Mar 25th, 2012

Being a root user can offer some of the best customization options for Android devices. One of the many things a hacked device owner can do is change the boot animation, which is the cool (or not) splash screen that shows up after turning a device on. Those that are used to doing this may have multiple ways of doing so. It can be manually pushed, or one can use certain apps to carry out said task, but Bootanimation Manager looks like the simplest and most convenient method.

Bootanimation Manager v4.1 is a simple Windows program. One simply needs to turn on USB Debugging, plug in the device to your computer, drag and drop your animation of choice (which will be previewed) and simply push the splash screen onto the device. One can also make a back-up of the current boot animation, just in case.

Seems like a breeze, but of course, one needs a rooted device. Other requirements include Windows OS, Java, having the phone drivers installed and being “human or similar.”

And if the simplicity isn’t enough to convince you, the developer has some rather sweet plans for coming features. Once these are implemented, users should be able to create their own animations from GIF and PNG sequence. Users will also be able to modify the size of the animation to better fit its specific resolution.

If you have been thinking about playing around with your boot screen animations, this might be a great chance to get on it. It is simple and convenient, and its upcoming features make it a very promising program. Just head over to the XDA Developers thread for more details and download links if interested.

Just out of curiosity, how often do you guys change your boot animations? I rarely do so, even though I have rooted multiple of my devices.

[Source: XDA Developers Via: XDA Developers]