Gameloft Announces New Titles For 2012 – Also Mentions All New Games Will Have In-App Purchases


As our smartphones become more and more powerful, blurring the lines between phone and handhelds, it really comes as no surprise that mobile game developer/publisher Gameloft has been cashing in. Along with the company’s annual financial report, Gameloft also announced a few new titles coming soon to our smartphones and tablets like:

  • The Dark Knight Rises
  • Men in Black 3
  • Ice Age
  • The Avengers
  • The Amazing Spider-Man
  • Littlest Pet Shop
  • My Little Pony (this one I’m most excited about)

Along with these big named licenses, Gameloft also mentioned plans to focus more on incorporating social features into their titles, with yes — all future titles including those wonderful in-app purchases we’re all so fond of. Love it or hate it, freemium titles are here to stay. Anyone one of these games perk up your ears? Or does the “in-app purchases” part ruin it for you?

[DroidGamers | Via PockeGamer]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Hate these not free, free games. It’s one thing to charge for extra content, it’s another to “require” tons of in app payments in order to play for more than a few minutes. They basically are getting people past the 15 minute return Window and leaving them high and dry.

    1. This is so true. You can make WAY more money from in-app purchases. I have a friend who plays nothing but freemium games, so he spends all his money in the in-game stores. LoL!!

  2. Of all those titles, the MLP one has certainly piqued my interest. Hope Gameloft can do the IP justice.

    1. Look at their portfolio to-date… they won’t. I bought Backstab for a buck while back expecting it to be essentially Assassin’s Creed… it was garbage.

  3. In app ruins it! I would rather just pay up front!

  4. All of those look terrible…

    …especially the MLP game! Wtf Gameloft?!

    1. But……….. My Little Pony :(

      1. You are weird there bro :D ;) lol

      2. I knew you were my favorite writer for phandroid, but you solidified that when you came out as a brony.

  5. Gameloft is a crap developer who has absolutely no imagination or creativity, instead serving up third-rate ripoffs of titles from other actually talented and hard-working developers. 

  6. My little pony, my little pony!

  7. Idk guys, no matter how good MLP is, someone will still say “it needs to be at least 20% cooler”

    1. But, having MLP on Android makes Android 20% cooler…

    2.  Needs more cowbell.

  8. all I can really say is

  9. One of the things I love doing is going onto Team Fortress 2 brony servers and posting my spray of a hermaphrodite pony pleasuring herself. 

    Funny as hell to see the reactions :D

  10. Bring out an Iron Man game.

  11. None of those games holds my interest and as for the freemium model as long as they dont require you to purchase things to complete the game I am perfectly fine with it but once you put things in that need to be purchased with a credit card I am completely out.

  12. It ruins it for me…

  13. I don’t care how awesome the games may sound. I refuse to play any more freemium games from gameloft. They should take example from Orion8 in how they did in-app purchase for Sentinel. I will by many more from that game.

    1.  It’s My Little Pony. You’ll give in in the end.

  14. What I don’t like is not having the choice,.given a free game with ads or a pay game without, I’ll pay every time. The way you have to top up within games is infuriating!

  15. I played WoW for years and really enjoyed Gamelofts Order and Chaos. You pay for the game up front, and then pay a monthly fee for the server. I would of kept sending them my money, but the game is not compatable with any of my tablets. I will never purchase another game that uses in app purchases like Pocket Legends does. I might as well spend the money for a subscription to a full fledged computer game. IMO Gameloft is a joke.

  16. Chris would it kill you to know that i have a ton of friends working on MLP? it’s done right in the city i live in which is pretty cool, but to say the least there was a time my FB page would be littered with MLP updates from my friends at work haha

  17. Their physics engine is abysmal.In my generation when I was young,I played PS ONE GAMES.Actuall QUALITY games with GOOD STORYLINE. The kids these days are left with Angry birds  and crappy shoddy games from companies like these who only care about wanting to make quick money…In those days games cost a fortune and only ratings through magazines and word of mouth etc…so they had to be good quality.
    Graphics etc might be a big step up from the late 1990’s however the quality and gaming experience is just so shocking…
    Sad…Gameloft EA…shame on you.

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