[Deal] Samsung Galaxy Nexus for $459.50, via Negri Electronics


Not going to say much. Just that you can get the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (the international GSM version) unlocked for $459.50 via Negri Electronics, with free ground shipping. Here’s the link.

You do have to live with a NTT DoCoMo logo on the back cover.

Update: As AceCurry and the guys behind the offer, Negri Electronics, have both confirmed in the comments below, 3G data will work for those on T-Mobile. I had erroneously stated that it won’t. Sorry about that, everyone.
Thanks, Kenny!
Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. “Sorry, T-Mobile users.”

    That part confused me.

    T-Mobile 3G bands (1700/2100) are on that list.

  2. 3G Does work on T-Mobile. Confirmed. 

    1. pentaband is the future

    2. will this phone get updates from Google 

    3. OK, it’s got the frequencies.  But does it support HSPA+42 (note the _42_)?  With 3G/4G, especially on T-Mobile, meaning next to nothing, I had to ask.

      1. i think the HSDPA technology on this phone limits the download speed to 21Mbps…  do you really need to download faster than that? don’t exclude the option of buying this phone just for that reason.

  3. Great price on a great phone from a great vendor whom you can trust. Bought my GN from Negri back when the price was quite a bit higher than this (I have no regrets), and I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another phone from them in the future.

  4. So would language be i english?

  5. Does anybody know where to get it at the lowest price in the Netherlands?

  6. This came out right after I purchased 1 for $600 from Negri =

  7. negri took my money and sold me a used nexus. they dont want to refund. dont buy!

  8. This vendor has high prices, do a google shopping search and ull see his prices are high. he doesn’t even have stock he drops ships everything. so it’s a risk!

    1. Wrong, this is a best buy. this version that they’re selling is basically the i9250 version because Negri Electronics has permanently unlocked it and flashed 
      Android OS, v4.02 Yakju (Ice Cream Sandwich)

  9. I bought a T989 from Negri at a great price.  Phone was as described and arrived new and working well.  It’s not Negri’s fault that I chose a phone that’s virtually unsupported.  When I buy its inevitable replacement, I’ll get it from Negri, assuming a decent price.

  10. this looks like an excellent buy. its permanently unlocked for any GSM sim card, and has STOCK ice cream sandwich Android O.S.
    there are more people on the xda forum talking about it here. 

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