will be unstoppable.

          I’ve got absolutely no complaints with this device.

  5. wdeal…. I had the razr….traded up for gnex because of the update issue. I had the moto droid, x, and razr so I am a moto fan….sick of locked bootloaders….moto going downhill in my book…hate it, but they are….not looking back…this gnex is super sweet! Mine gets good battery life…much better than my razr….but I am running Franco’s kernel which helps a lot! Get a gnex!

    1. I disagree with your assessment of Moto(seriously the only concrete thing you said was that they were using locked bootloaders, which isn’t a recent change so how that means they’re going downhill i’ll never know), but not nearly as much as I disagree with your use of ellipses. I mean seriously, the way you use them makes you sound like a character from some low-budget Tarantino-style film. Knock it off.

  6. Hopefully I get the email for the soak test. I was going to be upset too, but I realized, Ive had this phone since Dec ’11 and in that short time I’ve already gotten 2 OTA’s and this will be the third. That is more than I’ve gotten with previous phones that I’ve kept for the full 2 year contract, so at this point I’m just glad Moto is at least keeping up with updates of some kind.

    1.  I have the razr and the  galaxy…..razr support and timely updates trump galaxy by a mile and the absolute pits: In my kitchen side by side razr has 3 bars 4g, my galaxy is struggling with 1 bar 3g.  razr rocks

  7. Wait…Motorola phone owners actually expected Moto to care about them wanting ICS and actually give it to them?

  8. I was holding my breath for ICS for my Rzr which lags stops streaming media when you get a text message. WiiFi performance seems slow, though it may be perception since I have not tested it. In general for such a phone its more of the same. Not much different than my Droid X. Thats sad!

  9. I dont know about all of you but more than anything with dual core CPU and all the extras I expect much better performance than my old phone and I am not seeing it. In fact it seems like the same ole same ole thing. Thats pretty depressing when you think about it. You really cant stream media in the background and get a notification the stream just stops. You cant really run one web page and try to load another the background web page just stops. It does not multitask well. Just expected so much more. The razr looks nice but the performance is a yawn. Is it Motorola to blame or Google or ? Just disappointed on my 3rd droid.

    1. What are you streaming with? It seems app specific on things like that, ie – Spotify stops for a second when I receive e-mail to play the system notification tone but instantly resumes. Similarly, Dolphin Browser works fine for loading multiple pages at the same time, haven’t really tried with the stock browser but that’s why there are options out there.  The phone is much faster and battery life much better on my Razr (Maxx) than it ever was on the Droid X. 

      Otherwise I think they’re both running on the same version of Android right now, or close to it, you aren’t going to see a huge operations difference.  Though the speed imho is much, much faster.

      1. The app is by AirKast for WABC. Constantly stalling whenever anything interrupts it. Text message, email etc. the phone is not faster far as I can tell. The 4g downloads faster but that’s not execution speed. I think the OS is not truely multitasking but preemptive multitasking.

        1. It does true multitasking except when it comes to audio. And unfortunately it sounds like an issue with the AirKast app, not much you can do about it unless you disable notifications.

          And the execution speed is much much faster here, but I’m a “power user” (more an ADHD user).

  10. I want the Razr Maxx with the battery life and perf, but on TMobile frequencies! I hope all cell phone makers start creating double battery life options. Still have My Nexus 1 orginal in the mean time.

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