doubleTwist releases a gorgeous alarm clock app that will make you hate your favorite songs


There are quite a few alarm clock apps around on Google Play that let you set songs or playlists to wake you up to, but I’ve got to say: none of them are going to be nearly as gorgeous as doubleTwist’s. They have also thrown in a sleep cycle mode, so you wake up fresh (how they know when exactly you fall asleep is beyond me).

In my eyes, the killer feature are the clock-faces. I love analog clocks, and I really dig doubleTwist’s offerings. But, reading the user comments that have poured in, I’ve noticed that it can also potentially drain your battery, taking up nearly 20 MB RAM.

If that’s OK with you, head over to Google Play as soon as possible, because the first 10,000 downloads can get it for $1 (after that, the price doubles). Also, if you buy the app then tweet about it and/or like doubleTwist on Facebook, within roughly the next 80 hours, you can get this wall clock that costs $1100.

[Google Play via TechCrunch]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. This article was written very poorly.

    1. That’s harsh man. It ain’t that bad.

      1. The title to this made me laugh a lot, so +1

    2. I don’t think it was at all and coming from a guy who lives in a pretty much non-English speaking country, I think it’s rather good

  2. the android alarm clock app lets you wake up to music -_- get your shit together

    1. What the hell is wrong with you?
      He didn’t say it doesn’t and this is simply another alternative.
      Take your meds today?

  3. Wtf $11.00 for alarm clock.

    1. $1 for the 1st 10,000 users, $2 from then on

  4. $11 for a clock app lol hahahahaha kiss my ballz

  5. I’ve done a review here guys –

    So you can see what its like before you spend your $11 (or the $1 it actually is). It has a sleep cycle feature that tells you what time you should go to bed to get the optimal amount of sleep based on your alarm time. 

  6. With all your bad maths and only ability to critisize all you really do is cheapen the view people have of android users, sheesh

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