Could this be Samsung’s 11.6″ Galaxy Tab?


Unlike most Android manufacturers, Samsung seems intent on retaining its strategy to manufacture hundreds of variants of devices that vary in the tiniest of manners. After creating something like a gazillion tabets in the 7-to-9 inch range, they seem to be interested in testing the upper limit on tablet sizes if the rumors of the 11.6 inch tablet are to be true.

Although there hasn’t really been any solid basis for the rumor, which first originated at BGR,  Android and Me found this picture on Samsung’s webpage detailing the Exynos 5250 processor. There are striking similarities with the Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1), but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the tablet will make its way to the market. It could easily be a mock-up or a reference device for the processor platform.

How many of you would be interested in the larger 11.6 tablet? Personally, I’m someone who prefers a smaller one, and will probably sell my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and get the Nexus Tablet (if it does roll out) or the Asus MeMo once they are available. I think an 11.6 will be too large for those who use it mainly for reading purposes, and I’m not too sure if a 1.5-inch increase would be a killer feature for those who consume a ton of media or use it in conjunction with some form of a keyboard dock.

[via Android and Me]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. I would love a bigger tablet than my Xoom.  And I would love it to have a super nice screen like the one that Samsung made for another fruit-based company.

  2. Yes, please!

  3. I can easily see someone doing a 13″ tablet at some point. Someone might even try the 15″ I suspect. How well the 15″ would sell is another question but the 13″ would probably do not too badly.

  4. I have laptop that has a 15.6inc screen & a 10 inch tablet it will be better to have a 11inch but would be better if the next transformet has a 11inch screen with keyboard dock.

  5. But iPad for tablets all the way.unbiased opinion is apple makes a better tablet.lacking some basic functionality when Web browsing…(flash) but between the new iPad, My galaxy nexus and my laptop the job always gets done.

    Don’t get me wrong i’m a phandroid all the way but won’t deny the fact that apple makes good products.

    to each his own. I say whatever makes you happy go for it. IPhone 4s, Droid razr maxx, iPad, nexus tablet…it’s half a dozen one way half a dozen the other way.

    But for me it’s Android phone for life and iPad tablet for now….that could change in the future but I like putting eggs in two baskets for now.

    1. After having a galaxy tab 10.1 now for a few months, the tablet is becoming a little laggy and it freezes a lot now! I don’t think an ipad would do that.. I really hope a android manufacturer puts out a really good tablet soon or the ipad will rule for a long long time!

  6. My dad has a Transformer (1st gen) with the keyboard dock, and it makes a great thin and light laptop with amazing battery life. I’d do the same thing, but I’d rather a 12-13″ high-density screen. If this thing fit the bill, and didn’t have a locked bootloader, so I could dual-boot Fedora Linux and Android, I’d consider trading in my laptop. 

    1. high-resolution screen… FTFY

      1. density is proportional to resolution. 

  7. They really need to slam the 5250 into the SGSIII. That would make it the phone of the decade.

  8. I think once Win8 comes out then Tablets will be much more prevalent than they are. Currently they are just a toy/media consumption device. With Win8 on a tablet they will be a true laptop replacement. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Touchpad with CM9 but the fact is, it is still a toy that I buy apps to play with.

  9. High-resolution screen please!!!

  10. Dawn of War II on a tablet has me excited. Shame it’s most likely fake.

  11. Actually, I can easily see myself wanting a LARGER tablet that this. Perhaps the 13″ one that is supposedly being flashed about. However, I’d want better specs in the resolution, cameras, and RAM plus a keyboard before I’d buy ANY of them.

    1. I would like a 13″ tablet myself. I don’t think I’ll be holding my tablet near as much as using it in a stand case on a table. If you need to hold the tablet often, such as when on a subway or train,  I can see why some would want a 7″ form factor. That’s just too small for me to view full size web pages. I don’t want a laptop……just a larger tablet we can pass around the bar googleing things to settle debates.

      I’m waiting on this rumored device for my first tablet purchase because of the screen resolution and sooped-up specs the next-gen 5250 has. At 32nm, it should have great battery life even though it’s pushing all those pixels. My main concern is the price tag Sammy will slap on it.

  12. 11? then 12? 13? super high specs.. can the software keep up though? i’d like a full desktop browser on android tablet, good apps (not just for root only apps), fluidity.. android is ,if im not mistaken, the leading smartphone os in the world,but tge apps are not there… that’s why i can’t let go of my ipod touch.. LoL..

    1. That’s what Chrome will be, eventually. 

  13. I was really hoping the extra screen size came out of the bezel size so it wouldn’t be much bigger than the 10.1 tablets but the bezel seems like it is the same size which is a real shame.

  14. If it is, it had better have the 2560×1440 screen. Or I’m not interested. 

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