Cruzer Lite Introduces New “Personas Of Andy” TPU Cases For Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus


The time is finally here for all you Samsung Galaxy Note owners out there. Cruzer Lite — makers of the hit Androidified line of TPU cases for the Galaxy Nexus and Droid Razr and Razr Maxx — is ready to outfit your G-Note in style with 14 all new “Personas of Andy” designs. There’s pretty much something here for everybody with designs of our beloved “Bugdroid” displayed in a variety of styles and designs, and all being offered for the low price of $15.

If you were really hoping to get one of their Androidified cases (the ones we featured and gave away a few weeks ago) for your Galaxy Note, Cruzer Lite did let us know that those should be made available in the coming days. We’ll definitely keep you posted and may even have a little something special planned for you guys as well.

As always, if you feel like dressing up and protecting your device with these Persona cases, enter the code: BUY2GET1 at checkout for Cruzer Lites special buy 2, get one 1 free deal. Now you can change up the look of your device on whim to better suit your mood for the day. Oh, and don’t forget — these new designs are also available for the Galaxy Nexus and soon, Motorola Droid Razr/Maxx as well. Which ones are your favorites?

[Persona Cases by Cruzer Lite on Amazon: Galaxy Note | Galaxy Nexus]

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Chris Chavez
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  1. Thanks Chris for the info! Ordered the Rorschach Andy, Assembling Andy, and Ice Cream sandwich Andy. I have their standard black tpu case with the andy on it. I ordered due to your rave review and love the feel and look of it. hopefully these are just as great!!

  2. Nice designs. I like it.

  3. Awesome designs like these are what I’ve been looking for for my Nexus. And the fact that they’re TPU cases makes it all even better. Big props to the guy who owns Cruzer Lite (he’s a member on XDA).

    1. Yeah, Joel has been super awesome. It’s nice to have a case supplier like him on “our” (Android’s) team. He actually listens to the community and gives us awesome Android designs. =)

      1. Its true I am super awesome :) 

        1. My hero!

        2. extra super awesome would be if these Note cases were also listed on your own site (but they’re not, yet):

  4. @Gamercore:disqus @google-0ffabf9ac0e7c3318347641551290549:disqus I just received my case in the mail today from the contest. Thank you guys so much. =)

    1. I got mine as well! Thanks “Cool Chavez” and Joel!

  5. Please for the love of God, stop calling that robot Andy!!! It sounds so corny “Andy Android” call him Lewis or some shit, but anything other than Andy. Argh!

    1. I agree, I don’t call him Andy either

  6. Glad to see some good stuff coming out for the Note.  I might get the “punk rock” looking one.  

  7. In all honestly the g note cases look extremely naff, now the g nex cases look smart and decent

  8. Can I get one for the epic touch please

    1. Doubt Joel will do that, it’s too old now.

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