Mar 20th, 2012

Yesterday, we linked you guys to a post discussing the possibility of HTC buying out the music streaming service MOG. Well, it looks like the rumor wasn’t a total miss and today we now learned that it will be Beats Electronics (whom HTC owns a majority stake in) that will be doing the acquiring. While it’s not totally clear on exactly what Beats will be doing with MOG, you can bet we’ll be seeing the service make its way to HTC devices in some form or another in the near future. It was previously rumored that HTC would launch its own music streaming service and now it seems all the puzzle pieces are coming together.

500,000 subscribers currently call MOG home for their music streaming needs, which is a far cry from bigger players like Spotify who boast 3 million customers. Let’s see if HTC can help give MOG the push they need to make a bigger splash in the digital streaming market.



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