Beats Buying MOG Music Streaming Service – Coming Soon To An HTC Device Near You?


Yesterday, we linked you guys to a post discussing the possibility of HTC buying out the music streaming service MOG. Well, it looks like the rumor wasn’t a total miss and today we now learned that it will be Beats Electronics (whom HTC owns a majority stake in) that will be doing the acquiring. While it’s not totally clear on exactly what Beats will be doing with MOG, you can bet we’ll be seeing the service make its way to HTC devices in some form or another in the near future. It was previously rumored that HTC would launch its own music streaming service and now it seems all the puzzle pieces are coming together.

500,000 subscribers currently call MOG home for their music streaming needs, which is a far cry from bigger players like Spotify who boast 3 million customers. Let’s see if HTC can help give MOG the push they need to make a bigger splash in the digital streaming market.



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  1. MOG has a long way to go if they want to compete with the big dogs like Pandora… I don’t see myself using any other music streaming service because I love my Pandora stations!

    1. MOG and Pandora are two totally different platforms and services. MOG isn’t competing with Pandora because it’s an on-demand music service. The only similarity is they both play music. But they do have a long way to go competing against Spotify, and Rhapsody.

  2. I actually just signed up with MOG yesterday.  Spotify has shown that they really do not care about the android platform and I finally got sick of it.  The audio quality of MOG streams is amazing and the radio function may actually be better than pandora in a few aspects.  For example, you set the artist you want to start with.  Next you can set (using a slider) how many new artists are introduced into the stream.  Other than a random crash as I lost 4g, I havent had anything close to the bugginess of spotify.  As another side note, referring a friend who joins will get you a free month.

  3. I prefer grooveshark

  4. I’m liking how HTC is differentiating itself software wise lately: holding back on Sense, giving out huge Dropbox accounts, and now this. Perhaps HTC can give a new meaning to Sense (a FEW USEFUL customizations to Android’s core + these new services). Hopefully this means HTC will no longer need Carrier bloatware or Sense in its current form soon.

  5. What’s the point without ubiquitous internet access? I’m sure it’s great when your at home, but if you’re caching for on the go… just what is the point?

    1. The current MOG app allows you to download music for offline play.

  6. Really hope MOG or something similar comes to the UK

    I have been a great fan of Spotify for months but as above it has come to the point where I just can’t put up with their Android app much longer. They just don’t care about Android at all.

    I emailed them the other day to complain and all they could say was they could assure me they ARE working on an Android update but couldn’t say when it might be available.The same story they gave last October when they offered people the chance to join in on their beta versions… which they also lost interest in.Meanwhile they’ve happily kept the iOS version more up to date for over a year now.

  7. Maybe now the Mog app will be usable on ICS.  

    I’ve never used a more buggy piece of software (ever since it first launched).  I love the service, but the mobile app is horrible.

  8. Probably not to “older” devices.  HTC doesn’t swing that way.

    1. hey! they are swinging the beats update to the vivid!

  9. Yay!  Even MOAR bloatware!

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